Larchwood Sports Photos


Ball Team
Front Row: Earl Johnson, Ambrose Tracy. Middle Row: Virgil Feay, Unknown, Mgr. George Castle, Emil Rudloph, Jim Pruitt. Back Row: Elmer Grotewold, George Feay, Francis Martin, Frank Lewis



Granite Ball Team, 1915
Front Row: Ralph Anderson, Walter Grotewold and Melvin Anderson. Middle Row: Bill Hughes, Melvin Scott, Charlie Riley, Tom Hughes and Francis Martin. Back Row: Claire Lind, Ed Portice, Henry Perkinson, Herman Grotewold and Sam Bennett.



1900 Larchwood Ball Park
West of the lumber yard. The grandstand was burned when the Armistice was signed, November 11, 1918.


Frank Lewis (left)

and Oscar Rockhill (Age 18)



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