Larchwood Business Photos


Lee Webber Livery Stable



Larchwood Pool Hall: Mr. James Perkinson
Sr. Center, Seated Mr. Crandell, Drayman



Loie Tiessen's Saloon



Irving Wightman operated Larchwood Cafe, 1910 to 1912



Ben Lewis in Cafe, 1918



The Schoenfelder leather repair room.
Joe standing by machine working, Marshal A.C. Burns sitting near the large old stove, Mr. Getman, Sr. standing by.


The Joe Schoenfelder Harness shop, 1910



L.P. Grotewold Filling Station




Bud and Mae Murphy and their children in the Larchwood restaurant.



Thompson and Lien General Merchandise Store.
Left to Right: Mr. A.C. Burns, Wm. Pruitt, Mr. Lien, Mr. Thompson, Nellie Perkinson, Emma Lewis



Frank Wallace in his cafe.


Williams and Getman, 1908, Drug Store and post office.
The large display hammocks draped from the balcony and the phonographs in the background has caused us to wonder about the liesure time in 1908.



Larchwood Post Office, 1916
Left to Right: James Pruitt, mailcarrier; Bud Murphy, postmaster; Bill Oehmke,
mail carrier; Ralph Holtsclaw, Mrs. Edmo Pruitt



Saving Bank of Larchwood, George
W. Fagan and Angie Parkinson.


Doherty's Barber Shop
Left Chair; Matt Solon, barber Art Wilson;
Right chair: Bill Blaine, barber Leo Doherty.



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