Larchwood Centennial Biographies:

The W's

WAAGMEESTER, CORNELIUS JR. born February 3, 1905, at Larchwood and Leona Nicloy, born November 28, 1909, at Rock Rapids, Ia., were married June 9, 1927, at Luverne, Minn. They are the parents of four children-Beverly (Mrs. Wayne Wilke), Lester, Ia.; Robert-married to Janet Wagner, Baltic, S.D.; Gordon-married to June Stewart, and Merle-who married Shirley Messner, both of Rock Rapids, Ia. After their marriage the Waggmeesters farmed until 1936, when Cornelius entered the insurance field which he continued for 34 years. They retired January 1, 1970 in their new home on the south edge of Larchwood, which they moved into in August, 1963.

born in Amsterdam, Holland on January 21, 1874, and Elizabeth VanDerWege, born in the Netherlands on March 10, 1875, were married at Rock Rapids, Iowa in 1894 and settled in Lyon County in 1895. They were the parents of eight children,-Gertrude and William (both deceased); Hilda (Mrs. R. VanDerPoll), Artesia, Calif.; Cornelius-who married Leona Nicloy, Larchwood; John-married to Gertrude Francis, Worthington, Minn.; Elizabeth (Mrs. William Jibben), and Harvey-married to Iona Lewis, both of Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Richard-who married Rose Marie Borash, White Bear Lake, Minn. Cornelius and Elizabeth endured many hardships, living on very little, with a box for a table and boxes taking the place of chairs. They were members of the Congregational Church of Larchwood. Corneliius passed away at Larchwood on January 19, and Elizabeth on November 5, 1959.

was born July 27, 1847, in Germany and at the age of 14 came to Philadelphia, Pa., where he was an apprentice tinner. He then moved to the Cedar Rapids, Ia., area. In 1871 Jacob married Rachael Kirkpatrick, who was born in 1853 at Mt. Vernon, Iowa. They were the parents of six children-Ben, Mert, Bert, and Charlie (all deceased); Will, living at a rest home in Omaha, Nebraska; and Kathryn, who lives in a rest home at Rock Rapids, Iowa. Rachael passed away in 1886, and in 1892 Jacob and the children moved to a farm northwest of Larchwood until 1900, when he purchased the place now occupied by the Lowell Summa family. A broom corn was grown on this farm at that time to supply the broom factory with materials. Jacob worked as a tinner for the John Cauley Hardware Store, where he made general hardware items. He lived with his daughter, Kathryn, in Larchwood until his death in 1940.

was born in the Eastern United States in 1854. While driving a team of oxen through Sioux Falls, S.D., he met Esther Dement and later married her on September 30, 1879. Esther was born in 1858. The couple then started a homestead east of Larchwood. They had four children-Ben, Francis, Sadie (all deceased), and Clara (Mrs. Fred Grotewold), Hills, Minn. In the early eighties they moved into Larchwood and operated a cafe until moving to North Dakota to homestead for four years. They returned to Larchwood and reopened a cafe. Later he did interior decorating until his death in 1926. Esther preceded her husband in death in 1925.

was born April 3, 1888. On January 15, 1918 he married Anastatia Reilly, who was born June 14, 1895. They became the parents of three daughters-Alice (Stanton-Mrs. Walter Calmus), Howard, S.D.; Mary (Mrs. Milton McDonald), Des Moines, Ia.; and Veronica (Sister Terence O.S.F.), Sioux City, Ia. Thomas was a veteran of World War I and was wounded in the service in France. Anastatia taught school for five years before her marriage. The Walshes farmed near Granite, Ia. Thomas passed away January 16, 1925. Anastatia was postmistress in Larchwood from 1942 to 1962. She has 11 grandchildren.

was born April 5, 1922. On June 9, 1945, at Sioux Falls, S.D., he married Arlene Lawrence, who was born March 24, 1925. They are the parents of five children-Joanne, Luanne, Lawrence-married to Glenda Dykstra, Linda, and Lee, all of Larchwood. The Warners farmed two miles east of Larchwood until 1971 when they moved into Larchwood. Their son, Lawrence, and his family, now live on the home place. Arnold and Arlene have two grandchildren. The Warner family are members of Bethlehem Lutheran Church at Hills, Minn.

was married to Lena Kellenberger Metzger at Rock Rapids, Ia., on December 7, 1921. Herman was born at Larchwood on April 29, 1895; and Lena was born on March 14, 1899, in Oklahoma Territory. Lena, who was married to Benjamin Metzger until his death, had one daughter, Benola (Mrs. Leon Pettengill), Rochester, Minn. Herman and Lena became the parents of two children-Alvina (Mrs. Clifford Van Wyhe), Steen, Minn., and Mervin-who married Neaita Osvog, Larchwood. There are eight grandchildren. The Warners farmed southeast of Larchwood for 26 years. They moved to Rock Rapids, Iowa in 1945 and Sioux Falls, S.D., in 1951. Herman passed away May 26, 1971.

son of Herman and Lena Warner, and Neaita Osvog of Canton, S.D., were married July 3, 1944, at Sioux Falls, S.D. Mervin was born September 24, 1922, and Neaita on September 2, 1921. They have two sons-Hugh-who married Mary Jerke, and Wayne-married to Eloise Boer, both of Larchwood. After their marriage Mervin and Neaita farmed southeast of Larchwood until 1971 when they moved into Larchwood. Their son, Wayne, now lives on the home place.

was born in Germany on May 4, 1863; and his wife, Alvina Kirchner, was born May 26, 1871, at Keystone, Ia. They were married at Vinton, Iowa on December 27, 1888. Seven children were born to this union,-Ella and Herman (both deceased); Adelia (Mrs. Fred Vogel), Lillian (Bunte-Mrs. Olaf Hagen), and Elmer-married to Leona Laackman, all of Rock Rapids, Iowa; Bill-who married Lulu Schwenck, and after her death, married Ann Johnson, and John-who married Mabel Groth, all of Sioux Falls, S.D. The Warners farmed near Remsen, Iowa for two years and then moved to Larchwood in 1891. Except for four years spent on an acreage near Greeley, Colorado, they lived on a farm near Larchwood until retiring to Rock Rapids, Iowa in 1919. While living near Larchwood they took part in organizing the Evangelical Church and its various activities. William and Alvina had 17 grandchildren and 42 great-grandchildren. William passed away April 5, 1960 and Alvina on August 11, 1970. Photo

and Betty J. Bale were married on December 5, 1943, at Sioux Falls, S.D. Ralph was born December 21, 1920 at Larchwood, and Betty on December 30, 1924, at Sioux Falls. They became the parents of four children-Carolyn (Mrs. Michael Menage), Wall Lake, Iowa; Beverly, Iowa City, Iowa; Janice, Sioux Falls, S.D.; and William, Larchwood. The Warners farm five miles southeast of Larchwood. They belong to the United Church of Christ.

born September 28, 1893, at Larchwood, was married on December 10, 1919, at Davenport, Iowa, to Lulu Schwenck, who was born December 15, 1891. To this union were born four children-Ralph-married to Betty Bale, and Arnold-who married Arlene Lawrence, both of Larchwood; Lowell-married to Deloris Anderson, Rock Rapids, Iowa, and Wilton-who married Joyce Schmidt, Minnetonka, Minn. Bill and Lulu farmed two miles east of Larchwood until January of 1946, when they retired and moved to Sioux Falls, S.D. Lulu passed away May 26, 1948. On April 30, 1950, Bill married Ann Johnson at Sioux Falls, where they still reside. Her daughter, Anna Johnson (Mrs. Allan Opland), lives at Pipestone, Minn.

was born February 13, 1840 in Cornwall, England. When a young man he settled in Wisconsin and then enlisted and served in the Civil War. In 1864 he married Josephine Wachtler McKelvey, the widow of John McKelvey. She was born on March 19, 1841, in Vicksburg, Miss.; and when a small girl she played with President Grant's children. Josephine had two small sons-John and Ed McKelvey (both deceased). William and Josephine were the parents of five children-Clara, Josie, Dr. William, George and Leon (all deceased). The Webbers farmed in Wisconsin before coming to Larchwood in 1889, where they located on a farm southwest of Larchwood. John, Ed and Leon were participants in the Alaskan gold rush. William passed away October 24, 1889 and Josephine on February 22, 1934.

was born August 11, 1894, near Edgewood, Iowa. Eula Bullock was born April 15, 1899 at Bloomfield, Iowa. Emil enlisted in the army and served during World War I. Eula and Emil were married May 27, 1924, at the Little Brown Church in the Vale at Nashua, Iowa. They are the parents of two children-Kathryn (Mrs. Merlyn Lee), West Des Moines, Ia.; and Robert-who married Millicent Johnston, Claremont, Calif. The Wessels moved to Larchwood in 1932. He was superintendent of schools for a number of years, and both have been active in the educational field. Emil also worked in the field of electrical engineering, mining and research.

was born November 14, 1871. On May 22, 1901, at Rock Valley, Iowa, Thomas married Ellen McGuire, who was born October 1, 1879. Ellen grew up living in a sod house. They were the parents of eight children-John and Arnold (both deceased); Celia (Mrs. P.F. Keegan), Jane (Mrs. Henry Klein), Mabel (Mrs. John Mundt), and Cecil-married to Dorothy Nelson, all of Sioux Falls, S.D.; Elizabeth (Mrs. F.M. Keegan), Santa Monica, Calif.; and Leonard-who married Mabel Marotta, Glendale, Calif. On March 1, 1908, the Whalen family moved to Larchwood, where they purchased a farm two miles east of town known as the J.H. Peacock Ranch. Celia, and Cecil, were employed by R.G. Gerner, who operated a general merchandise store in Larchwood. Later when fire had damaged the building, they purchased it and for several years operated the Whalen Grocery Store. After Thomas passed away October 21, 1939 the family moved to Sioux Falls, S.D. Ellen, now 92 years old, makes her home with her daughter, Celia, and her family at Sioux Falls.

was born August 26, 1864, at New Woodstock, N.Y.; and Sarah Jones was born in October of 1864 at Bueford, Wales. She came to America at the age of 13. They were married in December of 1887 at Cazinovia, N.Y. To this union six children were born-Irving and Wilbur (both deceased), Leslie-married Bessie McKee, and after her death, married Ella Fleming, Northfield, Minn.; Ira-married to Thora Dixon, and Leona (Mrs. Ove Siolseth), both of Minneapolis, Minn.; and Stanley00who married Effie Marie Middlen, Doon, Iowa. The Wightman family came to Larchwood in 1899. Andrew worked for the Delaney Implement Company and then formed a partnership with Charley Miller, selling International Harvester products. In 1910 they started farming west of Larchwood. Andrew passed away in 1935 and Sarah in 1945.

was born at Inwood, Iowa on July 25, 1891, of Welsh parents, Andrew and Sarah Wightman. Ida Rudloff was born February 10, 1892. They were married on October 23, 1912, and became the parents of two children-Wyant-who married Marian Roti, Norfolk, Nebr.; and Vernice (Mrs. Harold Bonander) of Larchwood. Irving operated a cafe in Larchwood and was a painter in this community and later a farmer. Ida passed away January 11, 1951, and Irving on July 5, 1964.

who was born May 15, 1899, lived in Larchwood from 1899 until 1944. He was united in marrige to Effie Marie Middlen of Highland, Wisconsin, on September 29, 1928. Effie was born August 26, 1906. Five sons were born to them-Darwin-who married Jean Briggs, Fargo, N.D.; Don-married to Neta Paulson, Dysart, Iowa; Allen-married to Carol Neese, Ames, Iowa; James-married to Sandra Gerritson, Montclair, California; and Tom-who married Lillian DeJaegher, Slater, Iowa. The Wightmans now reside at Doon, Iowa.

WILKA, ROBERT was born Aug. 19, 1855, in Pommera, Germany. He came to America in 1863, and settled at McGregor, IA. On Feb. 13,1885, he married Emilie Sanow, who was born Aug. 7, 1865. There were six children born to them - Lena, Tille, Edith and William (all deceased); Bertha, (Mrs. Henry Donnelly) and Anna, both of Sioux Falls, SD The Wilkas moved to Lyon county in 1885 and settled on a farm south of Larchwood, later moving to Granite, IA. Emilie died on December 23, 1918, and Robert on June 10, 1925.

WILLARD, SHERLOCK was born January 16, 1813; and his wife, Mary E., was born July 25, 1823. Their children were-Allie, William, Charlotte, Galena, Maria, and Elizabeth (all deceased). The Willard family moved to Larchwood in 1872, where he built the first house, which is now owned and occupied by his great-great grandson, Marvin Parkinson. Sherlock died March 2, 1882 and Mary on May 28, 1892.

was born September 25, 1889, at Granite, Iowa; and Marietta Cleveland was born October 25, 1891, at Rodney, Iowa. They were married December 16, 1911, at Sioux City, Iowa. The couple were the parents of four children-Dean-who married Iona Parks, Larchwood; Gordon-married to Florence Jensen, Aberdeen, South Dakota; Robert-who married Helen Hendrickson, and Janet (Mrs. Warren (Bud) Thoms), both of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Lee was in the mercantile business with his father, Frank, of Hornick, Iowa. The family came to Larchwood in 1919 and was in the general store business for 36 years. Lee was a member of the City Council, serving at the time bids were let for our town's public water system. The Williams were members of the Methodist and later Congregational Church. Lee passed away November 28, 1952 and Etta is living in Larchwood.

and Iona Parks were married at Larchwood on May 25, 1941. Dean was born April 6, 1915, and Iona on October 22, 1910. They were the parents of one daughter, Deanna, who lost her life in a highway accident on December 11, 1964, while a student at the University of South Dakota. Dean has carpentered in the area and at present is associated with the Froehlich Construction Company of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Iona teaches in the West Lyon Community school system. Her career in education covers 26 years of teaching. Dean and Iona attend the United Church of Christ.

was born at Eyota, Minnesota in 1858, the son of David Lee and Cynthia Williams. He married Harriet Roberts (Nellie) at Sac City, Iowa in 1888. She was born in Cream Ridge, Missouri on April 3, 1867. They were the parents of three children-David Lee and Dr. Forrest Earl (both deceased); and Dr. Francis Raymond, married to Pauline Hunt, Rapid City, South Dakota. Frank and Nellie lived at Granite where he was a herdsman, handling over 1,000 head per season. In 1894 they moved to Hornick, Iowa, where he operated ageneral store and served as postmaster. They moved to Larchwood in 1919, where Frank and his son, Lee, owned and operated a general store until Frank passed away in August of 1928. Nellie passed away in April of 1948 in Rapid City, South Dakota.

was born July 9, 1860, at Eyota, Minnesota, and Mary Edith McClay on September 3, 1863, in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. They were married in 1884 and were the parents of five children-Jeanette, Edith and Kathryn (all deceased); Russell, Rapid City, South Dakota; and Ralph of Kent, Washington. The family came to Larchwood from Holyoke, Colorado in 1892. James was engaged in the drugstore business until 1910 when he sold it to N.E. Getman. He also operated drugstores in Sioux Falls and Wakonda, South Dakota. He was mayor and postmaster of Larchwood. James passed away in 1922 and Mary in 1945.

was born September 6, 1897, in Auburn, IL and on February 17, 1939, at Rock Rapids, IA married Gladys Birkemo, who was born at Hayti, SD. The Winemans established a poultry and hatchery business near Granite, IA. and specialized in Rhode Island Reds. In 1943 many times they walked home down the railroad track after two o'clock in the morning because the railroad track was blocked with snow. They then walked back by six o'clock the next morning to tend the incubators. The Winemans still live at Granite and operate the hatchery there.

was born in Allison Township, east of Lester, on August 13, 1880, and Maria Knobloch on June 14, 1890, in Cleveland Township. They were married on February 14, 1914. The couple were the parents of 11 children,-Emil-married to Elizabeth Moser, Amelia (Mrs. Edward Roemen), and Lawrence, all of Larchwood; Wilhelm-married to Leona Banwart, Hills, Minnesota; Emma (deceased); Karoline (Mrs. Doorneweerd), and Jacob-married to Alice Moser, both of Lester, Iowa; Mildred (Mrs. Vigril Sauder) and Marilyn (Mrs. Ray Luthi), both of Hancock, Minnesota; Leonard-who married Violet Luthi, Morris, Minnesota; and Leah (Mrs. Dick Doorneweerd), Valley Springs, South Dakota. Albert farmed in the Lester area for many years until his retirement when his youngest son, Lawrence, took over the farm. Albert passed away July 8, 1960 and his wife on April 19, 1964.

son of Albert Wulf, married Elizabeth Moser on April 26, 1939. Elizabeth was born October 28, 1916, and Emil on March 21, 1915. They have 11 children,-Helen (Mrs. Willim Sharp), Streamwood, Illinois; Betty (Mrs. Mike McDonnell), Highmore, South Dakota; Leo-who married Wanda Hinckley, Robert-married to Linda Hinckley, Kenneth, Donald, Ronald and Ray, all of Larchwood; Clifford-married to Carol DeNeui, Lennox, South Dakota; and Floyd and Lloyd, both serving in the army. The Wulfs live on a farm south of Larchwood.

was born March 7, 1893, in Beadle county, SD and Rozetta McNerney, born October 30, 1892, at Sibley, IA, were married October 12, 1921, at Sibley, IA. They became the parents of two sons - Robert, married to Maxine Schoening and living in Sioux Falls, SD; and Ronald, who married Joyce Ann Jacobson, Sioux city, IA. Rozetta passed away on December 6, 1965. On June 14, 1967, Russell married Mrs. Leona McGuire Powers, who was born January 30, 1904, at Larchwood. Russell was a World War I veteran. He came to Larchwood in May of 1915, began working as a bookkeeper in the Farmer Savings Bank, and then spent 46 continuous years in the banking business. He was one of the original stockholders and manager of the Granite Savings Bank, which was the only bank in Lyon county that was not forced to close its doors during the depression. In 1934 the Granite Savings Bank moved its charter to Larchwood and became known as the Security Savings Bank of Larchwood. Russell and Leona spend their winters in Texas and summers in Larchwood.