Larchwood Centennial Biographies:

The T's


THOMAS, C.F. and his wife, Minnie Greenlief, were from Pattonville, Texas. The Thompsons had two daughters-Mary (Rusho) deceased, and Nellie (Haggardt), Wheaton, Minn. Minnie died in Texas in 1887. C.F. Thompson brought his two small daughters and his mother, a Civil War Widow, to Larchwood in 1889, where he had a real estate business for many years. He passed away in 1932.

THOMPSON, SYDNEY B., son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Bunbury of England, was born October 11, 1860. He came to the United States in 1886. "Major" as he was familiarly known, had no relatives living in this country. He enjoyed strolling over the countryside, and his heart and pocketbook were always open to the children. Sydney passed November 11, 1926.

TOBIASON, CARL was born January 14, 1889, at Hogebeesta, Norway, and came to Inwood, Iowa in 1904. He moved to a farm near Klondike in 1919. Carl is now retired and makes his home in Klondike.

TOBIASON, THIES was born September 22, 1839, in Telemark, Norway, and came to America prior to 1861. He fought in the Civil War and then homesteaded in Centennial Township. Thies and his wife, Thorberg Cleaven, who was born June 24, 1853, had 11 children-Jesine, Meria, Louise, Emma, Helen, Inga, Tilda, Elizabeth, Agnes, Theodore and Alfred (all deceased). Thies passed away October 29, 18872 and Thorberg on November 23, 1901.

TRACY, EDWARD was born in Canada on August 8, 1845; and his wife, Catherine Skelly, was born on June 25, 1853, in Janesville, Wisc. They were the parents of 12 children-W. Edward, Francis, John, William, Henry, E.M. (Mike), Sylvester, Agnes, and Mary (all deceased); Cecelia (Mrs. Charles Page;) and Vivian (Mrs. Clifford Reinke), both of Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Edith (Mrs. Ed Reinke) of Larchwood. The Tracys were early settlers in the Larchwood community, settling in Sioux Township. For seven years they lived on what is now the Groth farm. In 1882 they purchased one-half section of land, which was in the family from 1889 - 1964. Edward passed away in 1927 and Catherine on March 3, 1935.

TRACY, FRANCIS was born in Janesville, Wisc., August 15, 1876. He came to Larchwood with his parents in 1881 when he was five years old. Cathrine Hickey, his wife, was born in Van Horne, Ia., on July 5, 1869, and came to Larchwood in 1898. They were married in October of 1901 in the Catholic Church at Larchwood. The Tracys had eight children,-Elizabeth and Josephine (both deceased); Frances (Mrs. David Spooner) and Agnes (Mrs. Willis Brown), both of Waterloo, Iowa; Lillian (Mrs. Robert Pitts;), Long Lake, Minn.; Margaret (Mrs. Ray DeLaughter), Sioux City, Iowa; Florence (Mrs. Leo Lahr) and James who married Mae Dillinghan, both of Sioux Falls, S.D. They farmed most of their life in this area. Francis died in August of 1941 and Catherine passed away September 27, 1970, at the age of 101 years.

TRACY, ROBERT was born April 24, 1915, at Sioux Falls, S.D., and on November 21, 1936, at Larchwood, was married to Esther Bruggeman, who was born February 1, 1915, at Larchwood. They became the parents of four children-Richard (deceased); Donna (Mrs. Norbert Roemen), Larchwood; Carolyn (Mrs. Clem VanderWoude), Doon, Iowa; and Dale of Sioux Falls, S.D. The Tracys had lived in Sioux Falls for four years when Bob was drafted into the service. Esther came to Larchwood to live, and they continued to live here after Bob returned. He then worked as a govern

TRACY, SYLVESTER was born at Larchwood on October 5, 1891, and was united in marriage to Kathryn Tracey on June 30, 1914, at Sioux Falls, S.D. To this union six children were born-Robert and Mary Jane (both deceased); Phyllis (Mrs. Lyle Lewis), Valley Springs, S.D.; Jeannette (Mrs. Robert Kerkvliet), Larchwood; Gerald-married to Ann Delmue, South San Francisco, Calif.; and Eugene-who married Connie Rodriguez, Foster City, Calif. They farmed west of town for many years, and he also did auctioneering in this community. After he retired from the farm he managed the Ford Garage in Larchwood for some time. They resided in California for about four years and then returned to Lyon County and remained here until his death, August 24, 1952. Kathryn lives part time in California and also here with her daughters.