Larchwood Centennial Biographies:

The S's


SAUERS, STEPHEN was born September 30, 1859, at Biren, Germany. Rose Giesler was born November 8, 1863, at Baden, Germany. The couple was married at Pittsburgh, Pa., on October 8, 1883. To this union 14 children were born,-Anna, Edward, William, Joseph, Mary, Catherine, and George (all deceased); Sophia (Mrs. Leo Friessen), Sioux Falls, S.D.; Helen (Mrs. Valerian Kramer), Cresco, Ia.; Agnes (Mrs. William Schonhoff), Milnor, N.D.; Alice (Mrs. William Evans), Redondo Beach, Calif.; John-who married Agnes Aurip, and Rose (Mrs. Ben Backe), both of Larchwood; and Clarence-who married Rosella Harrig, Buena Park, Calif. Stephen came to America in 1881 and Rose in 1882. After their marriage they lived at Pittsburgh, Pa., for seven years. They then moved to farms near Doon and Lester, Ia., before coming to Larchwood, where they lived on a farm northwest of town until their deaths. Stephen passed away November 7, 1940 and Rose on November 30, 1941.

was born July 29, 1897, at Dempster, S.D., and Alice Bell, born July 25, 1904, at Kingsley, Iowa, were married at Watertown, S.D., on March 11, 1926. The couple have six children-Vivian (Mrs. Ernest Klaschen), Wolsey, S.D.; Merie-who married Lavonne Griese, Long Island, N.Y.; Shirley (Mrs. Dale Fortin), El Centro, Calif.; Dale-married to Donna Buus, Sioux Falls, S.D.; Darwin-who married Mary Ann Lens, Larchwood; and Dianne (Mrs. Ronald Laffitte), Bossier City, La. Frank is a World War I Veteran. They farmed for many years, retiring and moving to Larchwood in 1956.

was born June 15, 1874, at Breda, Iowa, and Mary Schreurs, born September 12, 1885, in Holland, were married April 19, 1904, at St. Mary's church in Larchwood. They were the parents of 11 children: Imelda and Darlene (both deceased); Margaret (Mrs. Al DeSmet), Emma (Mrs. Ted DeSmet), Bertha (Mrs. Paul Kramer), Leo-married to Edna Borman; Francis-married to Dorothy Scholten, and Alvin-who married Verena Heinemann Anderson, all of Larchwood; Martin-married to Theresa Scholten, Sherman, S.D.; Loretta (Mrs. John Roemen) and Clara (Mrs. Bill George), both of Rock Rapids, Ia. The Schettlers lived at Wilmont, Minn., until 1911 when they moved to a farm east of Larchwood. They resided there until they retired in 1946 and moved into Larchwood. Frank passed away June 29, 1968, and Mary on March 22, 1971.   Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Schettler

was born March 7, 1866, in Gremsene, Germany, and came to America at the age of 17 to settle in Grundy County, Ia. Tillie Flessner was born September 1, 1873, in Emnden, Germany, and came with her parents to America, settling at Steamboat Rock, Ia. On October 24, 1890, Ulfert and Tillie were married and became the parents of six children-John, Henry, and a baby (all deceased); Jake-who married Magdelena Hartman, Sioux Falls; Ia.; and Grace (Mrs. Ben Slieter), Hills, Minn. After their marriage Ulfert and Tillie farmed at Steen, Minn., and lived there until 1900, when they moved to Ben Clare, S.D. In 1921 they moved to Larchwood and lived there until Ulfert's death on November 17, 1931. Tillie moved to Rock Rapids in 1948 and lived there until her death on April 11, 1953.

was born May 15, 191, the son of Hans and Minnie Schmidt of Larchwood. Alpha Brynjulson was born June 18, 1892, at Canton, S.D. They were married March 24, 1915; and four sons were born to this union-Kenzy and Wayne (both deceased); Dallas-who married Wilda Dott, Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Francis-married to Lois Jensen, Aurora, S.D. While in the service Kenzy served in Africa, Dallas (Bud) in Italy, and Francis was captured in the "Battle of the Bulge." The Schmidts farmed in this vicinity on the Schmidt home place for 17 years and then moved to town and operated a cafe for ten years. Albert passed away April 20, 1958; and Alpha still lives in Larchwood.

was born May 14, 1858, at Muenchweile, Bavaria, Germany. He came to America at the age of 18 and settled at Clinton, Iowa. Mary Elizabeth Otto was born May 5, 1878. They were married October 28, 1901, at St. Mary's Church. To this union were born two children-John, married to Pearl Hushak, Clutier, Iowa, and Laura (Mrs. Laurence Grotewold), Larchwood. Before moving to Larchwood in 1900, Joseph operated a harness shop at Marcus, Iowa. Upon coming to Larchwood, he purchased and operated a shoe repair service and harness shop. Joseph worked at this trade for over 60 years. He was on the Town Council at the time City Hall was built. Joseph died November 30, 1934, and Mary on January 9, 1970. She lived to be 91 years old.

was born at Ude Buhl, Germany, on October 5,1861. He came to America at an early age, landing in New York and going to Beloit, Iowa. Hans married Minnie Bahnson at her parent's homestead in Centennial Township on April 11, 1883. Minnie was born March 14, 1865, on the Island of Fihr, Denmark. To this union 12 children were born-Bertha, Dorothea, Marie, Albert, William Leroy, Benjamin, Earl (Pete), Irving (Steve), and Harry (all deceased); Alda (Mrs. Ted Herman), Hills, Minn.; Minnie (Getman), Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Harlan of Canton, S.D. Most of Hans and Minnie's married life was spent on a farm four miles west of Larchwood. Hans passed away March 5, 1922, and Minnie on June 18, 1939.

was born February 10, 1918, and Donna Gacke, born July 4, 1923, at Alvord, Iowa, were united in marriage at Sibley, Iowa, on December 29, 1945. They are the parents of-Diane, Sioux City, Iowa; Jim, Mason City, Iowa; Bill, Ronald and Gary, all at home. Gerard and Donna farmed in the Larchwood community until 1956, when they moved into Larchwood and Gerard became manager of the Farmers Co-operative Elevator of Larchwood.

who was born March 25, 1897, married Alieda M. Lens on February 10, 1925, at Larchwood. There are eight daughters and seven sons in the Scholten family,-Theresa (Mrs. Martin Schettler), Garretson, S.D.; Irene (Mrs. Joseph Soldatke), Joseph-married to Eleanor Crawford, Cletus-married to Shirley Pederson, Betty (Mrs. Louis Wall), and Rose Marie (Mrs. Dale Carman), all of Sioux Falls, S.D.; Mary Lou (Mrs. Charles Kearney), Primghar, Iowa; Veronica (Mrs. Richard Tuschen), Salem, S.D.; George-who married Donna Woolsey, Luverne, Minn; John, Jr.-married to Dorothy Koerlin, Dell Rapids, S.D.; Dorothy (Mrs. Francis Schettler); Anna (Mrs. Ray Burkard), Raymond-married to Sharon Ordal, Paul-married to Arliss Powers, and Lawrence-who married Sandra Hollingshead, all of Larchwood. The Scholtens farmed in the Alvord and Larchwood vicinity for 37 years. John and Alieda retired to live in Larchwood in 1962. John passed away on April 23, 1964. Alieda still lives in Larchwood and has 39 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

was born at Haalemmermeer, Holland, on January 4, 1889. He came to the United States in March of 1911 and settled around Rock Valley. On January 28, 1913, he married Anna Kerkvliet, who was born March 6, 1891. To this union six children were born-Gerard John and Gerard Joseph, who both died in infancy; Daniel, Yankton, S.D.; Gerard-married to Donna Gacke, and Joseph-who married Veronica Snyders, both of Larchwood; and Patronella (Mrs. Lemke), Sioux Falls, S.D. Anna and Peter started farming near Lester, Iowa. Later they moved to a farm northwest of Larchwood, which is now owned by William Kerkvliet. Anna passed away April 7, 1922. Peter married Cornelia (Nellie) Tillie Rustman on April 4, 1923. She was a widow with two daughters-Cora (Mrs. George Blanchard), Buellton, Calif., and Engelbertha (Mrs. Herbert Roemen) of Larchwood. Born to this union were seven children-Mary Frances (Mrs. Donald Ridder), Moline, Ill.; Agnes (Mrs. Floyd Mlady), Santa Anna, Calif.; Paul-married to Shirley Michel, Sioux Falls, S.D.; Regina (Mrs. John Willett) Long Beach, Calif.; Helen (Mrs. Donald A. Roemen) and Dorothy, both of Larchwood; and John-who married Becky Tobey, Tucson, Ariz. Peter died on October 24, 1956. The family are members of St. Mary's Catholic Church. Nellie still resides in Larchwood.

SCHREURS, GEORGE was born April 3, 1898, the son of William and Marguerite Schreurs. Mildred Gunter was born December 27, 1900, at Alvord, Iowa. They were married at Sacred Heart Catholic Church on January 30, 1929. Their home was blessed with three children-Georgiann (Mrs. Dick Thompson), Larchwood; Myril (deceased); and Arlyn-married to Clarice Oliver of Canton, S.D. Mildred and George have ten grandchildren. George helps his son, Arlyn, on the farm. Arlyn is the third generation on the Schreurs' farm southwest of Larchwood. The Schreurs are members of St. Mary's Parish.

was born May 29, 1863, in Swalmon, Holland. Marguerite Rutten was born July 20, 1867, at Beegden, Holland. They were married May 12, 1885, and were blessed with twelve children,-Mary, Minnie, Gertrude, Frank, and Fred (all deceased); Anna (Mrs. Dick Dubbelde), Tyler, Minn.; Mathias-who married Frances Kuhl, Garretson, S.D.; Leo-married to Elvera Wilsand, Milbank, S.D.; Joseph-married to Cleola Kehoe, Cushing, Iowa; Frances (Mrs. Flood), Sioux Falls, S.D.; George-married to Mildred Gunter, and Herman-who married Jean Blaine, both of Larchwood. The Schreurs left the Netherlands the year after their marriage for Breda, Iowa, where they farmed for eight years. In 1894 they came to northwest Iowa with a team and wagon and moved to a farm southwest of town. William and Marguerite retired in 1930, with their son, George, taking over the home place. William passed away March 22, 1951, and Marguerite on October 15, 1951.

was born July 11, 1869. On September 21, 1893, Albert married Lena Klein, who was born January 7, 1865. They were parents of three daughters-Emilie and Selma (both deceased), and Lydia (Mrs. Emil Vogel, Rock Rapids, Iowa. The Schumanns came from Sauk City, Wis. They lived on a farm in Logan Township for five years and then bought a farm in Larchwood Township, just northeast of Larchwood. About 1906 Albert and Lena bought a home in Larchwood. Albert then worked as a carpenter, a janitor at the school, and for W.F. Oehmke, who owned an implement business. They were charter members of the Lutheran Church at Larchwood. In 1918 Albert and Lena moved to Rock Rapids, Iowa. Albert passed away June 3, 1948 and Lena on October 10, 1949.

was born in 1870 in Madison, Wis., and in 1897 was married to Louisa Bauer, who was born in 1870. Oscar and Louisa had three children-Elmer and Vernice, both deceased; and Clarence-who married Violet Clausen, and after her death married Hilda Schemmel, Alvord, Iowa. The Schumanns lived on a farm north of Larchwood for ten years and then moved into town and operated a cream station for a time. They later purchased the International Implement Shop and remained in business until 1950. Oscar was a great lover of flowers, working and planting many beautiful flowers at the City Park. Louisa passed away in 1927 and Oscar in 1955.

son of John and Clara Schuttoffel, was born January 5, 1884, at Walnut, Iowa; and Helena Roemen was born December 6, 1893, at Larchwood. They were married December 28, 1909, at St. Mary's Church and became the parents of nine children-Rose Marie (deceased;); Anita (Mrs. Owen King, Clearwater, Fla.; Edward-who married Mary Ann Tesherra, El Granada, Calif.; Dorothy (Mrs. Joseph Turmes), Kingsley, Iowa; Therese (Mrs. Freddie Langfeldt), Alvord,Iowa; Cletus-married to Carol Hanson, Canton, S.D.; Shirley (Mrs. Ray Swanson), New Ulm, Minn.; John-married to Lucille Bartman, and Ronald-who married Lorna Ahrendt, both of Larchwood. In 1905 Emiel came to Larchwood with three horses, a wagon, and a plow to begin farming on his father's farm. In 1935, after the R.E.A. came into being, Emiel became interested in bring electricity to farms in northwest Iowa. After many years a dream became a reality when he pulled the switch on September 28, 1939, energizing much of the rural area of Lyon County. He served as the first president of the L.R.E.C. and continued in this capacity until his death on August 29, 1959. Helena is still living in Larchwood.

and Henrietta Bruggeman were both born in Germany. They were married on February 24, 1890. They were blessed with five children-Henry-who married Ann Rutten, Murdo, S.D.; George-who married Frances Bornong, Dell Rapids, S.D.; Loretta (Mrs. Henry Cero), Omaha, Nebr.; Joseph and Leonra (both deceased). Frank and Henrietta farmed in the Larchwood community for many years, first on the farm north of town known as the Ed Reinke farm, and in 1905 moving to a farm southwest of Larchwood in Centenniel Township. Henrietta passed away January 20, 1942 and Frank on October 7, 1950.

was born December 21, 1854; and his wife, Mary Addy, was born May 21, 1856, both in Ohio. The couple was married February 3, 1876, in Saybrook, Ill. They were the parents of-Lillian, Elmer, Harry, Marion, Albert, Leslie, Sheldon, Laurie, and Howard (all deceased); and Estella (Mrs. Elmer Allen) of Valley Springs, S.D. The Scotts came to Larchwood in 1882. John taught school in the Tracy school during the winter. They later moved east of town, where he found the bodies of the Cleveland boys who lost their lives in the "Blizzard of 1888." The Scotts moved to Minnehaha County, S.D., in 1888, where he passed away October 21, 1938, and she on January 2, 1939.

and his wife, Anna Enders, were both born in Dane County, Wisc. Anna was born in 1869 and Nick on September 4, 1871. They were married in 1891 and then moved to Lyon County. They had eight children-Louie, Edward, Joseph, and Nettie (all deceased); Anna (Mrs. George Sauers) and William-who married Dolores Reinke, both of Larchwood; Frank-married to Ann Daniels, Inwood, Iowa; and Steven-who married Elizaabeth Daniels, Sioux Falls, S.D. The Sehrs farmed in the Alvord, Inwood and Larchwood area. They were charter members of the Sacred Heart Church of Alvord, Iowa. Anna passed away July 27, 1920 and Nick on April 8, 1926.

was born in Norway on January 3, 1869, and came to America when he was sixteen years old. He married Julia Anderson on December 21, 1889, at Sioux Falls, S.D. Julia was born in Winneshiek County, Iowa, on July 22, 1869. Lars and Julia were the parents of nine children,-Elmer and Stenno (both deceased); Vierney (Mrs. John Thompson) and Myrtle (Mrs. W.J. Wilkens), both of Sioux Falls, S.D.; Lottie (Mrs. Nels Ugland) and Arthur-married to Muriel O'Hara, both of Valley Springs, S.D.; Josephine (Mrs. Brian Quack), Oakland, Calif.; Gladys (Mrs. Richard Laughton), LeMars, Iowa; and Lester-who married Dorothy McEnaney, Mankato, Minn. Lars was elected to the Lyon County Board of Supervisors in 1917 and held this position until 1932. The Seversons farmed in Sioux Township until 1943, when they first moved into Larchwood and the following spring to Valley Springs, S.D. Lars passed away in November of 1944 and Julia in December of 1944.

was born June 22, 1840, in Norway and immigrated to Quebec, Canada, in 1858 and to St. Paul, Minn., the next year. He served in the Civil War and then came to Winneshiek County and purchased a farm. On October 14, 1865, Amos married Olina Klougeland Olsen, who was born January 2, 1833. They became the parents of four children-Simon, Rachael, Andrew, and Ole (all deceased). The Amos Seversons moved to Lyon County in Centennial Township, where they lived in a dugout for a short time. Being a Civil War Veteran, Amos was entitled to homestead two quarters of land in the Klondike area; and it was there that the Seversons built their home. Amos served on the County Board of Supervisors for some time. Olina passed away April 29, 1904. Amos continued to farm until 1908 when he sold his farm to his son, Simon, and returned to Norway. While there he married his second wife and after her death in 1920, Amos returned to live with Simon and his family until he passed away in 1925.

was born in Winneshiek County, Iowa, on May 2, 1868, and came with his parents by covered wagon to Centennial Township in 1869. He married Karoline Skotheien on July 6, 1894. She was born in Norway on June 28, 1875, and came here when she was seven years of age. To this union were born five children-Oliva (deceased); Adolph-who married Thelma Ugland, Harrisburg, S.D.; Omar-married to Eva Egge, and Jeannette (Mrs. Bert Thompson), both of Inwood, Iowa; and Olive (Mrs. Harold Madland), Canton, S.D. The Seversons farmed in Centennial Township. Karoline passed away March 29, 1933, and Simon on October 23, 1948.

was born February 13, 1901, at Pierson, Ia. He married Lillian Rentschler on March 7, 1934, at Sioux City, Ia. She was born on February 2, 1908, at Sioux Center, Ia. They became the parents of four children-Carolyn (Mrs. Dennis Snyders) and Larry-who married Sharlene Stettnichs, both of Luverne, Minn.; Gloria (Mrs. Don Ellsworth, Cleveland, Ohio; and Dean-who married Darlene DeBates, Larchwood. There are 11 grandchildren. After their marriage, Lillian and Lloyd farmed at Kingsley and LeMars, Ia., before coming to Larchwood in 1941, where they farmed northwest of town. Their son, Dean, now farms on the home place. Lloyd passed away on January 28, 1958; and Lillian now resides in Sioux City, Iowa.

was born in Beegden, Holland, on October 23, 1855. He came to America in 1884 and lived in Breda, Iowa. He went back to Holland and married Gertrude Schreurs on March 20, 1888. She was born October 14, 1865. In the Snyder family were ten children,-Margaret and Fred (both deceased); Minnie (Mrs. Bill Dubbelde), Laurence-married to Clara Daniels, and Catherine (Mrs. August Bruggeman), all of Larchwood; Sophia (Mrs. Leo Wiegman), and Jake-who married Minnie Daniels, both of Graceville, Minn.; Mathilda and Lorraine (Mrs. Edward Hathaway), both of Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Nellie (Mrs. Lyle Kelsey), Riverside, Calif. Gertrude and Leo came to America to make their home in Breda, where they farmed until 1906 and then moved southwest of Larchwood where they lived until their deaths. Leo passed away June 11, 1942 and Gertrude on August 22, 1943

was born May 10, 1917. He was united in marriage to Elsie LaFrenz of Rock Rapids, Iowa, on November 4, 1937. Elsie was born April 30, 1918. Franz and Elsie are the parents of seven children,-Nancy (Mrs. David Kerkvliet), Jerome-who married LaVonne DeBoer, Richard-married to Marlys Scholten, and Alan, all of Larchwood; Dennis-married to Carolyn Sheeler, Luverne, Minn.; Diane (Mrs. David Hansen), Dell Rapids, S.D.; and Roger James, who died at the age of seven months. There are 11 grandchildren. Franz is the supervisor of Lyon County in District 3 (1971-74.) The Snyders reside in Larchwood.

born June 17, 1888, was united in marriage on February 9, 1915, to Nellie E. Janssen, who was born February 27, 1895, the daughter of John and Lena Janssen of Madison, S.D. To this union were born ten children,-Mary (Roemen-Mrs. Urban Kramer), Francis-who married Elsie LaFrenz, Paul-married to Joan Krier, Rith (Mrs. Stephen Cain), and Julie (Mrs. Donald L. Roemen), all of Larchwood; Joseph-who married Naomi Keck, Clackamas, Ore.; Irene (Mrs. Joseph Daniels), Matthew-who married Mavis McGuire, and Monica (Mrs. John Weber), all of Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Helen (Mitchell-Mrs. Marvin Dairiss), of Marion, S.D. Frank and Nellie lived on the family farm until 1919, when they moved to a small acreage on the edge of Larchwood where they still reside. Frank worked for Lyon County where he maintained roads for many years. Their pasture was the Larchwood ball field for some time. Frank and Nellie have 55 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren.

SNYDERS, JOHN was born April 23, 1854, and his wife, Ann Rutten, in 1852, both at Beegden, Netherlands. They came to America with one child, Agnes (Mrs. Frank Underberg), and settled in Wisconsin. They moved to Carroll County, Iowa, where Margaret (Mrs. P.W. Clercx), Mary (Mrs. Henry Underberg), Francis-who died when four years old, Nellie, Frank-who married Nellie Janssen, Joseph-who married Lorena Ripperda, and Minnie were born. All of the children are now deceased except Frank who lives at Larchwood. In 1900 the family moved to a farm one and one-half miles south of Larchwood. John was organist at St. Mary's Catholic Church until his death December 11, 1909. His family continued farming until Anna moved into Larchwood, where she passed away in 1937.

SNYDERS, JOSEPH was born March 30, 1890, and Lorena Ripperda, born March 31, 1898, were married February 17, 1920. They were the parents of nine children,-Marcella (deceased;); Theresa (Mrs. Norbert Bruggeman), Garretson, S.D.; Dorothy (Mrs. Keith Kelly), Sioux Falls, S.D.; Robert-who married Patricia Carpenter, Canton, S.D.; John-married to Adeline LaFrenz, Bernard-married to Dorothy Rath, James-married to Ruth Krier, Raymond (Nick)-who married Adrianna Bouwman, and Veronica (Mrs. Joseph Scholten), all of Larchwood. After their marriage Joseph and Lorena farmed until 1934 when they moved into town and purchased the poolhall, then located where Ron'' Jack and Jill is now located. From 1946 until he retired, Joe was in the trucking business. The couple had 49 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. Lorena passed away November 13, 1852 and Joe on January 28, 1965.

SNYDERS, PAUL was born September 30, 1924; and Joan Krier was born September 11, 1926. They were married on February 28, 1949, and became the parents of 12 children-Dean, Cindy, Gary, Lyle, Ronald, Tony, Jeffrey, David, Janet, Cathy, Paul, Jr., all of Larchwood; and Beverly (Mrs. Gary Eckholt;), Owatonna, Minn. Paul and Joan have lived in Larchwood since their marriage. Paul is employed as a city driver for John Morrell & Company of Sioux Falls, S.D. The boys have been the "Argus Leader" carriers for the past 12 years.

SOLON, MATTHEW C. was born June 29, 1881, and married Carrie M. Mock on October 24, 1911, at Tama, Ia. Carrie was born September 2, 1888, at Toledo, Ia. They were the parents of four sons-Paul (deceased); Harold, Merced, Calif.; C. Wayne, Korea; and Glen of Downey, Calif. For many years Matt was a businessman in Larchwood, managing the Larchwood Lumber Company. He moved to California in 1942, where he now resides. Carrie passed away in January of 1941.

SOLON, PATRICK L. was born in Mayo, Ireland, in July of 1845. At the age of 17 years he enlisted in the army during the Civil War. He then returned to Wisconsin. On November 12, 1866 Patrick married Mary McGuire, who was born in Caven, Ireland, on October 21, 1845. This home was blessed with ten children-Michael, Elizabeth, James, John and Thomas (twins), Mary, Emma, and Isabelle (all deceased;); Kathryn (Mrs. John McEnroe), Algona, Ia.; and Matthew-who married Carrie Mock, Paramount, Calif. The Patrick Solons homesteaded near Rock Valley, Ia., in 1870. Patrick and Mary retired in Larchwood in 1905. The couple lived to celebrate their golden anniversary in 1916. Patrick passed away April 7, 1920 and Mary on August 8, 1920.

SPENCER, NATHAN was born March 9, 1834, and his wife, Cynthia Williams, who was born August 8, 1829, moved to Larchwood from Granite, around 1900. Cynthia was the mother of J.R. and Frank Williams (both deceased). Nathan was a Civil War Veteran. Cynthia died May 14, 1908. Nathan then went to live with relatives in Ida Grove, Ia., where he passed away April 26, 1917.

STIEGELMEYER, CASPER was born in Germany on October 2, 1841, and came to America with his parents in 1853, settling near Springfield, Ill. Louisa Heineman was born May 31, 1854, in Germany, and came to America in 1865. They were married in 1874 and were blessed with seven children-Lewis, Edward, Mathlena, Frank, William, and Elmer (all deceased); and Ezra (Essie)-who married Hazel Brown, Vermillion, S.D. Casper moved to Benton County, Iowa in 1864. The Stiegelmeyers homesteaded in Lyon County south of Larchwood in 1890. Louisa passed away April 17, 1908 and Casper on October 22, 1912.

STIEGELMEYER, ELMER was born March 11, 1885, at Benton County, Iowa, and married Catherine Sutton on November 24, 1908, at Sioux Falls, S.D. She was born at Dixon, Ill., on June 13, 1882. Two daughters and one son were born to them-Leona and Marjorie (both deceased); and LeRoy-who married Hazel Juber Youmans, Larchwood. Elmer and Catherine also had two foster daughters-Avis (Mrs. Walt Mulroy) of Sioux Falls, S.D., and Anne (Mrs. Larry Naugle) of Larchwood. After their marriage the Stiegelmeyers lived at Artesian, S.D. In 1912 they moved to Larchwood and settled on the southeast edge of Larchwood and later moved to a farm north of town. They moved into town in 1940, at which time Elmer went into the corn shelling business with his son, LeRoy. Elmer passed away October 1, 1947 and Catherine on July 10, 1957. Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Stiegelmeyer

STIEGELMEYER, LEROY, the son of Elmer and Catherine Stiegelmeyer, was born at Artesian, S.D., on October 28, 1911. He came to Larchwood with his parents at the age of one and grew to manhood here. LeRoy farmed with his father until 1940. On October 30, 1965, at Brookings, S.D., he married Hazel Juber Youmans, who was born February 15, 1903. Hazel was a widow with one daughter, Donna (Mrs. Ralph Carrell), Burbank, Calif., and one grandson whom she raised-Terry Bellonger, who married Linda Jaquea. LeRoy is employed at John Morrell & Co. The couple reside in Larchwood.

STETTNICHS, HARRY H. was born at Doon, Iowa, on March 6, 1912. He married Martha B. LaFrenz September 6, 1934. Martha was born January 18, 1912. They have four children, Sharlene (Mrs. Larry Sheeler), Luverne, Minnesota; Virgil, married to Sylvia Egebo, Cleghorn, Iowa; Carol (Mrs. Robert Smith), Canton South Dakota; and Stanley, married to Sharon Warner, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Mary and Martha farmed near Rock Rapids and then near Granite. They were in the restaurant business from 1957 till 1966 when the building burned to the ground. They now farm west of town.

STRAND, ELLING married Karen Lauten on July 5, 1891. Elling was born November 8, 1886, and Karen on May 25, 1864. They became the parents of nine daughters; Elline, Jeanette, and Ivy (all deceased); Anna Palma (Mrs. Robert Trowbridge), and Ruby (Mrs. Andrew Quien), all of Canton, South Dakota; Christine (Mrs. Leonard Gaffin), Harrisburg, South Dakota; Myrtle, who married Rev. Orlando Lee, Tacoma, Washington; and Amy (Mrs. Harry Fairchild), Bryant, South Dakota. Elling and Karen came to the Larchwood area from Namdolen, Norway, in April of 1893. They lived first on a farm southeast of Larchwood, where Donald Wahl now lives, and then moved to what is now the Richarz's farm, south of town. In 1911 the family moved to a farm near Canton, South Dakota. Karen passed away on July 20, 1941, and Elling on January 4, 1953.

was born July 6, 1922; and Josephine Reinke was born February 11, 1926. They were married June 24, 1950, in Larchwood. Their children are; Dale, a student at Fayetteville, Arkansas; Lonna, a student at Iowa City, Iowa; and Gerry at home.

and his wife, Ruth, came to Larchwood in about 1930 to take over the publishing of the "Larchwood Leader". They resided here about two years. In 1932 "The Leader" ceased publication. The Suttons went to Chicago, where Mrs. Sutton was ill for some time and passed away December 1, 1960. They had one daughter, Shirley, of Bay Minette, Alabama. Mr. Sutton is now a resident of the International Typographical Union Home, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

(Charley) was born December 8, 1862 in Sweden. He arrived in this country in 1869, when he was six years old. Anna Karoline Swanson was born November 8, 1863, and came from Sweden in 1887. They were married September 3, 1888, at Rowena, SD and were very early settlers, who broke the sod, homesteaded the land, and lived in a log house. Four children were born to this union - Mabel, Sioux Falls, SD; Emil and Elmer, both of Larchwood; and Phoebe (Johnson), deceased. anna passed away in November of 1932. charley then married Delma Pruitt of Larchwood. who now lives in Rock Rapids, IA. He passed away July 23, 1954, at the age of 92 years.

SWEENEY, PATRICK was born July 5, 1867, and his wife, Ella Robertson, was born February 14, 1875. Two children were born to this union; Francis (deceased) and Sylvia (Mrs. Joseph Lawler) of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Ella passed away April 7, 1901. In 1903 Patrick married Anna Quinlan, who was born February 21, 1885, at Fairview, Iowa. They became the parents of five children; Wilbur and Marie (both deceased); Clifford, married to Pearl Rollag, Sioux City, Iowa; Marjorie (Mrs. Fick), Ventura, California; and John, who married Virginia Waymire, Moline, Illinois. Patrick and Anna farmed in the Larchwood area, until they retired and moved into town. Patrick passed away January 3, 1944, and Anna on August 18, 1968.

and his wife, Catherine McGrath, were born in Ireland and came to America, where they settled at Dimmock, Ill. They were the parents of 11 children-Edward, Bridget, Mollie, Josie, Thomas, Margaret, Michael, Patrick, the twins-William and Lyda, and Catherine (all deceased). The Thomas Sweeneys came to the Larchwood vicinity around 1880 and purchased a farm west of Larchwood, now known as the Quinlivan farm. The grove which they planted is still there. Catherine passed away March 22, 1893 and Thomas on August 4, 1901.