Larchwood Centennial Biographies:

The R's


RABEY, EARNEST JOHN was born in Mechlenburg, Germany, on January 1, 1851. Mary Cady was born on December 8, 1869 in Machias, New York. Earnest and Mary were married in 1890 at Machias and were parents of three children, George (deceased); Stella (Mrs. Jack Logue), Kansas City, Missouri; and Malcolm, who married Hulda Oehmke, Larchwood. After their marriage Earnest and Mary came to Larchwood, where he was a carpenter and a separator operator with a threshing crew. The Rabeys also farmed northwest of town for a time. They had six grandchildren. Mary passed away on September 24, 1915, and Earnest on June 10, 1927.

married Hulda Oehmke on February 13, 1917. Malcolm was born May 25, 1897; and Hulda was born October 1, 1898. The couple had four children-Leola (Mrs. Joe Clercx), Jasper, Minn.; Wanda (Mrs. Paul Wright), Poway, Calif.; Charles-married to Mildred Harter, Sheffield, Ia.; and Duane-married Betty Crawford, Larchwood. The Rabeys farmed in the Larchwood vicinity for several years, and Malcolm also worked as a carpenter. Hulda passed away January 26, 1958 and Malcolm still resides in Larchwood.

REESE, WILLIAM was born December 23, 1898, at Linn Grove, Ia. Marie Ryan was born Septembaer 13, 1899, in Luverne, Minn. They were married May 2, 1925, in Sioux City, Ia.; and to this union three children were born-James of Storm Lake, Ia.; Mary Ann (Bolt), Rochester, Minn.; and Richard of Dunwoody, Ga. There are 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. The Reeses came to Larchwood in 1933 and operated a meat market and grocery store. They also had an ice house and did a "whiz-bang" business after church on Sunday morning when families stopped for homemade ice cream. After leaving Larchwood in 1943, Bill was employed by the Federal Department of Agriculture as a meat grader in Storm Lake, Ia., until his death on June 22, 1957. Marie Reese Abel still lives at Storm Lake, Iowa.

REILLY, AMBROSE was born January 16, 1899, at Evansville, Wisc. Agnes Clercx was born October 28, 1908, at Larchwood. They were married September 6, 1937, and became the parents of four children-Margaret (Mrs. Larry Christopherson), Jack-who married Mary Bridenstine, and Bob-married to Sharon Bertsch, all of Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Mary Lynn of Larchwood. There are nine grandchildren. The Reilly home has always been in Larchwood. Besides working at various jobs in Larchwood, Ambrose was employed by the county on road maintenance, for 16 years. Ambrose passed away September 13, 1965.

REILLY, BERNARD was born October 12, 1882, and came to Larchwood in 1906. He and his sister, Catherine, started farming in 1910. Bernard served in the army during World War I and after his return on April 11, 1923, married Marie O'Meara of Alvord. She was born in May of 1894. To this couple were born six children-Earl (deceased); James, Fort Meade, S.D.; Mary-Sister Loman and Sister Marcella, both of Winona, Minn.; Matthew, Huron, S.D.; and Rose of Rapid City, S.D. There are 25 grandchildren. Bernard is in a nursing home in Huron, S.D., and Marie passed away December 30, 1968.

REILLY, MARK was born March 30, 1901, in Wisconsin, and on May 25, 1927, married Mary Kelly, who was born March 20, 1906, at Larchwood. They were the parents of nine children-Hugh of San Jose, Calif.; Ervin, Canton, S.D.; Connie, Peoria, Ill.; Terrance, Colleen and Rosemary, all of Cedar Rapids, Ia.; Robert and Sharon, both of Denver, Colo.; and Ronald of Dubuque, Iowa. The Mark Reilly family farmed near Larchwood before moving to Van Horne, Ia.; in 1933. Mark passed away April 17, 1968.

REILLY, PATRICK married Mary Ann Nichols on November 4, 1879. Patrick was born April 12, 1854, and Mary Ann on March 26, 1859. Ten children were born tothis couple-John, Ambrose, Mark, Joe, Mary, Elizabeth and William (all deceased); Bernard-married to Marie O'Meara, Huron, S.D.; Catherine (Mrs. Frank Miller), Sunnyvale, Calif.; and Anastatia (Mrs. Thomas Walsh) of Larchwood. The Reillys came to a farm west of Larchwood in 1911 from Evansville, Wisc. After Patricks death on January 5, 1928 Mary lived with her daughter, Anastatia, until she was 96 years old. She passed away February 13, 1953.

REINKE, FRANK son of Anna and John Reinke, was born June 2, 1893. He married Bernice Middlen September 29, 1928. She was born July 30, 1897. The Reinkes are the parents of two children-Helen (deceased) and Robert-who married Albena Sparks, Larchwood. Frank and Bernice moved from South Dakota to the Larchwood area where they farmed west of town. They are now retired and live in Larchwood.

REINKE, JOHN M. was born May 24, 1870, in Benton County, Iowa and married Anna E. Mohr at Dysart, Iowa. She was born July 30, 1872, at Dysart, Iowa. Four children were born to this union-Pear (deceased); Frank-who married Bernice Middlen, Larchwood; Ray, Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Mabel (Mrs. Arthur Kelly), George, Iowa. In March of 1894 the Reinkes came to Larchwood and located in Larchwood Township northeast of town. They moved to a farm east of town in 1903 and lived there until John's death on May 25, 1925. Anna passed away April 19, 1960.

REINKE, LESTER C., son of William and Catherine Reinke, was born March 16, 1896. On September 27, 1922 he married Sophia Clercx, who was born March 15, 1898. Their children are-Josephine (Mrs. Lowell Summa) and Paul-married to Constance McCarty, both of Larchwood. The Reinkes farmed in the Larchwood area until Les passed away on September 12, 1967. Sophia lives in the Country View Apartments in Larchwood.

REINKE, WILLIAM was born in Germany in 1864; his wife, Katherine Heineman, was born in 1867 at Dysart, Ia. They were married in 1887 at Vinton, Ia., and had five sons-Arthur, Edward, Charles, Clifford and Lester (all deceased). The Reinkes were early settlers in Larchwood, coming to this community in 1890. They purchased land in Larchwood Township, which is still owned by a granddaughter, Kathryn Cituk. William passed away August 24, 1945 and Katherine on March 3, 1948.

RIPPERDA, CLARENCE was born at Larchwood on June 29, 1896, to Frank and Elizabeth Ripperda. He entered the service during World War I. On March 29, 1921, he married Ann Clercx, who was the daughter of Leo and Sophia Clercx. She was born March 1, 1901. Clarence and Ann had four children-Dorothy and Clarice Ann (both deceased); Rita (Mrs. Robert Lewis) and Joan (Mrs. Lyle Grotewold), both of Larchwood. There are nine grandchildren. Except for six years in South Dakota, the Ripperdas farmed in the Larchwood area. They moved into town in 1945 where he worked as a carpenter and was a substitute mail carrier for years. Clarence passed away May 6, 1967.

RIPPERDA, FRANK WAS born in 1867 in Jamestown, Wisc., was united in marriage to Elizabeth Hoffman in Sinsinawa, Wisc., on January 20, 1893. She was born October 24, 1864. The couple had seven children-Walter, Clarence, Irenaeus, Lorena and George (all deceased); Joseph--ho married Gladys Kramer, and Leona (Higgins) of Rock Valley, Ia. Frank and Elizabeth bought a farm southeast of Larchwood in 1893, where they lived until his death in 1935. Elizabeth and her son, Walter, retired and moved into Larchwood, where they lived for about 15 years. She then went to a retirement home for a number of years. When she was 91, she was given her first plane ride by her grandson, Francis Ripperda, who is a pilot. She died October 10, 1964, shortly before her 99th birthday.

RIPPERDA, IRENAEUS was born June 10, 1904, the son of Frank and Elizabeth Ripperda. Gertrude Mary Daniels was born April 7, 1910. They were married on January 26, 1932. The Ripperdas had seven children-Paul (deceased); Raymond-who married Linda Dahl, Luverne, Minn.; Donald-married to Janet Hansen, Gerald-married to Theresa Roemen, John-who married Judy Christensen, Rosemary (Mrs. Donald Bruggeman), and Mark-who married Diane Lewis, all of Larchwood. Irenaeus lived his entire life on the same farm southeast of Larchwood. He died December 3, 1959, and Gertrude on September 10, 1971.

ROCKHILL, MILTON W. was born December 21, 1914, at Larchwood; and Eleanor Parks was born August 11, 1914, at Alvord, Iowa The couple was married June 25, 1936. They have 10 children - Gail, Jane, Owen, Ronald, Constance, Milton Wendell jr., Rex, Randall, Gary, and Lori. They are farmers, living on the same farm on which Milton was born. The couple are members of the United Church of Christ.

was born of Quaker parentage on July 7, 1868, in Hardin county, Iowa. Hulda Bahnson was born on August 7, 1874, in Centennial township. They were married on July 7, 1892, and were the parents of six children - Ellis, Leslie who marreid Ruth Freeman, and Milton - married to Eleanor Parks both of Larchwood, Robert maried to Velda Fox, Marshalltown, Iowa, Mabel of Nevada, Iowa; and Rozetta (Mrs Howard Reyman), Pinole, California. Oscar came to Larchwood in 1889 and taught school for several years. The Rockhills lived on various farms and in 1897 purchased a farm just south of town where Milton now lives. Oscar's later years were spent in raising and hybridizing small fruits. Hulda passed away October 5, 1953; and Oscar died September 30, 1969, at the age of 101 years.

ROEMEN, DONALD A. was born July 31, 1921, at Larchwood. He married Helen Theresa Scholten on June 4, 1945, at St. Mary's Church in Larchwood. Helen was born June 15, 1925, at Larchwood. To this union 11 children were born-Rose Marie (Mrs. Daniel Conway;), Rapid City, S.D.; Kathleen (Mrs. David Lieferman) and Eileen, both of Sioux Falls, S.D.; Keith, Sioux City, Ia.; Elaine, Boone, Ia.; Lawrence, Patty, Guy, Joel, Bruce, and Tim, all at home. The Donald Roemen family lived one half mile north of Larchwood for 14 years. In 1961 they purchased and moved to the home place southwest of town.

ROEMEN, EDWARD and Amelia Wulf were married April 12, 1947, at Larchwood. Edward was born August 7, 1923, at Larchwood and Amelia on January 9, 1923. They have 12 children-Marlene (Mrs. Frank Tullar), Sac City, Ia.; Marvin-married to Joyce Benson and living at Ottumwa, Ia.; Ella of Canton, S.D.; and Leonard, Dean, Ray, David, Glenn, Sheila, Terry, Leslie and Nettie, all at home. They have one grandson. Edward worked for his father the first two years of his married life. They then moved to a farm one-mile west of Larchwood, where they now reside.

ROEMEN, FRANK, son of Hubert and Helena Roemen, was born January 10, 1892, at Larchwood. On April 20, 1915, he married Marie Robbin, who was born February 24, 1894, in Eltern, Germany, and came to America in October of 1913. The couple were the parents of nine children-Agnes, Leonard, and Arnold (all deceased); Herbert-who married Engelbertha Rustman, and Donald-married to Helen Scholten, both of Larchwood; Henry-married to Joan Duckworth, Omaha, Nebr.; Elfrieda (Mrs. Jack Newsome), Savannah, Ga.; Ervin-who married Marie Fritz, Dell Rapids, S.D.; and LaVerna (Mrs. James Herbert), Sioux Falls, S.D. There are 43 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. After their marriage Frank and Marie lived on a farm southwest of Larchwood. While farming Frank was also engaged in the livestock and grain trucking business. In 1954 they retired and built a new home in Larchwood, where Marie still resides. Frank passed away August 20, 1958.

ROEMEN, HERBERT B. was born February 26, 1917, at Larchwood, and married Engelbertha V. Rustman on January 28, 1941, at St. Mary's Church. She was born May 25, 1919. Their children are-Constance (Mrs. Glenn Michel), Dell Rapids, S.D.; Rita (Mrs. Dale Snyder), Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Pauline (Mrs. Kenneth McEntee), Mitchell, S.D. Herb is employed by Long & Hanson Commission Company. He served on the city council for several years. The Roemens have 12 grandchildren.

ROEMEN, HUBERT was born June 1, 1861, in the Netherlands, and married Helena Betting at Breda, Ia., on Feabruary 3, 1890. Helena was born February 15, 1873, in Hanover, Germany. They were the parents of seven children-Frank, John, and Leonard (all deceased); Michael-who married Catherine Nicolai, Canton, S.D.; Mary (Mrs. Ed DeSmet), Rock Valley, Ia.; William-who married Edna Hamann, and Catherine (Mrs. William Bruggeman,) both of Larchwood. Through Hubert's acquaintance with Mr. Sykes, he purchased a handmade gun with Mr. Sykes' name engraved on the barrel. This gun is still retained in the family. Hubert was engaged in farming and livestock feeding southwest of town. Their grandson, Robert Bruggeman, now lives on this farm. Helena was the first woman to vote in Centennial Township. Hubert passed away June 7, 1950, and Helena on December 8, 1954.

ROEMEN, JOHN H. was born June 9, 1895 at Larchwood. Nettie Sehr was born June 11, 1894 at Alvord, Ia. They were married February 13, 1917, at Alvord, Ia, and were parents of 5 children-Dolores (Mrs. George Lens), Anna (Mrs. Andrew Underberg), Mary (Mrs. Leonard Underberg), and Edward-who married Amelia Wulf, all of Larchwood; and Edna (Mrs. Ray Hennings) of Sioux Falls, S.D. He was a farmer and stockman and for several years lived west of Larchwood. They celebrated their golden anniversary with their children, 31 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. John passed away June 15, 1969, and Nettie on May 15, 1970.

ROEMEN, WILLIAM H. was born June 15, 1903, on a farm northwest of Larchwood. He is the son of Hubert and Helena Roemen. On August 20, 1929, bill married Edna Hamann of Inwood, Ia. She was born April 11, 1906. They became the parents of five daughters-Glorianne (Mrs. Donald Reiter), Sioux Falls, S.D.; Allene (Mrs. Albert Schrader), Schleswig, Ia.; Rosalie (Mrs. Michael Bulkley), Baltimore, Md.; Carol (Mrs. Clarence Rutten), LeMars, Ia.; and Mary Lynn (Mrs. Steven King), Garden Grove, Calif. The family moved to their farm northeast of Larchwood in March of 1941, where they lived until March of 1966 when they built a new home in the east part of Larchwood. Bill was an insurance agent from 1958 to 1971. He is president of the Larchwood Optimist Club. The Roemens have nine grandchildren.

ROHWEDER, CLAUS HENRY was born in Hamburg, Germany, on September 12, 1889. He came to the United States as a young man and settled in Lyon County. Claus worked as a farmhand for four yeqrs and then began farming for himself. He married Bertha Lizzie Kahl on February 18, 1918, at Rock Rapids, Ia. They are the parents of two daughters-Luella (Mrs. Harold Vosburg), Larchwood, and Viola (Mrs. Bryan Lambert, Jr.) of Arvada, Colorado. In 1925 the Rohweders moved to Larchwood. Bertha passed away January 15, 1943, Claus retired in 1946 and lives in Sioux Falls, S.D.

RUDLOFF, FERDINAND and his wife, Christina, were married in Germany and came to America soon afterward. Christina was born in 1863 and Ferdinand in 1854. They were parents of seven children-Anna (Mrs. Claus Reyelts), Clara (Mrs. Lafe Smith), Hulda (Mrs. George Fagan), Lyda (Mrs. Claude Martin), Ida (Mrs. Irving Wightman), Emil-who married Grace Barret and Ella, who married Rev.Edwin Arends (all deceased). The Rudloff family lived at Hull and George, Ia., before coming to Larchwood, where Ferdinand purchased the lumberyard and built several houses in Larchwood. Christina and Ferdinand later moved to Pasadena, Calif. Both were killed in 1919 in a car-train accident while driving to San Diego to view the entry of the naval fleet returning to the United States after the end of World War I.

RULLAND, PEDER (PETER) M. was born February 19, 1851, in Norway. Sigri (Sarah) Helgerson was born April 4, 1849, in Rock County, Wisc. They were the parents of three daughters-Anna Marie, Maggie and Tonetta (all deceased;). The Rulland family came to Lyon County from Wisconsin. They purchased and farmed land east of Larchwood. It was on this land that the Englishmen had a racetrack, which they used for their horse races. These races were famous, drawing large crowds from neighboring towns and people from the east who came by train to attend the races. Polo games were also played on this farm land. Sigri spent much of her time baking pies and doughnuts to serve with warm milk fresh from the cows to the Englishmen who gathered in the Rulland home before and after the races. In 1877 Peter was elected as the fourth auditor of Lyon County. Peter passed away on January 18, 1886, and Sigri on October 1, 1902.

RUSTMAN, CORNELIUS E., the son of Cornelius and Cornelia Rustman, was born April 12, 1892, in Haarlem, Netherlands, and came to America in 1912. On February 14, 1917, at Holy Name Catholic Church at Rock Rapids, Ia., Cornelius married Cornelia (Nellie) Tille, daughter of John and Cornelia Tille. She was born March 1, 1897, at Alvord, Ia. They were the parents of two children-Cornelia (Mrs. George Blanchard), Buelton, Calif., and Engelbertha (Mrs. Herbert Roemen), of Larchwood. There are eight grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Before his marriage Cornelius worked on various farms, including the Henry Bruggeman's. He spent some time in California and later worked for Theodore and Ingel Tille of Rock Rapids, Ia., in the tilling and ditching business. The Rustmans lived on a farm southwest of Larchwood, which is now owned by Andy Grotewold. They farmed with Jacob Bontje until Cornelius' death on December 25, 1918. Nellie Rustman Scholten now lives in Larchwood.

RUTTEN, JOHANNES R. was born August 8, 1854, and Maria Gertrude Clercx was born in 1868. Both came to the United States from Beegden, Holland, in 1872. In 1889 they came to Lyon County, were married here at Larchwood, and began farming south of town. The couple had five children-Nellie (Mrs. Herman Freissen) in Holland; Maggie (sister Lois), Clinton, Ia.; Ann (Mrs. Henry Schwartz), Murdo, S.D.; Leo-who married Elizabeth Underberg, Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Mary (Sister Anselma) deceased. Johannes passed away May 2, 1904, and Maria in August of 1955.