Larchwood Centennial Biographies:

The P's


PARKINSON, JOHN WILLIAM married Angie Cheesman in October of 1897 at Sioux Falls, S.D. John was born August 7, 1874, and Angie was born on April 16, 1877, at Winona, Minn. They had one son, William Willard (deceased). The family moved to a farm near Larchwood, which was part of the O.M. Parkinson Ranch. The house on this farm was built in East Sioux Falls, S.D., by the Close Brothers and moved by a team of horses to the farm which is now occupied by Mrs. Willard (Sylvia) Parkinson. On July 25, 1901, John was struck by lightning and killed while cutting grain. After his death, Angie and their son, Willard, went to live with Angie's mother, Mrs. Bothwell, in Larchwood, and rented out the Parkinson farm. Angie passed away January 22, 1866.

PARKINSON, WILLIAM WILLARD was born in Sioux Falls, S.D. on December 20, 1898. He married Sylvia Ann Wilka on June 12, 1918, in Luverne, Minn. She was born August 23, 1898. They became the parents of 11 children, Robert (deceased); Genevieve (Mrs. C.B. DeWald), Hawthorne, Calif.; Myrtle (Marquez) and Evelyn (Mrs. John Nunez), both of Los Angeles, Calif.; Lawrence-who married Ella Mae Jacobsma, San Dimas, Calif.; Judy (Mrs. Dave Peters) and Joyce (Mrs. Nat Peters), both of Louisville, Ky.; Marguerite (Mrs. Leroy Wynia), Milwaukee, Wisc.; Marvin, married to Bulah Miller, Arnold, and Earl, all of Larchwood. After their marriage Willard and Sylvia lived on the Parkinson farm northwest of Larchwood where Sylvia still resides. Sylvia has received an award for 15 years of 4-H leadership. The Parkinsons celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1968. Willard, having lived on the same farm all his life, passed away September 7, 1970.   Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson

PARKS, WALTER M. was born in Blue Earth County, Minnesota, near Amboy on August 23, 1875, and attended high school and normal school at Mankato, Minnesota. In 1900 he came to Lyon County and on June 17, 1903, he married Clara E. Barnes of George, Iowa. She was born March 1, 1884. Walter and Clara were the parents of 11 children, John, Clarence, and Lester (all deceased); Edna (Mrs. Joe Zimmitsch), Alice (Mrs. Worth Keller), and Clarice (Mrs. Robert Wright), all of Des Moines, Iowa; Irene (Mrs. Louis Bylsma), Sheldon, Iowa; Alta Mae (Mrs. Douglas Patterson), Silver Springs, Maryland; Iona (Mrs. Dean Williams), and Eleanor (Mrs. Milton Rockhill), both of Larchwood) and Ivan of South Wayne, Wisconsin. Clara passed away on March 1, 1923. Walter married Marybelle McKnight July 2, 1927. He taught school at George, Lester, Alvord and Larchwood, Iowa, and was a charter member of the Community Church, now the United Church of Christ, at Larchwood. Marybelle died on December 29, 1943, and Walter passed away October 24, 1951.

PEACOCK, JAMES HERBERT was born in Manchester, England, on July 21, 1871. He came to the United States and Larchwood in 1889; his first home was on the Redfield Ranch northwest of town, which he later owned. On May 9, 1900, he married Minerva Snider, who was born in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and came to Sanborn, Ia., when she was 11 yers old. Minerva and James were the parents of three children, Pauline (Mrs. James T. Little, Sr.), Greenville, N.C.; Marjorie (Mrs. Edwin H. Bryant), Cape Cod, Mass.; and J. Warren, who married Mitzie Baust, Fulton, Ill. Minerva came to Larchwood as a secretary in the bank from Independence, Iowa, where she had served as secretary to the late Herbert Hoover. James entered the banking business in Larchwood in 1891, under the direction of Charles Shade, where he served as a bookkeeper and was promoted to vice-president and manager and then to president of the Savings Bank of Larchwood. In 1928 the Peacocks moved to Rock Rapids, Iowa, where James continued in the banking business. In 1935 he was named secretary-treasurer of the First Federal Savings and Loan Association, which position he held until his death on August 3, 1949. Minerva preceded him in death in February of 1949.

and Mayme Hughes were married at Larchwood on July 7, 1909. Henry was born July 25, 1885 and Mayme on April 15, 1885. They were the parents of three children, Marcella (Mrs. E. C. Lyon), Santa Maria, CA; Mildred (Mrs. Peter Clercx) Larchwood; and Regis, who married Bonnie Dunn, Victorville, CA. Mayme taught country school and after their marriage they farmed in the Larchwood vicinity all of their lives. Henry passed away August 5, 1960, and Mayme on August 30, 1963.

PERKINSON, JAMES was born April 10, 1884, at Beloit, IA and Nellie Schat, born OCt. 16, 1894 at Orange City, IA were married Sept. 27, 1915, at St. Mary's church in Larchwood. The children born to this union were, Margaret, James jr. and infant son (all deceased); Felicitas (Mrs. Ted Underberg), Larchwood; Viola (Mrs. Tim Lape), Valley Springs, SD; Mary (Mrs. Norman Oren), John, married Lorraine Volcek, Florence (Mrs. Howard Hansen), and Robert, married to Loreen Rodel, all of Sioux Falls, SD and Catherine (Mrs. Frank Kadinger), Security, CO. James worked in George Castle's garage, operated a pool hall for many years, and farmed for a number of years in this community. Nellie clerked in the Thompson and Lein General Store. James and Nellie celebrated their golden wedding in 1965. James passed away in March of 1966. Nellie is living in Sioux Falls, SD. at the present time.

PERKINSON, JAMES SR. was born in 1854 at Dixon, Ill., his wife, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick was born October 15, 1851, at Irish Valley, Ia. Elizabeth and James were married January 18, 1874. They were the parents of 11 children, Louise, Margaret, Catherine, Agnes, MAry, Ed, Henry, and James (all deceased); Bessie (Jenkins), of California; John, Rowena, SD and Martin, who married Pauline (Polly) Helm, Chicago, IL. The Perkinsons moved to Elm Springs, where James was a mail carrier and worked in the depot. He then managed the elevator and later moved to Fairview, SD and worked in the flour mill. On returning home after doing a day's work in the mill, he would carry a 50-pound sack of flour on his shoulders. In 1905 the Perkinsons moved to a farm west of Larchwood, and then in 1911 he moved into town and bought the pool hall. Elizabeth passed away May 23, 1910, and James on March 11, 1930.

PETERSON, CHRISTIAN M. was born November 24, 1885 in Thisted, Denmark; Amelia M. Mengshol was born January 5, 1887, at Hartington, Nebr. They were married on July 19, 1911, and had three children-Helen (Mrs. Theodore Anderson), Berkeley, Calif.; Russel (deceased); and Ruth (Mrs. Walter Stevens), Fort Dodge, Ia. The Petersen family came to Larchwood in October of 1918, where Chris was cashier of the Security Savings Bank of Larchwood until June of 1929. Christian passed away October 10, 1936 and Amelia is living at Hartington, Nebraska.

PETERSON, JOHN was born January 21, 1894, at Spencer, Iowa. Inger Christinsen was born in Denmark on August 3, 1894. They were married May 14, 1914, and became the parents of seven children, Charlotte (deceased); Esther (Mrs. Melvin Gunnerson), Sioux Rapids, Iowa; Jeannette (Mrs. Paul Schalinske), Grinnell, Iowa; Morris, who married Grace Wegner, Jesup, Iowa; Ray, married to Wilma Albers, Arthur, who married Margaret Krukow, and Kenneth, married to Dolores Broadfield, all of Spencer, Iowa. John and Inger settled on a farm southwest of Larchwood in 1918. Inger passed away October 26, 1959, and John on July 13, 1969.

POLZIN, FRED was born November 17, 1878, in Germany. On July 4, 1904, in Beadle County, S.D., Fred married Martha Scheibe, who was born September 10, 1883, in Benton County, Iowa. To this union 14 children were born, Clyde, Vernon, Verona, Gordon, and Frances (all deceased); Laura (Mrs. Harry Horn), Carl, married to Mary Viereck, and Geraldine (Mrs. Anderson), all of Larchwood; Lavina (Mrs. LeRoy Benson), Lyons, S.D.; Claude-married to Lorraine Lord, Marvin, who married Alma Hendrickson, Marcella (Mrs. Clifford Foss), and Melvin, who married Nina Chenowith, all of Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Kenneth of Hartford, S.D. There are 28 grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren. The Polzins farmed southwest of town and retired to Larchwood. Fred passed away November 1, 1956.  Photo of Fred Polzin Family

POLZIN, KARL GUSTAV, son of the Samuel Polzins, was born November 18, 1852, in Germany. On November 10, 1874, Karl married Henrietta Kreger, who was born March 1, 1856, at Enowrozlow, Germany. They were the parents of two sons-Amos and Fred (both deceased). The Polzins came to the United States in 1881 and settled at Garrison, Iowa. In 1893 they moved to a farm southwest of Larchwood, where they made their home, except for about 12 years when they lived in Larchwood. The family were members of the Lutheran Church. Henrietta passed away March 10, 1923, and Karl on December 30, 1939.   Photo of Karl & Family

PRUITT, EDWARD was born April 17, 1881, and his wife, Mary Lynch, on April 9, 1882. They were married May 17, 1903, and became the parents of-Kenneth (deceased); Clifford, married to Mary Woods, Inwood, Iowa; and Gene-who married Louise Weisler, Sioux Falls, S.D. The Pruitts homesteaded in Minot, N.D., farming there until 1920 when they moved to Rowena, S.D., and the north of Sioux Falls, S.D. They farmed there until 1938, when they moved into Sioux Falls. Edward passed away April 30, 1961 and Mary on May 8, 1965.

PRUITT, FRANK was born in 1875 and married Belle Halvorson, who was born in 1874. Their children were Mildred and Paul (both deceased), Melvin in California and James in Arizona. Frank passed away in 1943 and Belle in 1952.

PRUITT, JAMES J. was born January 6, 1878, at Benton County, Iowa. His wife, Edmo Johnson, was born June 7, 1877, at Grundy County, Iowa. In December of 1902 they were married at Larchwood and became the parents of two daughters, Madelon (Mrs. Oscar Johnson), Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Irene (Mrs. Ed Anderson), Larchwood. James was a former mayor and the postmaster. Edmo passed away August 3, 1947, and James on May 7, 1966.

PRUITT, JAMES WESLEY was born January 1, 1865, in Indiana, was married on January 25, 1893 to Tonetta Helen Rulland, who was born July 2, 1875, at Larchwood. They were the parents of three children, Delma (Mrs. Carl Swanson) and Arlie (Mrs. Melvin Burns), both of Rock Rapids, Iowa; and Clayton, married to Ruby Hofstra who is now deceased, Canton, S.D. After their marriage the Pruitts lived on a farm for a few years and then moved into town where they owned a restaurant and later managed a grain elevator. He died September 26, 1926 and she on February 10, 1947.

PRUITT, WILLIAM was born January 22, 1842, in Indiana. In 1867 at Buffalo, Indiana, he was married to Emily McKinney, who was born December 28, 1840. Their children were, Martha, Clora, Ascestes, Frank, James J., and Edward (all deceased). In 1873 the Pruitts moved to Benton County, Iowa and to Larchwood in 1889. They farmed south of Larchwood for a short time and then moved into town. Bill was a Civil War Veteran. Emily passed away January 29, 1926 and Bill on June 24, 1937.