Larchwood Centennial Biographies:

The N's


NAUGLE, HENRY was born in Somerset County, Pa., on September 19, 1839, and was reared on the farm. He worked at Hillsboro, Pa., making barrel staves. Henry served two enlistments in the Civil War. In 1843 he married Amanda Glaus, who was born November 17, 1843. They had four children, Mary, Minerva, Ella, and Joseph Harvey (all deceased). The Naugles went west in 1876 and lived in Marshall County, Iowa, for 16 years before purchasing a 160-acre farm in Lyon County, where they lived until their deaths. Amanda died February 11, 1915, and Henry on October 13, 1922.

NAUGLE, JOSEPH HARVEY, son of Henry and Amanda Naugle, was born February 14, 1881, in Iowa. In 1906 he married Jessie Emeline McEnaney, who was born July 1, 1885. They were the parents of five children, Laura Mae (Mrs. Wayne Wullem) and Merle-married to Garnet Naive, both of Emmetsburg, Iowa; Bonnie (Mrs. Nathan Gahagen), Austin, Minnj.; Larry, who married Anne Vainreb, and who was captured and held in a German prison for one of the four years that he was in the army; and Edwin, who married Virginia Edwards, Hyattsville, Md. Edwin served one enlistment in the army and one in the navy and was on the "Oklahoma" when it went down at Pearl Harbor. Harvey farmed for a while for his father, and then he moved to Larchwood, where he owned and operated a garage and service station. Jessie passed away December 4, 1953, and Harvey on November 29, 1962.

NEWBORG, SAM married Nellie Olson in October of 1898. Both from Norway, Sam was born in 1871 and Nellie in 1873. They were the parents of one daughter, Viola (Magerstaedt), who lives in St. Louis, Mo. The Newborgs lived on a farm south of town for many years and then moved to Quinn, S.D. for a time. They came back to Larchwood, where he was Marshall for about 15 years. Nellie passed away in 1914 and Sam in December of 1958.
Photo of Sam Newborg