Larchwood Centennial Biographies:

The M's


MARTIN, JOHN F. was born in 1866 in Alamakee County, Iowa, and came to the Larchwood community in 1888. He married Mary Tracy on February 22, 1892. She was born on September 4, 1874 in Janesville, Wisc., the daughter of Edward and Catherine Tracy. They came to Iowa in the early 1880's in a covered wagon. Mary and John were the parents of four children-William, Charles, Bernice, and John (all deceased). Johnny was a well-known professional boxer. The Martins had 15 grandchildren. They engaged in farming, and he was also a carpenter. John passed away in December of 1925 and Mary on February 17, 1959.

MASTERS, L.P. (BUD) was born April 18, 1911, and his wife, Hazel Reuter, on June 15, 1912, both at Humboldt, S.D. Bud and Hazel were married November 29, 1932, and became the parents of four children-Bonnie (Mrs. Williard Lawrence), Sioux Falls, S.D.; Mark-married to Harriet Sharp, Bothell, Wash.; Gary-married to Audrey Frey, Yakima, Wash.; and Donald-who married Donna Knudson, Federal Way, Wash. After their marriage, Bud served a seven-year apprenticeship in embalming and funeral directing. They moved to Larchwood in 1938. Bud and Hazel purchased the grocery and meat market from Woodrow Grotewold and started "Masters' Food Market" in the building presently occupied by the Post Office. In 1950 they built a new store building in their present location.

MCENANEY, DR. JAMES B. was born in 1848 in Ireland and immigrated to America with his parents in 1850, settling in Cleveland, Ohio. He married May Hough, a native of Iowa. To this union five children were born-Fred, Grace, Jessie and William (all deceased); and Florence (Mrs. Fred Dickey), in Detroit, Mich. In 1875 James attended medical school and after graduating, he practiced in Waucoma and Festina, Iowa. In 1892 he came to Ashton, Iowa, moving to Larchwood in 1901, where he practiced medicine for many years. May passed away in 1925 and James in 1935.

MCGILVRA, LEROY was born February 16, 1852 in Lake County, Ill. He married Jane Shannon in November of 1875, at Nashua, Iowa. She was born October 14, 1855. To this union eight children were born, Cora, Mina, Laura, Mabelle, Robert, Roy and Marie (all deceased); and Manilla (Mrs. Arno Hoeck) of Inglewood, Calif. The family came to Larchwood in 1893, where LeRoy engaged in the real estate and insurance business. LeRoy passed away May 31, 1910 and Jane Died on October 26, 1934.
Photo of Mr. and Mrs.McGilvra

MCGUIRE, RICHARD JOSEPH (Dick) was born at Clinton, Iowa, on January 18, 1866. On January 7, 1891, at Holstein, Iowa, he was united in marriage to Maria Kehoe, who was born January 30, 1872. The year after their marriage they moved to Larchwood. The couple had five daughters, Agnes and Irene (both deceased); Esther (Mrs. William Hughes), Howard, S.D.; Leona (Powers-Mrs. Russell Wyant), Larchwood; and Frances (Mrs. Joe Hevern), Rock Valley, Iowa. The McGuires operated the restaurant and livery barn in Larchwood before moving to a farm south of town in 1900. They were charter members of St. Mary's Church. Dick passed away December 3, 1938 and Maria on June 30, 1964, at the age of 92.

MCKENNA, ANDREW was born in 1865 in Page County, Ill. In 1883 at Keystone, Iowa, Andrew married Bridget Smith, who was born May 18, 1859, in Bloomingburgh, N.Y. They were the parents of nine children, Kathryn, Clara, Edward, and Thomas (all deceased); Mae, Cushing, Iowa.; John, Kansas City, Mo.; Alice, Anna, and Malvina, all of Colorado Springs, Colo. The Andrew McKenna family lived in Cherokee and Alvord, Iowa, before settling at Larchwood in 1890. Both Andrew and Bridget passed away in 1904.

MCMONAGLE, CHARLES HENRY was born August 18, 1889, at Litchfield, Minn. In 1912 at Sioux Falls, S.D., Charles married Yohanna Nielson, who was born December 24, 1889, in Denmark. They were the parents of Charles (deceased); Pearl (Mrs. LeRoy Grotewold), Larchwood; Gene, married to Inez Caulfield, Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Amber (Quist-Ruud), Worthing, S.D. In 1922 the McMonagles opened a restaurant in Larchwood, which was one of the three business places burned out on January 28, 1925. The next day they opened for business across the street and later bought the Gerner building for their restaurant. In 1950 they moved to Sioux Falls, S.D., where they opened a grocery store. Yohanna passed away January 6, 1963, and Charles on February 15, 1963.

MCMULLEN, MERRIT C. was born in Orange County, N.Y., in 1858. He came to Rock Valley, Iowa, in 1884 and to Larchwood in 1888. In 1892 he married Lucy Moir, who was born in Canada. They were the parents of Jessie, Alley, Dewey, Ivy, Pearl and Lloyd. The McMullens lived on a farm adjoining Larchwood. He had it platted in 1903 and called it McMullen's addition to the village of Larchwood. They later lived in Logan township, with Merrit being, at one time, the proprietor of 1,280 acres. Merrit was county supervisor from 1898 until 1905. Upon leaving Larchwood, the McMullens moved to Sioux City, Iowa.
Photo of Mr. McMullen

MIDDLEN, MAX was born August 8, 1892 at Highland, Wisc., and Anna Hohman on November 19, 1895, in Benton County, Iowa. They were married at Larchwood, March 2, 1914. The Middlens had four children, Dale and Orlan (both deceased); Joel, married to Adeline Swenson, and Doris (Mrs. Orlo Koch), both of Larchwood. Orlan lost his wife in World War II. Max was a member of the R.E.A. board in Lyon County. He passed away September 1, 1969, and Anna on September 30, 1969.

MILLER, FRANK married Catherine Reilly on March 7, 1916. Catherine was born July 14, 1893. The couple had four children, Mary (deceased); Ambrose of San Francisco, Calif.; Timothy, Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Theresa (Schuller), Santa Clara, Calif. Catherine taught rural school for six years before her marriage. She is now in a rest home in Sunnyvale, Calif.

MUND, FRANK was born at Hamburg, Germany, on March 9, 1886, and came to the United States in 1891. On March 27, 1917, he married Esther Zangger, who was born May 1, 1896, at Marcus, Iowa. They had three children, Evelyn (Mrs. Melvin Orth), Lidgerwood, N.D.; Kenneth-married to Alice Ritter, and Marvin, who married Delores Christianson, both of Milnor, N.D. As a boy Frank did many odd jobs, such as turning the ice cream freezer at the local cafe for a dish of ice cream. He also drove the horse on a horsepower that turned the sausage and meat grinder for Chris Grotewold's meat market. Esther passed away April 23, 1962. Frank now is living at Milnor, N.D., and was married on August 17, 1963 to Ruth M. Dahl.

MUND, HERMAN was born in 1879 and married Jennie Haggardt in April of 1904, at Larchwood. Jennie was born February 4, 1879. They were the parents of two children, Vera (Mrs. Berger Jacobson), Bremerton, Wash., and Vernon, who married Alice Maxwell, Seattle, Wash. Herman taught in the Warner school and also worked in the Larchwood Leader print shop. He then worked in the bank under Shade and Peacock for a number of years and later became associated with the Haggardt's General Merchandise store until the family moved to Idaho in 1910. Herman passed away in October of 1928 and Jennie on December 22, 1964.

MUND, JOHN was born May 21, 1850. His wife, Magdalena Siefke, was born September 4, 1850. They were united in marriage in 1876 and were the parents of six children, Herman, Hattie, Otto, Paul and Gretchen (all deceased); and Frank, who married Esther Zanger, Milnor, N.D. The family came to the United States from Germany in 1891 and settled at Remsen, Iowa. In 1892 they moved to Larchwood, where John was a carpenter and also farmed for a time. John passed away August 11, 1902 and Magdalena on April 22, 1936.

MURPHY, MARTIN (Bud) was born at Cosgrove, Iowa, on December 30, 1883. He moved to Larchwood in 1908 where he taught school for two years. Mary Elizabeth (Mae) Ryan was born at Marcus, Iowa, on March 5, 1889. She also moved to Larchwood in 1908 and taught school near the Henry Bruggeman farm. Bud and Mae were married at Marcus, Iowa., November 11, 1910. They had six children, Lucille, Tucson, Ariz.; Leola (Mrs. Joe Paa), Sioux Falls, S.D.; Lorraine (Mrs. Maher), Santa Barbera, Calif.; Patricia (Mrs. Don Blood), Fremont, Calif.; Maurice, married to Joan Weidekamp, Rockville, Center, N.Y.; and Dr. Paul, who married LaRoda Giedler, Wichita, Kansas. They opened and operated "Bud's Cafe" in Larchwood in 1916. He also carried mail until 1940, when they moved to George, Iowa, where he continued to carry the mail. Martin passed away December 1, 1953 and Mae on June 12, 1971