Larchwood Centennial Biographies:

The K's


KEHOE, CHARLES was born August 15, 1842, in Ireland. He married Margaret Langan, who was born in Long Grove, Iowa, in 1850. They were the parents of four children, James, Martin, Tessie, and Maria (all deceased). The Kehoes purchased a farm south of Larchwood in 1890 and also operated a livery stable in Larch for a few years. After Margaret passed away in 1889, Charles lived with the James' family until his death on December 27, 1925.

was born September 20, 1882; and his wife, Mae McKenna, was born August 11, 1884. They were married January 9, 1907, and were blessed with three daughters, Theresa (deceased); Cleola (Schreurs), Cushing, Iowa; and Helen (O'Connor), San Diego, Calif. The Kehoe family came to Larchwood in 1917, where James and his father operated a livery stable. They moved away in 1926. James passed away August 7, 1948. Mae lives in Cushing, Iowa, with her daughter, Cleola.

and Helen Bruggeman were married at St. Mary's Church in Lardhwood on August 16, 1928. Neil was born August 7, 1904; Helen was born January 9. 1903. They became the parents of five children, Keith and Patrick (both deceased); Kathleen (Mrs. William Wilka), Janet (Mrs. Harold Viereck), and Paul, who married Cheryl Jarding, all of Sioux Falls, S.D. After their marriage the Kellys lived in Luverne, Minn., until 1930 when they moved to Larchwood. Neil was a feed salesman and later a carpenter. Helen was a schoolteacher and for the past few years has been treasurer of Larchwood. Helen has 22 grandchildren. Neil passed away July 6, 1949.

was born in 1873 in Benton County, Iowa, and Frances M. Gardiner was born in 1872. They were married at Keystone, Iowa, in 1902. Patrick and France were blessed with five children, William (deceased), Mary (Mrs. Mark Rielly), Van Horrne, Iowa; Roy, Arlington, Iowa; Kenneth, Norway, Iowa; and Gerald of Portland, Ore. The Kellys came to the Larchwood area and farmed for many years. Patrick built and operated the Ford garage in Larchwood and then moved back to Benton County. Frances' father, William Gardiner, came to make his home and lived with them for 23 years until his death in 1926. Frances passed away in 1960 and Patrick in 1965.

and Mary Barry, both of Van Horne, Iowa, were born August 11, 1870, and January 25, 1871, respectively. They were married January 25, 1899, and came to Lyon County the same year, settling on a farm northeast of Larchwood. Six children were born to this union, Lloyd, Ralph, Neil, Ronald and Leona (all deceased); and Catherine (Schulte) of Rock Rapids, Iowa. Mary passed away on February 18, 1925 and Patrick on August 13, 1949.

was born in Holland on August 26, 1889 and his wife, Mathilda VanAcken was born September 30, 1890 at Hull, Iowa. They were married November 26, 1912 at Alvord, Iowa, and were the parents of eight children, Rose (Honrath), F.G., who married Virginia Honrath, William, married to Eileen Breuer, and Robert, who married Jeannette Tracy, all of Larchwood; Marcella (Bennett), Sioux Falls, S.D.; Mary (Swanson), Detroit, Mich.; Veronica (Gradert), Luverne, Minn.; and Agnes (Friedrich) of Lester, Iowa. Gerard came to the United States with his parents and 15 brothers and sisters in 1893 and settled east of town. After their marriage, Gerard and Mathilda farmed at Alvord, Iowa, and then Elkton, S.D., before coming to the Larchwood area. Gerard and J.H. Roemen started the local Farmers Elevator in the summer of 1938. The Kerkvliets moved to Sioux Falls, S.D. in 1946 and then returned to build a new home in Larchwood. Gerard passed away January 13, 1959, and Mathilda on June 6, 1963.

was born to Gerard and Mathilda Kerkvliet in Larchwood, Iowa, on June 7, 1932. His wife, Jeannette (Jenny) Tracy, was born October 11, 1933, to Sylvester and Kathryn Tracy. They were married June 10, 1953, at St. Mary's Church in Larchwood. They are the parents of six children, Kathryn, Anthony, Kenneth, Scott, Laura and Vicki, all at home. Bob served in the U.S. Air Force for four years, before becoming postmaster in August 1968.

was born at Larchwood on December 16, 1899, was united in marriage to Leona Grubich on August 7, 1933, at Pipestone, Minn. To this union were born three children, Annastasia (Mrs. John Miller), St. Paul Minn.; Cecilia (Mrs. Stan Meyer), Rochester, Minn.; and Ruth Ann (Mrs. Gene Greathouse), Camanche, Iowa. The Kinneys are now retired and live in Pipestone, Minn.

was born February 21, 1895, at Larchwood. On July 22, 1924, at Garretson, S.D., he married Inex Groth, who was born September 23, 1903. To this union were born three children, Florence (Holten) and James, married to Lois Nugent, both of Sioux Falls, S.D., and Eugene, who married Margaret Gordon, San Pedro, California. Inez and Joseph are now retired and living in Sioux Falls, S.D.

KINNEY, PATRICK was born February 22, 1855, and Ellen Watters, born at Peterville, Iowa, on August 7, 1860, were married March 27, 1883, at Lost Nation, Iowa. They became the parents of 12 children, William, Rose, Frank, George, Mary, Raymond, and Walter (all deceased); Sister Mary Philip, Manitowoc, Wisc.; John, married to Lulu Conway, San Diego, Calif.; Joseph-married to Inez Groth, Sioux Falls, S.D.; Vera (Jernberg), Seattle, Wash.; and Herbert, who married Leona Grubich, Pipestone, Minn. The Kinneys came to Lyon County in 1891 and settled on a farm southwest of Larchwood where they lived for many years. They moved to Garretson, S.D., and later to Verdi, Minn. Patrick passed away April 4, 1933, and Ellen on August 16, 1933.

Kinney Photo

KINNEY, WILLIAM lived on a farm south of Larchwood for several years and on July 2, 1908, he was united in marriage to Mary Early of Lost Nation, Iowa, in the St. James Catholic Church of Toronto, Iowa. William was born March 1, 1884, and Mary on November 1, 1882. There were eight children, Mary (deceased); Edward, married to Agnes Grubich, Calamus, Iowa; Anthony, married to Lydia Steines, and Marvin, who married Helen Steines, both of Clinton, Iowa; William, Jr., Clarence, married to Grace Green, and Earl, all of Grand Mound, Iowa; and Susan (Mrs. Ardo Junk), Bellevue, Iowa. In 1912 the family moved to Clinton County, Iowa. William, Sr. passed away August 14, 1963; Mary is living with her two sons, William and Earl, near Grand Mound, Iowa.

KOCH, ORLO was born November 30, 1923, at Hudson, S.D., and his wife, Doris Middlen, was born October 18, 1923 at Larchwood. They were married on August 8, 1946, at Larchwood. They have three children, Jeanine (Mrs. Ray Buddenhagen) of St. Louis, Mo.; Donna (Mrs. David Langenhorst), and Paul, both of Larchwood. The Koch family lives on a farm south of Larchwood.

, son of George Kramer, was born April 26, 1906. He attended St. Mary's school and lived on the family farm southeast of Larchwood until it was sold in 1964. He then moved into Larchwood and lived there until his death on May 13, 1971.

, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Kramer, was born March 3, 1873, and Theresa Wagner was born February 7, 1880, both in Dubuque County, IA. In 1888 George's family moved to Lyon County, where they made their home on a farm in Doon township. In 1897 they moved to the family farm in Lyon County. George and Theresa were married May 24, 1898, at Worthington, IA. They were the parents of seven children, Elizabeth and Edward (both deceased); Mary (Mrs. John Clercx), Rock Rapids, Iowa; Monica (Mrs. Joseph Hoffman), Arco, MN; William, who married Clara Bruggeman, Clara (Mrs. Paul Krier), and Leo, married to Mary Agnes Clercx, all of Larchwood. The Kramers farmed on the home place and lived there during their entire married life. George helped organize the first Farmers Elevator and served as its first president. Theresa passed away March 4, 1956, and George on August 14, 1964.

KRAMER, LEO and Mary Agnes Clercx were married June 21, 1938, at Larchwood. Leo was born July 27, 1908, and Mary Agnes on September 27, 1912, both at Larchwood. They have three children, Rosalie (Mrs. Ray Weber), Salem, S.D.; Rodney, who married Marlis Scharn, Florence, Wisc.; and Royal, Sioux Falls, S.D. The Kramers have lived on a farm southeast of Larchwood, where they still reside. They retired in 1971. Leo and Mary Agnes have four grandchildren.

KRAMER, URBAN and Mary Snyders Roemen were married November 27, 1965, and farmed at Alvord, Iowa, until they moved into Larchwood in 1970. Mary was born on March 5, 1916, and Urban on October 28, 1911. Urban now farms in the Larchwood area. Mary is president of St. Mary's Altar Society. She is the daughter of the Frank Snyders and was married August 31, 1937, to Joseph Roemen. Joe was born December 17, 1911. They became the parents of five children, Theresa (Mrs. Gerald Ripperda), Robert, married to Mary Jo Clercx, and Leonard-married to Nancy Grotewold, all of Larchwood; Marilyn (Mrs. Larry Schlotfeldt), Alvord, Iowa; and Karen, attending Briar Cliff College, Sioux City, Iowa. Joe and Mary farmed at Larchwood until his death September 17, 1963.

KRAMER, WILLIAM was born February 18, 1900, at Lyon County, Iowa, and Clara Bruggeman, born April 6, 1899, at St. Mary's Iowa, were married January 24, 1922, at Templeton, Iowa. They were the parents of 10 children, Virgil, Wilbur and Luverne (all deceased); Bernadette (Mrs. Don Bauer), Marvin, married to Betty Grotewold, Leonard, Melvin, and Ronald, who married Arla Viereck, all of Larchwood; Leota (Mrs.Roger Rollag;), Sioux Falls, S.D., and Mary Janet ( Mrs. Roger Hartman), Garretson, S.D. The Kramers farmed until moving into Larchwood, where they still reside. William worked for the Grotewold Motor Company as a mechanic until his retirement. William and Clara have 12 grandchildren.

KRIER, JOSEPH and Elizabeth Kramer were married May 24, 1921, at Larchwood. Elizabeth was born March 23, 1902 at Larchwood; Joseph was born January 21, 1898, at Emery, S.D. The couple had 13 children, Kenneth, Rosemary, Clair and Joseph, Jr., (all deceased), Colette (Mrs. Hugo Graber), Bridgewater, S.D.; Cleo-married to Frances Doherty, Pierre, S.D.; Eugene, married to Joan Allen, San Gabriel, Calif.; Barbara (Mrs. Tom Gloe), Minneapolis, Minn.; George, who married Cecile Monson, Watertown, S.D.; Marjorie (Mrs. Eugene Roberts) and Betty (Mrs. Vincent Bruggeman), both of Sioux Falls, S.D.; Eileen (Mrs. Paul Bruggeman) and Joan (Mrs. Paul Snyders), both of Larchwood. The Kriers lived at Emery, S.D. and farmed there until 1935, when they moved to a farm west of Larchwood. In 1949 they moved into town where Joseph still lives and operates a corn sheller. Elizabeth passed away November 10, 1953.

KRIER, PAUL was born January 5, 1898, at Emery, S.D., and Clara Kramer, born June 23, 1904, at Larchwood, were married September 11, 1923 at Larchwood. They were the parentsof nine children, Robert (deceased); Raphael (Bud), who married Janie Barnhill, Beamen, Iowa; Loren, married to Patricia Klein, Beresford, S.D.; Donald married to Jeannine Lynch, Paullina, Ia.; James, married to Muriel Flanagan, Ringstead, Ia.; Ruth (Mrs. James Snyders) and Karen (Mrs. Harry Gulk, Jr.), both of Larchwood; Dorothy (Mrs. Orlo Bjerk) and Gary, who married Bonnie Wiblemo, both of Sioux Falls, S.D. The Kriers farmed at Emery, S.D. until 1940, when they moved to Larchwood. They have 47 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Paul passed away September 5, 1971 and Clara still lives in Larchwood.

KRUGER, AUGUST and Annette Lee were married July 19, 1893 at Larchwood. August was born March 23, 1859 at Manitowoc, Wisc. Annette was born February 28, 1875 in Norway and came to the United States when she was four years old. August and Annette had six children-Bernice, Cora and Annie (all deceased); Liala (Mrs. Ben Nelson), Inwood, Ia.; Roy, married to Joyce Hanson, Longview, Wash.; and Alice (Mrs. Carl Bjorklund), Madison, S.D. In 1905 the Krugers built a new home east of Klondike, where the family grew up. August operated the flourmill at Klondike until about 1922, when he sold it to J.H. Rowe & Son of Canton, S.D. August passed away August 27, 1927 and Annette on February 6, 1937.

KRUGER, CHRISTIAN FREDRICK was born September 30, 1831, in Germany, and came to the United States in 1851 to a farm near Sibley, Iowa. He married Wilhelmina Beyersdorff in 1853 at Reedsville, Wisc. They were the parents of 10 children, August, Lou, Fredrick, Otto, Albert, Amelia, Ella, Wilhelmina, Julius and Emma (all deceased). In 1883 the family moved to the Larchwood area and settled near Klondike, where Christian built a large flour mill. After a few years they left Klondike and took up a claim near Wisner, Nebr. Their two sons, August and Lou, then operated the mill. Christian passed away May 18, 1911, and Wilhelmina on May 15, 1912.