Larchwood Centennial Biographies:

The H's


HAGGARDT, GEORGE was born June 18, 1884, at Lake View, Iowa. In June of 1910 George married Nellie Thompson, who was born December 29, 1886. Four children were born to this union, Marvin and Margaret (Mrs. Lawrence Gauger), both of Wheaton, Minnesota; Norma (Mrs. Merle Riess), Moorhead, Minnesota; and Merton of Willmar, Minnesota. Before her marriage Nellie taught school in the original wooden structure Larchwood school. In 1912 George bought the general merchandise store from his brother, John. The Haggards purchased a farm at Wheaton, Minnesota, in 1914 and moved to Wheaton, where Nellie still lives. George passed away in 1951.

was born January 23, 1890, in Lake View, Iowa., and his wife, Fern, were the parents of six children. Fred taught school at the Will Grotewold School. While in Larchwood Fred was cited for saving the life of a four year old neighbor boy, who had fallen into a well. Attracted by the mother's screaming, Fred ran to the well and lowered himself by the pipe and held the youngster above the water level until help could arrive. In 1910 Fred moved to Twin Falls, Idaho, where he passed away in 1965.

and Anna Margaret moved to Larchwood in 1905 from Lake View, Iowa. They were the parents of John, Kate, Jennie, Peter, Lou, George, Anna, and Fred (all deceased). The Haggardts owned a nursery in the southeast part of town. Anna passed away in Larchwood on December 24, 1908, and Hans in 1913.

was born at Dundee, Illinois, on October 9, 1872. On June 21, 1899, he married Jessie Pearce at Milford, Iowa. They were the parents of three children, Hazel (Mrs. Jack Bizik), Tucson, Arizona; E. Vance (deceased), who was married to Sally Strong of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.; and John Joel of Palo Alto, California. John and Jessie moved to Larchwood in 1899, when John and his brother-in-law, Terkel Hansen, started the first general merchandise store in Larchwood. J.M. Haggardt & Co. was located on the west side of the main street. He sold the store to his brother, George, in 1912, and he and his family moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. John passed away in March of 1941, and Jessie has also passed away.

and Ruth Bjork were united in marriage on February 18, 1940. Ruth was born February 14, 1917 and Ed on February 9, 1916. They have three children, Janet and Darrel, married to Lee Ann Poppinga, both of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Wayne, at home. Since their marriage Ed and Ruth have farmed in the Larchwood vicinity an in 1948 purchase a farm west of Larchwood, where they now reside.

married Kate Haggardt on May 23, 1894, at Lake View, Iowa. Terkel was born March 23, 1871, in Denmark, and Kate on December 4, 1873, at Dundee, Illinois. Two children were born to this couple, Howard, and Helen (Mrs.George Shields), both of Seattle, Washington. The Hansens moved to Larchwood in 1899, when Terkel and Kate's brother, John, started the first general merchandise store in Larchwood. In 1904 Terkel sold his interest in the store to John. The Hansens then moved to Vashon, Washington, where Terkel organized the Vashon bank. Terkel passed away May 5, 1929, and Kate on May 13, 1955.

was born October 3, 1841, in Amsterdam, Holland. When he was 18 he came to America and settled in Springfield, Illinois, where he lived six years before he met and married Dorothea Webb. Dorothea was born April 3, 1847, in Dennengberg, Germany. They were blessed with six children, John, Garret, Henry, Dora, Minnie, and Ann (all deceased). In Springfield, Illinois, he attended the funeral of Abraham Lincoln in 1865. In 1891 he moved his family west and settled in Lyon County. They homesteaded land three miles south of Larchwood, paying $18 per acre for one half section of land. The Hartenhoffs retired to Larchwood in their later years. Garret died March 19, 1921, and Dorothea February 14, 1925.

was born May 5, 1885, at Elkton, South Dakota, and Anna Bahr, born May 24, 1889, were married February 14, 1917. They had three sons, Donald, who married Alta Gluenkin; Melvin, who married Violet Erland, and Ernest, married to Florence Hackbarth, all of Larchwood. The Albert Hechts farmed northeast of Larchwood, except for an interval of four years, when they lived in Larchwood. Albert passed away May 20, 1958, and Anna on November 4, 1965.

and Alta Gluenkin were married on November 27, 1947, at Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Donald was born August 29, 1921, at Larchwood, and Alta on January 13, 1925, at Willow Lake, South Dakota. They have one son, Lynn, of Larchwood. Donald and Alta farmed northeast of Larchwood, and Donald is also an electrician. They moved into Larchwood in April of 1970.

was born January 12, 1918, at Larchwood, and married Florence Hackbarth on May 17, 1941, at South Sioux City, Nebraska. Florence was born February 12, 1918, at Denver, Iowa. They have two children, Noreen, Richfield, Minnesota., and Lee, who married Dorothy Neville, Morton, Illinois. Ernest and Florence farm the east 80 acres of the original Jacob Bahr farm.

was born July 2, 1896, at Elkton, South Dakota. After coming to Larchwood, Fred and his brother, Edward, farmed together. On December 19, 1923, at Rock Rapids, Iowa, Fred married Mathilda Horn, who was born May 16, 1904, at Larchwood. They were the parents of two sons, Leonard, who married Jennie Harmsen, and Lawrence, married to Violet Ingalls, both of Sioux Falls, South Dakota Fred and Mathilda are now retired on their farm northeast of Larchwood.

was born August 31, 1926, at Larchwood. Violet Erland was born December 11, 1924, at Howard, S.D. They were married September 18, 1947, at Sioux Falls, S.D., and are the parents of four children-Larry of Carroll, IA.; Sharon (Mrs. Roger Rossow), Sioux Falls, S.D.; David and Kevin, both at home. The Melvin Hechts farm east of Larchwood.

was born September 14, 1894, at Elkton, S.D. He worked on farms in the Larchwood vicinity and then served in World War I. On February 15, 1922, William married Carrie Bahr, who was born February 3, 1893. After their marriage William and Carrie farmed northeast of Larchwood until 1949, when they moved to Larchwood.

was born on November 9, 1889, in Madison, Wisc., and Emma Reimers on March 20, 1888, at Holstein, IA. They were married Janury 30, 1913. The couple had five children, Fern and Linda (both deceased); Helene (Schnieder), Denver, Colo.; Alice (Susie), Larchwood; and Seth, who married Evelyn Kock, Sioux City, Iowa. The Helgersens came to Larchwood in 1932. Morgan was a city Marshall for many years and was in the livestock trucking business. Emma passed away on January 7, 1965, and Morgan now lives with his daughter, Alice.

was born August 15, 1887, and Karoline Helgerson was born January 13, 1891, both in Lyon County. They were married December 30, 1907, and have one daughter, Hazel (Mrs. Adolph Eisland), of Alexandria, Minn. In 1917 the Helgesons came to Klondike, Iowa, where Alfred owned and operated a blacksmith shop for 47 years. Alfred passed away February 17, 1969; Karoline lives with her daughter in Alexandria, Minn. She has four grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Hendriks, was born in Holland, May 23, 1908. He came here with his father in 1924, at the age of 17. Harry began operation of a grocery store in 1935 where the present Security Savings Bank is now located. He relocated his business where the Larchwood firehouse now stands. On December 4, 1941, fire completely destroyed his establishment. He then moved to the Jack and Jill Grocery Store and later built a locker plant. During that time Harry went to the homes of the farmers, butchering livestock and cutting and processing meat. On October 12, 1943, he was the first man from Larchwood to join the Marine Corps. Upon his return from the service he again resumed his business until 1968 when ill health forced him to retire. He passed away October 15, 1971.

was married to Emma Hecht of Lake Benton, Minn., on October 22, 1902, and lived on the farm northeast of Larchwood where his parents lived. John was born October 1, 1868, and Emma on November 5, 1882. They had three children, Verna, now living on the Herbst farm, John E., married to Mary Kerkvliet, and Pearl (Mrs. Richard Lowe), all of Larchwood. John passed away August 16, 1940, and Emma on March 3, 1970.

was born February 15, 1845, in Plouw, Germany, and came to the United States in the spring of 1861. He served in the Civil War as a volunteer under General Sherman, where he was with a regiment that made the famous march "from Atlanta to the sea." Each member was greeted personally by President Lincoln. After his discharge from the service, John settled in Makena, Ill. Sophia Elsner was born October 15, 1845, at Schoenau, Macklenburg, Germany, and came to the United States on August 15, 1863, settling near Makena, Ill. John and Sophia were married October 7, 1866. They were the parents of six children, Louisa (Mrs. Henry Thompson), Lena (Mrs. John Tracy), Alvina (Mrs. John Cunningham), and John C., who married Emma Hecht, William, married to Lucy Zangger, and Charlie, who married Martha Pruitt and after her death married Verna Flannery. All the Herbst children are deceased. In 1882 the Herbsts moved to LeMars, IA, and in December of 1892 they moved to a farm northeast of Larchwood. Sophia passed away February 17, 1916, and John on December 27, 1925.

was born October 3, 1914, and on April 26, 1938, at St. Mary's Church, at Larchwood, was married to Mary Kerkvliet, who was born April 6, 1917. They have two daughters, Evelyn (Mrs. John Weidler), Howard, S.D., and Barbara (Mrs. James Stoos), Cherokee, Iowa. John and Mary live in Larchwood, where they were both born. John is a farm laborer and Mary is a surgical technician at Sioux Falls, S.D. They have two grandchildren.

married Lucy Zangger, on December 15, 1904. William was born February 6, 1874, and Lucy on May 4, 1887. They had one daughter, Mildred (Mrs. Paul Strait), deceased. William and Lucy farmed north of Larchwood for a few years and then moved into town, where they owned "The Sanitary Grocery" for several years. Lucy passed away February 5, 1919, and Bill on February 6, 1952.

was born on January 25, 1877, at Benton County, Iowa. On March 1, 1905, in Lyon County, Ferdinand married Anna Horn, who was born April 18, 1876, at Van Horne, Iowa. They were the parents of four children, Emma (Mrs. John Jyrlie) and a baby (both deceased); Arthur, married to Leona Lewis, Rock Rapids, IA.; and Vera (Mrs. Harvey Grotewold, Larchwood. The Heyers farmed northeast of Larchwood all their married life. They had nine grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren. Ferdinand passed away November 15, 1949, and Anna on July 3, 1959.

was born May 19, 1875. His wife, Mathlena Stiegelmeyer, was born January 2, 1877. They were married in Larchwood on March 29, 1900. The children are Garlet, who married Hilda Myrlie, and Sylvia (Mrs. Howard Lape), both of Larchwood. The Hockes farmed in Sioux Township and moved to town where Mathlena passed away September 19,1941. Charles died September 25, 1952. Their grandson, Robert Lewis, farms on the home place.

son of Mathlena nd Charles Hocke, married Hilda Myrlie on February 8, 1922, at Larchwood. Garlet was born April 17, 1901, at Lester, Iowa.; and Hilda was born in Norway, July 31, 1900. They are the parents of four children, Donna (Mrs. Axel Bonander, Jr.), Emeralda (Mrs. Edward Johns), Charles, Jr., who married Joyce Ihlen, all from Larchwood; and Darlene (Mrs. Willard Kuhnert) of Valley Springs. S.D. Garlet and Hilda have farmed northwest of Larchwood on the same place for 50 years. They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in February, 1972. The Hockes have 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

was born Feb. 19, 1854, and Fannie A. Houpp was born March 26, 1859, both in Germany. They were married in Benton county, IA, on January 22, 1879. The couple were the parents of 10 children, August, Rudolph, Minnie, John, Harry, Arnold, Ellen, and a baby (all deceased); Emma (Mrs. George Lewis), and Lenore (Mrs. J.A. Phelan), both of Larchwood. The Hoeckes came to Larchwood in 1891 to farm two miles north of town. Robert Lewis of the third generation is now living on the Hoeck Family farm. John passed away August 18, 1932; Fanny died on August 22, 1919.
Hoeck Photo

HOFFMAN, JOSEPH and Monica Kramer, who was born June 2, 1923, at Larchwood, were married September 17, 1966, at Sioux Falls, S.D. Monica lived on the family farm until it was sold in 1964. The Hoffmans presently live in Arco, Minn., and are engaged in farming.

HOHMAN, ADAM was born December 18, 1868, in Germany, and Mary Mohr was born on April 10, 1874, in Benton County. They were married February 15, 1894, and were the parents of three children-Anna (Mrs. Max Middlen), deceased; Floyd, married to Naomi Hotvet, Larchwood; and Harvey, who married Oneva Egge, Canton, S.D. The Hohmans moved to Larchwood in 1905, where Adam was one of the pioneer cattle feeders of the area. Mary passed away July 19, 1929. In 1940 Adam married Lydia Duncan of Aberdeen, S.D. Adam lived to be 94 years old and passed away July 31, 1963. Lydia passed away August 28, 1967.

HOHMAN, FLOYD J. was born in Van Horne, Iowa, July 87, 1904. He moved to Larchwood in 1905. Naomi Mae Hotvet was born in Logan Township on February 26, 1907. They were married July 9, 1929, at the First Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, S.D. Their three sons are, Dr. Paul, who married Rosamond Romey, Canton, S.D.; Dale, married to Janet Boschker, Vestal, N.Y.; and Mark, of Larchwood. Floyd belonged to the first 4-H Club in Lyon County, and went to the International Livestock show in Chicago, Ill. The Hohmans farm west of Larchwood.
Hohman Photo

HOHMAN, HARVEY MOHR born June 4, 1910, at Larchwood, and Oneva Egge, born March 23, 1909, were married November 5, 1931. They have three children, Mary Ann, Sioux Falls, S.D.; Jerome, who married Beatrice Monttolvo, Dovey, Nebr.; and Ronald, who married Carolyn Eliason, Larchwood. Harvey was a farmer and stockman in this vicinity until retiring recently in Canton, S.D. Oneva and Harvey are members of Our Savior's Lutheran Church.

HOHMAN, RONALD J. was born October 13, 1936, and his wife, Carolyn Eliason, was born January 29, 1938. They were married February 28, 1958, and have four children, Brent, Kyra, Kim and Gwen, all at home. They are farmers and residing on the Harvey Hohman farm. The family are members of Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

HOLLY, OSCAR E. was born on October 20, 1880, in Illinois. In 1905 he moved to Larchwood, where he organized the Farmers Savings Bank. On March 9, 1910, Oscar married Anna Haggardt, who was born September 30, 1886, at Lake View, Iowa. They were the parents of two children, Chester (deceased) and Joloise (Mrs. William Brusnigham), Sioux Falls, S.D. Oscar organized the Granite Savings Bank in 1920, which moved its charter to Larchwood in 1934 and became known as the Security Savings Bank. He also organized the Farmers State Bank in Kanaranzi, Minn., and the Overland Agency and Garage in Larchwood, which he operated for several years. From 1923 to 1931 Anna was cashier at the Granite Savings Bank. In 1931 the Hollys moved to a cattle ranch in the northeastern part of South Dakota and then retired and moved to Brandon, S.D., in 1960. Oscar passed away May 22, 1963, and Anna on October 7, 1971.

HOLTSCLAW, Z.T. physician and surgeon, was born in Indiana in 1847. At Mt. Vernon, Iowa, in 1878, he married Sarah D. Esget, who was born in New York on April 4, 1848. They were the parents of two children, Ralph and Anna (both deceased). Sarah was a talented artist and art teacher. The doctor served long and faithfully in the Larchwood community. She passed away September 23, 1923, and he in 1930.

HONRATH, LEO was born July 21, 1912, at Salem, S.D. Rose Kerkvliet, born October 3, 1915, at Alvord, Iowa, married Leo on December 28, 1937, at St. Mary's Catholic Church at Larchwood. They have 10 children, Karen (deceased); Mary (Mrs. Eugene Kappenman) Portage, Wisc.; John, who married Carole Wehner, Marietta, Ga.; Rosalie (Mrs. Donal Campbell), Minneapolis, Minn.; Donald, married to Ann Tobalski, Sun Prairie, Wisc.; Stephen, who married Wanda Bowdain, Warner Robins, Ga.; Daniel, Des Moines, Iowa, Frances, Allan, and Julie, all at home. Leo came to this vicinity in 1935. The Honraths farm east of Larchwood.

HORN, CLAUS was born in Germany on September 22, 1847, and came to the United States at the age of 20. He married Matilda Braak on March 11, 1871, at Davenport, Iowa. She was born in Germany on December 23, 1844. The Horn children were Claus (deceased), Herman, married to Anna Kortum; Henry, married to Bertha Heyer; Anna (Mrs. F.C. Heyer); John-married to Lizzie Viereck; William, married to Dora Sievers; Emma (Mrs. Otto Biteler); and Clara (Mrs. Clyde Lape), all deceased. The Horn family first lived in Benton County, Iowa. They then came to Larchwood and Claus purchased his farm from Mr. Sykes in 1886. The farm is now owned by a great-grandson, Rolland Viereck. Matilda passed away February 19, 1898, and Claus on May 1, 1915.
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HORN, HARRY C. was born April 12, 1909, the son of John and Lizzie Horn. He was united in marriage to Laura Polzin on March 23, 1932. She was born February 17, 1908, and is the daughter of Fred and Martha Polzin. Harry and Laura are the parents of twin sons, Ronald, who married Arla Thielman, and Donald, married to Lorna Egebo, both of Larchwood. There are three grandchildren. Ronald is engaged in farming with his father. A large poultry house with a 12,000 laying cage capacity was recently erected on the farm east of town, where Donald and Lorna now live.

HORN, HENRY was born February 22, 1874, at Davenport, Iowa, and with his parents moved to Van Horne, Iowa, when he was two years old. In 1890 the family settled on a farm one mile north of Larchwood, where he worked with his father until his marriage to Bertha Heyer on April 26, 1900. She was born December 28, 1880. Bertha and Henry were the parents of two daughters, Martha (Mrs. Albert Schlotfeldt), Hills, Minn., and Ivy (Mrs. Ed Viereck) of Larchwood. The Horns moved to the farm across the road from the home place, where they lived until they retired to Larchwood in 1941. Bertha passed away May 5, 1947, and Henry on March 14, 1969.

HORN, HERMAH was born September 1, 1872, at Davenport, Iowa. Anna Kortum was born November 13, 1872, in Germany, and came to America in 1894. They were married January 27, 1898, and were blessed with seven children, Henry and Elmer (both deceased); Mathilda (Mrs. Fred Hecht), Larchwood; Leona (Mrs. Waldo Nieman), Rock Rapids, Iowa; Vernon, married to Mary Graham, Montrose, S.D.; Virgil married to Verna Heyer, George, Iowa; and Velma (Mrs. Sam Wierenga), Sioux Falls, S.D. Herman and Anna farmed northeast of Larchwood all their married life. They had 12 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. Anna passed away May 21, 1934, and Herman on September 1, 1958.

HORN, JOHN and Lizzie Viereck were married December 20, 1904, at Sioux Falls, S.D. John was born August 4, 1880, at Van Horne, Iowa, and Lizzie on February 11, 1886, at New Liberty, Iowa. They were the parents of three children-Mabel (Mrs. Otto Sellden), Isanti, Minn.; Leona (Mrs. Gerald May), Rapid City, S.D. and Harry, who married Laura Polzin, Larchwood. After their marriage John and Lizzie farmed northeast of Larchwood until 1950, when they moved into town. They had four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. John passed away May 31, 1958, and Lizzie on July 15, 1965.

HORN, WILLIAM was born March 26, 1882, at Van Horne, Iowa, and married Dora Sievers on March 12, 1913, at Larchwood. Dora was born February 24, 1890, at Remsen, Iowa, and came to Larchwood when she was six years old. William and Dora farmed just north of Larchwood on the home place until William's death on December 8, 1968. Dora moved to Rock Rapids, Iowa, for four years and then to Sioux Falls, S.D., where she now resides.

HOTVET, OLE C. was born in Winneshiek County, Iowa, on September 23, 1872. Martha Foss was born in a dugout on the Foss homestead in Richland Township on September 27, 1875. They were married at Inwood, July 9, 1896, and became parents of Inez and Olive, (both deceased); Alice (Mrs. E.M.Coffield), Midland, Tex.; Stella (Mrs. Albert Berdahl) and Murial (Mrs. Gifford Berkland, both of Sioux Falls, S.D.; Ruby (Mrs.Emil Jacobsen), Rock Valley, Iowa; Naomi (Mrs. Floyd Hohman), Larchwood; Ruth (Mrs. LeRoy Holland), Inwood, Iowa; Grace (Mrs. Edwin Geick), Rock Rapids, Iowa; and Milton, married to Eva Albertson, Madison, S.D. The Hotvets farmed in Logan Township, moving to the tri-state farm just west of the "iron post" in 1914 and then to a farm near Colton, S.D., in 1939. Martha and seven of her daughters were schoolteachers. Ole passed away on April 23, 1941, and Martha on July 1, 1946.

HUGHES, MICHAEL was born in LaSalle, Ill., on March 7, 1855. He moved with his parents to Clinton County, Iowa, which was later known as the Hughes settlement. On November 27, 1879, at Lyons, Iowa, he married Ellen Mullen, who was born November 20, 1859, at Brooklyn, N.Y. They were the parents of five children, Richard, Mayme, and William (all deceased); Ellen (Mrs. Daniel Lynch), Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Thomas of Billings, Mont. In 1893 the Hughes family moved to a farm northwest of Larchwood, where they lived until 1918 when they moved into Larchwood. Michael and Ellen had eight grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren and six great, great-grandchildren. Michael passed away on March 13, 1930, and Ellen in 1938.