Larchwood Centennial Biographies:

The C's

CAIN, JAMES P. was born February 1, 1893, at Silver City, Ia., and Mina Murphy was born January 5, 1891. They were married at LeMarsh, Ia., November 26, 1919. Born to this union were: Thomas-who married Margaret Corkery, Burlington, Ia.; Father John, Madrid, Ia.; Steve-married to Rita Snyders, Larchwood; Father James, Tucson, Ariz.; Gladys (Mrs. A. Daniels), Sioux Falls, S.D.; Sister Thecla O.S.F., Dubuque, Ia.; Sylvester-married to Patricia McCarthy, Oxon Hill, Md.; and Veronica (Mrs. Duane Hotover), Paradise, Calif. They were farmers, moving to the Larchwood area in 1941. James passed away on November 8, 1957, and Mina lives in Sioux Falls, S.D.

CAIN, STEPHEN P., born April 12, 1924, at LeMars, Ia., and Rita Snyders, born October 15, 1927, were married November 11, 1946, at St. Mary's Church, in Larchwood. They are the parents of-Donna (Mrs. Rick Breuer), San Jose, Calif.; Maria (deceased); Leon, Maureen, Stephen, Patricia, Mary Anne, Suzanne, Joseph, and Michael, all of Larchwood. The Cains have been engaged in farming in various communities and returned to Larchwood in 1963 to farm north of town in Sioux Township.

CASE, WESTWOOD D. was born January 20, 1850, at Money Creek, Minn., and Eliza Jane Pulver on April 27, 1865, at Elliota, Minn. They were married May 1, 1882, at Lanesboro, Minn. Six children were born to this union-Westwood and Zella (both deceased), Maud (Mrs. Robert McCollum), Gertrude (Mrs. Gerhard Johnson), Marie (Mrs. Ralph Crawford), and Myrtle (Mrs. Chares M. Tierney). In 1886 the Case family moved from Rock Rapids, Ia., to Larchwood, where Westwood was a clerk in Atkinson's store. Later they bought and operated a drug store, and he was postmaster. Eliza and Westwood were early members of the Congregational Church, possibly founders. The family moved to Harmony, Minn., in 1897. Eliza died January 23, 1940, and Westwood on September 6, 1952.
Photo of W.D. Case

CAULEY, JOHN C. was born June 26, 1872, at Marengo, Ia., of Irish decent. Emma Solon, born March 10, 1877, at Rock Valley, Ia., married John on December 31, 1903. The couple had seven children-John L. (deceased); F. Lucile, Los Angeles, Calif.; Mary Lois (Byrne), Sacramento, Calif.; Virginia (Wiese), Burbank, Calif.; Francis-married to Josephine Barclay, Long Beach, Calif.; Madelyn (Armstrong), Dublin, Calif.; and Adelyn (Huotari), Encino, Calif. Emma taught school near Larchwood for many years. She was a member of the Women's Club, which was instrumental in getting a marker for the state line, known as the "iron post." John arrived here in 1900 and purchased the Petheran Hardware store. He passed away September 5, 1947, at Hollywood, Calif., and Emma on November 11, 1950.

CHEESMAN, CYRUS P. married Alleghany Willard in May of 1874 at Winona, Minn. Allie was born February 28, 1852. They had two daughters-Angie (Mrs. John W. Parkinson) and Lottie (Mrs. Jake Rummel), both deceased. Allie later married A.L. Bothwell and lived in the Willard house. She died February 4, 1920, and he has also passed away.

CLERCX, JOHN was born February 28, 1910; and his wife, Mary Kramer, was born July 19, 1914, both at Larchwood. They were married June 5, 1934, and are the parents of two children-Duaine, who married Jeanette Butts, Pierre, S.D., and Peggy (Mrs. Virgil Reemts), Worthington, Minn. The Clercx family farmed west of Larchwood for six years and then purchased a farm east of Lester, Ia., where they still reside. Mary and John have four grandchildren.

CLERCX, LEO and his wife, Sophia Schreurs, were both born in the Netherlands. Leo was born November 18, 1870, and Sophia on September 18, 1870. They were married June 1, 1897. This union was blessed with three daughters and five sons,-Sophia (Mrs. Les Reinke), Ann (Mrs. Clarence Ripperda), Agnes (Mrs. Ambrose Reilly), Peter L.-married to Mildred Perkinson, and Francis-who married Ruth Lewis, all of Larchwood; Henry-married to Adelaide Bernards, Sioux Falls, S.D.; Peter H. (deceased); and William-who married Nellie Olson, Rock Rapids, Ia. The Clercxes were farmers west of Larchwood for many years. Leo and Sophia had 17 grandchildren and 41 great grandchildren. He passed away December 4, 1955, and she on April 23, 1962.

CLERCX, PETER, SR. was born September 6, 1832, in Beegdon, Holland. As a young man during the French Revolution and the reign of Napoleon, Peter fled from France to Holland. The name was changed from LeClerqxz, pronounced LaClair, to Clercx. In 1864 Peter married Agnes Freehen, who was also born in Beegdon on January 19, 1842. They were the parents of four children,--Mary, Nellie, Leo, and Peter W. (all deceased). The Clercx family came to America as very early settlers. They lived for a time in Wisconsin, then moved to Alvord, Ia., and came to Larchwood in 1894. They purchased one-half section of land west of town. Agnes and Peter lived with their daughter, Nellie (Mrs. Henry Bruggeman), from 1907 until their deaths. Agnes passed away January 7, 1917; Peter died at the age of 93 years on December 2, 1925.
Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Clercx

CLERCX, PETER W. was born in Galena, Ill., on April 17, 1880. He married Margaret Snyders on January 5, 1904, at St. Mary's Catholic Church, in Larchwood. She was born December 30, 1883, at Carroll County, Ia. Seven children were born to this union, Frank (deceased); Ann (Mrs. Henry Simons), Mary Agnes (Mrs. Leo Kramer); Al-married to Frances Jensen, and Gregory, all of Larchwood; John-who married Mary Kramer, Rock Rapids, Ia.; and Joe-married Leola Rabey, Jasper, Minn. They lived on a farm west of Larchwood all their married life. Margaret passed away August 12, 1957; and Peter passed away December 30, 1971, at 91 years of age.

CRANNELL, A.A. was born October 31, 1868, at Tekamah, Nebr., and his wife, Belle Quinlan, was born in Rock Valley, Ia., in 1878. They had one son, George Edward, who married Irene Duffy of Charles City, Ia. There are eight grandchildren, who are all now living in San Jose, Calif. The Crannells lived in Larchwood for a number of years. He passed away January 16, 1926, and she on December 2, 1928. Their son died February 16, 1970.

CRELLY, PATRICK and his wife, Mary, were some of the earliest residents in Lyon County, Ia. Patrick was born at Luzerne, Ia., on February 23, 1867; his wife, Mary Kelly, was born December 24, 1868, at Van Horne, Ia. They had five daughters-Irene, (Munns), Ruth (McKenna), Madge (Hoben), Bernice (Murphy), and Lucille (Conway6). The Crellys came to Larchwood in 1899, shipping their personal property here by train from Benton County. They purchased a quarter section of land, having willow trees on the north and east sides of the farm, which had been planted by the Englishmen. Mary and Patrick were members of the St. Mary's Parish. Patrick passed away in 1931 and Mary in 1934.