In speaking of hospitality among pioneers one of their esteemed member wrote as follows:

“Prominent among the pioneers was D.C. Whitehead and wife.  Everybody in the county knew them.  Everybody who came along was welcome, whether they had a ton of flour and plenty of bacon in the house, or perhaps nothing but cornbread and a “cottontail” for meat.  Among this loyal band were: W.B. May, T.W. Johnson, J.F. Thompson, Charles Schultz, George McQueen, John Hartrons, H. D. Rice, Pat and Jim McGuire, C.H. Moon, A.R. Hamlin, S.G. Martin, L.A. Bell, who were ever ready and willing to feed and lodge weary travelers who chanced to come this way.  The latch string of their sod houses always hung on the outside, and well does the writer remember the magnificent appetite which he carried along with him on his pioneer journeys to these persons’ homes.”


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