Concerning mail facilities in this section, the Rock Rapids Journal, in its first issue – July 25, 1871 – says: “We wish to say to our home patrons, that for the present we shall have to reach you by private mail.  When we first homesteaded (four weeks since) the nearest post office was LeMars—forty-five miles distant.  Now we have a weekly mail from LeMars to LuVerne, and intermediate points, and we know a petition from our county (for we signed it personally) and we are assured that a similar petition circulated in all  the intermediate counties, praying for a daily mail between Algona (the present terminus of the McGregor & Missouri Valley Railroad) and Sioux has been forwarded to the department, and we are confidently looking for a daily communication with the rest of mankind soon.  Till then be patient, and the Journal will reach you on time as soon as possible.



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