On the 21st day of September, 1892, the George Savings Bank opened its doors for business with a paid up capital of $13,600, contributed by B.L. Richards, J.F. Parker, Evelyn Richards, John N. Richards, F.H. Davis, H.W. Reints, E.J. Edmonds, H. Boomgaarden, J.B. Wilis, A. Van Wagenen, C.T. Tupper and Charles Shade. Out of these stockholders the following board was elected:  B.L. Richards, A. Van Wegenen, S. Londergan, H.W. Reints, H. Boomgaarden, Charles Shade and C.T. Tupper.  These directors selected from their number, B.L. Richards as president, H.W. Reints, as vice president, and C.T. Tupper as cashier.

On the 15th day of May, 1894, the capital stock was increased to $16,000.  The business was continued under the management of C.T. Tupper as cashier until the 11th day of April, 1901, at which time Mr. Tupper, in connection with one or two other stockholders, sold their interest to John P. DeNeui, H.D. Aykens and Helmer U. Kruse, Mr. DeNeui succeeding C.T. Tupper as cashier and Charles Shade succeeding B.L. Richards as president.

The bank has been continued under this management until the present time and at this writing has paid up capital of $16,000 with a surplus and undivided profit account of $9,000.

By reference to January, 1904, bank directory this bank reports as follows:  Deposits, $100,000, loans, $100,000, cash reserve, $25,000.


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