The Farmers' Bank of Inwood, Iowa, was established March, 1888, by Mulhall Brothers of Rock Valley, Iowa, as a private bank.

In December, 1888, it was sold to F.H. Skewis, James Skewis, W.W. Pritchard and B. Bahnson.  These partners started business with a capital of $2,500, continuing the business until 1890.  Mr. Bahnson then sold his interest to James and F.H. Skewis.  In 1895 the interest of W.W. Pritchard was purchased by E.J. Skewis so that these three parties, F.H., E.J. and James Skewis, continued the business until 1904, at which time it was sold to B.L. Richards, W.H. Bradley, G.A. Manwaring and Charles Shade, and is now operated by them.

The capital stock of the institution, which was set at $2,500 in 1888, was increased from time to time until it reached $30,000 and at which figure it now stands.

James and F.H. Skewis are still residents of Inwood, Iowa, being interested in the grain business with E.J. Skewis, who is now a resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  B. Bahnson is a farmer still living north of Inwood and W.W. Pritchard is now in the lumber business at Thief River Falls, Minnesota.

In the report of January, 1904, this bank had deposits of $100,000, paid up capital, $30,000, reserve $20,000.


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