Dunlap Relief Corps, No 55, auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic, was organized February 23, 1886, by Mrs. Anna Witenmire, of Philadelphia, chaplain of the National Woman's Relief Corps, and the following officers were elected:

President, Mrs. Emma D. Anderson; senior vice-president, Mrs. E.C. Gardner; junior vice-president, Mrs. Alice Vanderwerker; secretary, Mrs. E. Tolman; treasurer, Mrs. Mary Manning; chaplain, Mrs. Phoebe Harrol; conductor, Mrs. Anna Shipman; assistant conductor, Mrs. Amanda Ellse; guard, Mrs. Minnie Greaves; assistant guard, Bertha Miller.

The receipts of this meeting was $5.  An order of $1.00 was drawn on treasurer to purchase charter and other supplies necessary to carry on the work.

This was the first meeting of corps No. 55, which, having for its motto Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty, has accomplished so much.

March 12, 1886, corps met and the president delivered to proper officers their books.  Ladies then adjourned to the G.A.R. rooms at 7:30 p.m., where the officers were installed.

April 2nd, the president appointed a committee to purchase material for flag; also, committee on constitution and by-laws at this meeting, Mrs. Tolman resigned her office as secretary.

June 4, 1886, Mrs. F.M. Thompson and Mrs. Monlux were initiated.  Applications for membership, Mrs. Wagner and Mrs. York.  Steps were taken to secure a suitable place for meeting.  Up to this time the ladies had been laboring under many difficulties, with no permanent place of meeting.  Met from house to house.  Had no charter nor any of the many helps and advantages we have now, yet they had hearts full of love and sympathy for those that had sacrificed so much for their country and were willing to work under great difficulties with Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty for their motto.  And this bit of history will reveal only a small portion of the good they have accomplished.

In 1887 Corps No. 55 disbanded on account of several members going away, Mrs. F.M. Thompson and some others going to California.  After Mrs. Nettie Thompson's return from California, Dunlap Woman's Relief Corps was reorganized, as follows:

On July 14, 1891, eleven ladies, wives and daughters of Civil war soldiers, met at the home of Mrs. Nettie Thompson to arrange for the formation of a permanent Woman's Relief Corps and appointed their officers as follows:

President, Mrs. Lois Aldrich; senior vice-president, Edna Maxwell; junior vice-president, Mrs. Martha Nichols; secretary, Mrs. Addie Barber; treasurer, Mrs. Jennie  Barrett, chaplain, Mrs. Carrie Stillwell; conductor, Mrs. Nettie Thompson; assistant conductor, Mrs. Emma Gardner; guard, Mrs. Martha Taylor; assistant guard, Mrs. Anna Shipman.

July 28, 1891, the ladies met and signed application for charter to be sent for by Austin Maxwell, commander of Dunlap Post, to which they were to be auxiliary.

August 4, 1891, ladies met with Mrs. Julia Church, Mrs. Aldrich acting as president, and Mrs. Emma Fairlamb was unanimously chosen to fill the office.  It was then decided to send for charter and make arrangements for being legally organized and have installation at an early date.

On August 27, 1891, Mrs. Harrington, of Hull, president of Cottrell Corps No. 7, having been duly authorized by the department president, Clara A. Nichols, for the organization and installation.

This was the beginning of the order known as the Woman's Relief Corps in Lyon County.  This organization has continued up to the present time; has done a great deal of good and is today in flourishing condition.   The officers elected for the year 1903 are given in the closing paragraphs of an article written by Almeda Jessup, which we quote at length, viz:

"The election of officers for the year 1903 was held December 13, 1902.  Officers were elected as follows:

"President, Martha Taylor; senior vice-president, Laura Wright; junior vice-president, Mary Kelso; treasurer, Ollie Horr; chaplain, Ellen Brenninger; conductor, Louisa Woodward; guard, Ellen Keith; delegate, Martha Taylor; alternate, Almeda Jessup.

"December 20, 1902, Rose Hacket, moving to Dakota, asked for discharge card and received it; also Mrs. Taylor declined acting as president and Nettie Thompson was elected.  January 3rd Ollie Horr resigned as treasurer and Mrs. Taylor was elected.  Number of regular meetings during the year, 22; average attendance of officers, 6; attendance, including members, 7.

Work done, other than money $69.40
Cash expanded for relief $42.14
Cash expended from general fund $27.39
Total $69.53
Visits to the sick during the year 247
From June 30, 1903, to July 2, 1904, visits to the sick 83
Relief other than money $69.60
Cash expended for Relief $18.21
Cash expended for sundry expenses from general fund $23.25
Total cash expanded $41.46

"There could be much said of the good work that has been done by us, but time and space will not permit.  We are sad at the very last to relate the death of one of the faithful members of our order, who died June 19, 1904.

"Thus they leave us one by one, but they are not forgotten, for each year we strew their graves with beautiful flowers, emblems of purity, knowing that when the time comes they will be raised in the likeness of him whom they served.  Much more might be said of Corps No. 55, but will say that much of our success is due to our worth president, Mrs. Nettie Thompson, who has stood by us and led us on to victory for seven years, and we that fill the minor offices feel that with her as leader we are ready to undertake almost any thing in the way of taking care of the old soldiers and their dependent ones and maintain the honor of the old flag.

"Almeda Jessup"


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