MAY 28, 1904

James M. Webb   Fifth Iowa Infantry Dead
James H. Wagner Company G Twenty-fourth Iowa Infantry Died December 15, 1884
Wm. M. Carroll Company H Seventeenth Kentucky Division  
J.K.P. Thompson Company D Twenty-first Iowa Infantry Died January 15, 1903
John Alexander Company F Fifty-fourth Illinois Infantry  
Wesley W. Norris   Forty-third Indiana Infantry  
Thos. C. Thompson Company A One Hundred and Twenty-third Ohio Infantry  
Washington W. Gardner Company D One Hundredth United States Colored Infantry  
Geo A. Shipman Company H Thirteenth New York Heavy Artillery  
Ira Aldrich Company D Nineteenth Wisconsin Infantry  
Chas. D. Manning Company I Ninth Illinois Cavalry  
C.W. Williams Company D Sixteenth Iowa Infantry Dead
M.M. Chatfield Company B First Iowa Cavalry  
A.J. Rutter Company K Twenty-first Iowa Infantry  
F.M. Thompson Company D Twenty-first Iowa Infantry  
S.A. Shively Company B Fourteenth Iowa Infantry  
Geo. C. Wood Company D Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry  
Geo. W. Hoops Company M First Iowa Cavalry  
Luther Jaques Company C Twelfth Iowa Infantry  
T.B. Goold Company H Second V.R. Corps  
E.J. Greaves Company C Fifty-second Illinois Infantry  
W.B. May Company G Seventeenth Michigan Infantry Dead
T.P. May Company G Seventeenth Michigan Infantry  
F.W. May      
N.H. May Company G One Hundred and Fifty-third Illinois Infantry  
John Thompson Company F Seventh Illinois Cavalry  
Chas. Miles Company D Thirty-ninth Illinois Infantry  
Jacob H. Alspaugh Company H Twenty-first Ohio Infantry Dead
Lewis Vanderwerker Company D Seventy-seventh New York Infantry  
James McCallan Company B Seventh Colorado Infantry  
H.P. Becker Company A Eleventh Illinois Cavalry  
Peter Brininger Company E Fifteenth Illinois Infantry  
Geo. Baldwin Company E Ninth Iowa Infantry  
M. Hamilton Company C One Hundred and Forty-sixth Illinois Infantry Died 1897
A. Wolf Company G Eleventh Wisconsin Infantry  
J.C. Mundwiler Company F Forty-ninth Ohio Infantry  
W.H. Dorman Company E Forty-seventh Illinois Infantry  
S.M. Barrett Company I Forty-fourth Wisconsin Infantry  
A.J. Lawrence   Forty-eighth Missouri Infantry Dead
A.E. Carriher Company C Sixth Ohio Mounted Infantry  
Henry Beck Company H Sixty-seventh Pennsylvania Infantry  
J.H. Daugherty Company E Second Iowa Infantry  
B.A. Williams Company E Third Wisconsin Cavalry  
J.M. Carey Company D Ninty-Fourth Illinois Infantry  
A. Talman Company D Twenty-first Wisconsin Infantry  
Ole P. Stein Company D Fourth Wisconsin Cavalry Dead
Geo. H. Griggs Company K Twelfth Vermont Infantry  
B. Kitterman Company B One Hundred and Forty-sixth Indiana Infantry Died January 22, 1902
J.J. Randall Company D Forty-sixth Illinois Infantry  
J.B. Andrews Company I Second Wisconsin Cavalry  
A.F. Halker Company D Twelfth Illinois Cavalry  
Ole Johnson Company C Third Iowa Infantry  
Henry Jessup Company C Seventh Indiana Infantry  
L. Phillips Company L Sixth Iowa Cavalry  
A.H. Brown Company A Fifth Iowa Infantry Died June 18, 1903
Wm. Treeby Company D Eighty-sixth Illinois Infantry  
Geo. W. McQueen Company D Eighth Iowa Infantry Dead
R.M. Church Company L First Illinois Light Artillery  
C.E. Cline Company D Seventh Illinois Infantry  
John F. Thompson Company B Twenty-sixth Illinois Infantry  
Geo. Monlux Company I Eighth Iowa Cavalry  
F.E. Barber Company D One Hundred and Fifty-seventh New York Infantry  
R.B. Lockwood Company B Ninty-second Illinois Infantry  
Lorenzo Ecker Company M Third New York Light Artillery Died February 21, 1900
I. Donner Company F Sixteenth Iowa Infantry  
Levi Allison Company C Second Ohio Cavalry Died February 24, 1900
S. Dalrympie Company E Third Michigan Infantry  
E.E. Whitney Company K Seventh Wisconsin Infantry  
I.T. Font Company A Seventh Vermont Infantry  
Chas. Ivens Company D Thirteenth Wisconsin Infantry  
E. Kent Company B Eighth Illinois Cavalry  
N. Shaffer Company K Sixth Iowa Cavalry  
H.W. Austin   Ninth Illinois Cavalry  
Robert Gay Company I One Hundred and Twelfth Illinois Infantry Died August 17, 1891
J.B. Hartron Company B First Texas Cavalry Died 1895
W.E. Lockwood Company K Twenty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry  
S.J. Barber Company I Seventy-seventh New York Infantry  
R.W. Bertrand Company A Eighty-fifth Illinois Infantry  
C.H. Overrocker Company A Tenth New York Artillery  
R. Wood Company G Seventy-fifth Illinois Infantry  
J.O. Holliday Company B Second Minnesota Infantry  
Geo. M. Holliday Company B Second Minnesota Infantry Died 1903
W.H. Thomas   Forteenth New York Artillery  
T.J. Tupper Company K First Iowa Cavalry  
F.M. Williams Company H Third Iowa Infantry  
D.L. Mills Company C Twenty-ninth Michigan Infantry  
J.I. Taylor Company K Sixth Wisconsin Infantry  
Walter Spurrell Company L Second Iowa Cavalry  
F.E. Woodward Company E Ninty-fifth Illinois  Infantry  
John Apple Company B Fifth Pennsylvania Infantry  
David Frear Company C Fifth Pennsylvania Cavalry  
W.F. Gleason Company E Nineteenth New York Cavalry  
J. Tressler Company H Sixth Virginia Infantry  
Wm. Housfall   Twentieth Wisconsin Infantry  
Geo. Clevinger   Thirty-second Ohio Infantry  
P.J. Miller Company H Thirty-eighth Iowa Infantry Died December 29, 1903
S.A. Axtell Company B Fifty-second Massachusetts Infantry  
S.B. Newcomb Company B One Hundred and Sixth Ohio Infantry  
N. Spencer Company C Sixty-seventh Illinois Infantry  
E.W. Ripley Company F Thirty-fourth New York Infantry  
E. Mulinox Company E Ninth Iowa Infantry  
A.M. Roberts Company C Tenth Iowa Infantry  
A.J. Rutter Company K Twenty-first Iowa Infantry  
J. Spaulding Company K Thirty-sixth Wisconsin Infantry  
H.C. Conklin Company C Forty-fourth Iowa Infantry  
P. Demerest Company B First Michigan Infantry  
John Shotswell Company I Eighth Iowa Infantry  
G.P. Canfield Company D Second Iowa Infantry  
A. Maxwell Company A Second Minnesota Cavalry  
D.R. Bowen Company K Third Wisconsin Cavalry  
S. Reynolds Company G Ninety-second Illinois Infantry Died October 24, 1895
W.F. Hillwell Company G Sixty-fifth Illinois Infantry  
Wm. McClary Company A Second Illinois Cavalry  
I.W. Donovan Company A One Hundred and Eighty-seventh Pennsylvania Infantry  
S.I. Evans, Company E Twenty-seventh Ohio Infantry  
J. Stanley Company F Thirty-first Wisconsin Infantry  
J.A. Sarton Company G Seventy-eighth Illinois Infantry  
L.L. Church Company H Thirty-first Michigan Infantry  
John Frey Company F Thirty-first Iowa Infantry  
J.M. Duggen Company B Thirty-fourth Ohio Infantry  
A.A. Basey Company D Thirty-third Wisconsin Infantry  
J.E. Knott Company I Forty-sixth Iowa Infantry Died August 10, 1902
Chas. Shoultz Company I Eighth Iowa Cavalry  
A.M. Parker Company C Sixth Wisconsin Cavalry  
Henry E. Daymon Company I One Hundred and Thirteenth Illinois Infantry  
Geo W. Keith Company I Sixteenth Iowa Infantry  
G.M. Smith Company H Eighth Kansas Infantry  
John Butcher Company I Second Wisconsin Cavalry  
E.W. Stewart Company H One Hundred and Thirty-fifth Indiana Infantry  
M.J. Shrawyer Company E Twelfth Iowa Infantry  
Wm. A. Stockwell Company F Thirty-first Massachusetts Infantry Died April 3, 1904

A Sons of Veterans Camp was organized at Rock Rapids, May 30, 1889, known as No. 180.  For about ten years it flourished and did excellent work, but finally its former interest was lost and they have disbanded.

Woman's Relief Corps No. 55, an auxiliary to Dunlap Post, was formed soon after the organization of the latter and has ever stood shoulder to shoulder in doing the work designed for such an order.  It is doubtful whether the Post itself would be what we find it today, unaided by this band of loyal and loving women--wives of the old Civil war comrades.  Among the leading factors and old presidents of the corps may be named Mrs. F.M. Thompson, whose untiring efforts has enthused the remainder of the ladies thus connected.  Not alone do they look to the aid and welfare of the sick and destitute within the circle of the corps and Grand Army of the Republic families, but their work has ever extended out to all others and many of the local charities have from time to time been turned over to the corps for distribution among the needy and suffering.


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