After Schuyler Colfax had written the Rebekah degree and it had been adopted by the Sovereign Grand Lodge, it was intended to be conferred only upon those who had received the scarlet degree, and upon the mothers, wives, daughters and sisters of scarlet degree members; the degree became very popular and later the Sovereign Grand Lodge authorized the Rebekah lodge and the management of its affairs to be entirely in the hands of the sisters of the degree.  The lodge was a success from the start and the laws were soon changed to permit any unmarried lady to become a member, the degree was also taken from the subordinate lodge and brothers who desired to receive the degree had to have it conferred in a regularly instituted Rebekah lodge.

The first Rebekah lodge to be instituted in the county was Zerita No. 75, at Little Rock, which was organized by Fidelia E. Perry, December 30, 1890, with the following officers:  Eliza Jargo, N.G.; Lizzie Van Eaton, V.G.; Alta Wright, secretary, and Ida J. Cramer, treasurer.  The lodge has a membership of about thirty and is in good condition.

Maurinne Rebekah Lodge No. 443, at George, was instituted the 26th of May, 1896, by Fidelia E. Perry, with officers as follows:  Mrs. Ella Sauer, N.G.; Mrs. Kittie A. McKinney, V.G.; Miss Kittie Henry, secretary and Mrs. Maud M. Horsfall, treasurer.  The lodge is in a prosperous condition and has a membership of thirty-eight.

April 24, 1896, Mrs. Carrie Anderson instituted Leah Lodge No. 353, at Larchwood, with thirty members, and the following officers:  Mary Connel, N.G.; Etta Ballou, V.G; Jennie Martin, secretary, and Viola Soper, treasurer.  The lodge has a membership of forty.

The last Rebekah lodge to be organized in the county was Zilpha No. 49, at Rock Rapids, and was auxiliary to the first subordinate lodge in the county.  This lodge was instituted March 30, 1900, by Jennie Martin, with thirty members, and the following officers:  Mary Loop, N.G; Anna M. Stoner, V.G.; Bessie Kelso, secretary and Louisa M. Melberry, treasurer.  This lodge has made a strong growth and now has a membership of nearly one hundred.

The progress of the order in the county and the work being done by the various lodges is highly gratifying to the membership.  All the lodges are in good working condition and prospects for work in the future are excellent.

The present deputy grand officers in charge of the order in the county are August Berg, district deputy grandmaster; Geo. W. Penman, district deputy grand patriarch, and a deputy president in each Rebekah lodge in the county.  These officers are veterans in the work and are constantly working for the advancement of the order in it various branches.

Rock Rapids, Ia., June 16, 1904

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