By Dr. J.J. Groot

On December 8, 1892, Palladium Lodge No. 91 was organized at Rock Rapids, Iowa, with 20 charter members, as follows:  T.C. Rogers, G.O. Wallace, S.A. Shively, H.B. Pierce, H.J. Daley, E.A. Case, H.S. Bradley, Charles Creglow, T.W. Young, C.B. Alexander, I.I. Burgett, E.A. Heath, G.W. Bander, C.J. Ronald, O.C. Estey, A.P. Tubbs, H.L. Green, H.G. McMillan, J.I. Taylor, Edward Hewes.

T.C. Rogers was the first C.C.  The lodge owns its hall, a part of the third story of Union Block.  The present membership is 60, with George Deitrich acting as C.C.

The Knights of Pythias lodge situated at George, Iowa, was organized in 1897.  They have a membership of thirty.  While they are not numerous, they are a first-class lot of boys and take interest in the order.  They meet on Thursday evenings.

Zion Lodge No. 351, Knights of Pythias, of Doon, Iowa, was organized November 17, 1892, with B.H. Perkins as C.C.  During the fourteen years of its existence they have taken in 107 members.  At the present time they have in good standing 60 members.  Their present C.C. is C.A. Mishler.  On April 11, 1904, their lodge room with all their paraphernalia was burned.  No insurance.


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