According to the United States census for 1900, there were about three American born persons in Lyon County to one of foreign birth.  The figures are:


Total American born 10,114
Total foreign born 3,051
Total population of county 13,165


The same census gives 5,267 white males of American birth; 4,847 females.  Also, 1,832 white males of foreign birth, and 1,219 females.

The total number of males of twenty-one years of age was over was 3,614.

A remarkable fact disclosed by the 1900 census was that Lyon County was the only Iowa county without a negro resident within her borders.

The growth of the county may be determined by comparing the several previous census reports, as seen below:


1870 221
1880 1,968
1890 8,680
1900 13,165


Forty-five hundred and fifty-one people resided in cities, towns and villages in 1900.  The list is:


Rock Rapids 1,766
Doon 545
Inwood 477
Larchwood 450
Little Rock 399
George 394
Lester 225
Beloit 200
Granite 50
Edna 25
Lakewood 20
Total 4,551


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