By J.K. Medberry

This society, which is an auxiliary to the Modern Woodmen, was organized in 1894, for the purpose of providing for the wives and daughters of Woodman, fraternal insurance and the social benefits of the camp, and also to permit those members of the Modern Woodmen of America who so desire to increase their insurance.  It this provides a means whereby the wife, daughter or mother of a Woodman may carry cheap protection as well as the head of the family. 

The camps are separated from the Modern Woodmen of America and the ritualistic work is entirely different, being taken from the pages of Holy Writ and especially adapted for drill team work.  The order has become very popular with the ladies and as it is not incumbent on the applicant to take insurance, quite a number join for the social features only.  Their meetings are instructive and entertaining and the order has become one of the strong fraternal organizations and has before it a bright future.

Although every town in the county has a Modern Woodmen camp, and should have a camp of the Royal Neighbors, there is but one camp in the county.  Crystal Camp No. 3383 which was instituted at Rock Rapids, March 9, 1903, by Mrs. Josie Briggs, with ten beneficiary and 15 social members.  The first officers were M.E. Feehan, oracle; Carrie Snethen, vice-oracle; Etta Wright, recorder, and Pauline Rohik, receiver.  The camp is in fine working order and now has 15 beneficiary and 28 social members.  Mrs. Carrie Snethen, the present oracle, is constantly working to advance the interests of the order and under her efficient leadership the camp has before it a bright future.

Rock Rapids, Ia., July 6, 1904


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