The obligations of marriage go back as far as we have any history of mankind and the keeping of such sacred vows, with proper observance of the home relations and all its kindred ties, are the base of all that is noble and beautiful among all civilized nations of the globe.  Upon the homes resulting from marriage stands the superstructure of communities, states and nations.

The official marriage record of Lyon County discloses the fact that during its thirty-two years of existence, twenty-three hundred and forty-eight marriage licenses have been issued, the first bearing date of March 28, 1872,  It was issued by D.C. Whitehead, then clerk of the Circuit Court, holding his office at the hamlet of Beloit.  The contracting parties were Mr. Sevor Evanson, aged twenty-eight, and Miss Helbor Thompson, aged 18, both of Nobles County, Minnesota.  The ceremony was performed by George Monlux, a justice of the peace.

During 1872, licenses were granted also to Levi Whitesell and Rhoda Hamlin; Fred Keep and Ruby Carpenter; G.R. Badgerow and Jane Hyde.

1873--Rufus A. Goodale and Hattie B. King; Fred Bangert and Maria Stagamen; Claus C. Jacobson and Bergena J. Matterson; Thos. B. Pierce and Amanda A. Jenkins; Issac H. Robbins and Ellen Patty; R. Van Sickle and Mary E. Crawford; David Martin and Evangeline Henson; Evan C. Hanson and Esther Ann Jones; Wm. F. Hopkins and Hellen Rice; Bennett Gilbertson and Maria Highlander; Henry A.C. Stevens and Harriet Fulmer; Albert Sechler and Flora Reynolds.

1874--Geo. A. Spilman and Anna E. Bright; James L. Rice and Mary J. Hopkins; John J. Thomas and Maggie Wood; Silas Hanson and Mary Baker; Chas. E. Goetz and Gora Thorson; Frank Gay and Emma Trowbridge; Andrew Swanson and Johanna Pearson; Wm. H. Francis and Hannah Nelson; B.S. Cook and Elvira Hanson; C.F. Curtis and Jame Whaley; Abe Finkelston and Isabella Sorenson.

1875--Hans Johnson and Maria Scram; Henry Conklin and Ida Whitehead; M. Dickenson and Hannah R. Shade; H.E. Frost and Martha M. Demerest; John H. Kendall and Miss A. Hopkins; Joel S. Hodge and Martha J. Chaun; C.M. Hollister and L.C. Parks; I.I. Burget and Nannie L. Fisher.

1876--A.H. Jeffry and Anna C. Demerest; Henry O. Whitehead and Francis V. Brooks; M.M. Clark and C.K. Reynolds; Alonzo Holliday and Ida Walters; Alva D. Fobes and Ida A. Trowbridge; Chas. D. Barnett and Ella Price; Daniel F. Shoffer and M. Barnett; A.P. Tubbs and Eva Fulner; John Winter and Hanchen Woolen; Tobias Wanson and Matilda Adamson; C.D. Fisher and Ella Tyler.

The following will show the increase of marriages, with the passing years, since Lyon County was organized to the present time:


1872 3 1889 55
1873 10 1890 54
1874 13 1891 59
1875 8 1892 84
1876 14 1893 69
1877 12 1894 210
1878 11 1895 156
1879 12 1896 157
1880 14 1897 182
1881 18 1898 80
1882 23 1899 152
1883 15 1900 192
1884 20 1901 168
1885 24 1902 226
1886 24 1903 193
1887 33
1888 58 Total 2,348


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