The three town sites around which clusters most of the business commencements in Lyon County, are Rock Rapids, Doon, and Beloit, hence will here be placed on the pages of history the names of those who constructed the pioneer band.

At Beloit, in 1872, the business factors were: J.A. Carpenter & Sons, proprietor of the Beloit saw and flouring mills; Goetz & Thorson, real estate and tax paying agents; Keep & Carpenter, general merchandise; H.T. Helgerson, farm implements and proprietor of Lyon County nursery; M. Nelson, hardware; K. Gesley, harness maker.

In 1872, at Doon were: M.W. Jeffries, general dealer; the Lyon County Press, L.B. Raymond & Company, propreitors; James H. Wagner, real estate; G.R. Badgerow, real estate: Geo McQueen, real estate; S.C. Hyde, real estate and surveyor.

The dealers and professional men in 1872 at Rock Rapids were: Van Sickle Brothers, general dealers; T.K. Bradley, general dealer; D.C. Whitehead, attorney and real estate; Mount Brothers, real estate and insurance; Smith & Monlux, agricultural implements; Rock Rapids Review, O.A. Cheney, proprietor; J.F. Eccleston, attorney; Eathon Allen, real estate and county surveyor, Rock Rapids Hotel, T.E. Convers, proprietor; Rock River Nurseries, D.E. Sweet, owner.


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