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William Oldenburg, who has been a resident of Logan township, Lyon county, for nearly a dozen years, and in that time has demonstrated his own ability as a farmer and his standing as a man and a citizen, was born in Davenport, Iowa, September 18, 1863.

William Oldenburg

Frederick Oldenberg, his father, was a farmer who was born in Germany and came to America in 1857 a single man. William was the third member of a family of eight children, and grew up on the farm near the city of Davenport, where he had plenty of hard work, and finished his education after passing through the common school, at the Duncan Business College.

William Oldenburg spent some time on the farm after completing his business course, and in 1887-1888 spent the most of his time in Nebraska, having a large lumber yard at Benningten in that state.

Mr. Oldenberg, and Miss Neta Kuzhper were married in 1891. She was a native of Scott county, Iowa, while her father, Fritz Kuelper, was a farmer and a native of Germany. To this union were born: Stela, Malinda, Esther, Willbur and Amanda.

Mr. Oldenberg had returned from Nebraska and been a resident of Scott county three years before his marriage; he remained in that county for three years after that event, and in the spring of 1904 came to Lyon county where he bought his present farm in section 23, Logan township, which he has greatly improved. His house has the following dimensions: 16 by 28, 16 by 20, and 12 by 12 feet; the barn and granary is 40 by 50 feet; there are corn cribs, a chicken house, a hog house, and generally a complete set of buildings for the farm requirements. The farm grove is thrifty, and a young orchard, mainly of apples, cherries and plum trees is coming forward rapidly. The farm now comprises one-half the section, and is considered one of the most desirable in the county. Mr. Oldenburg is a prominent citizen of the county, has been assessor of the township for six years, and is now president of the school board. On another page of this volume will be found a portrait of Mr. Oldenburg.


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