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T. Isebrand is one of the leading citizens of George, Lyon County, and has won the respect and confidence of the community by his industrious habits and marked integrity. He is still in the prime of life, and his friends foresee useful and prosperous years for him.

The George Courier was established in 1895, and very shortly became the only paper in George, as the Kodak, which had been running, suspended publication on the appearance of the Courier, leaving the way free for its energetic young rival. Mr. Isebrand and Mr. Culver, then principal of the George schools, bought the Courier, from which Mr. Culver retired in April 1903 in favor of his partner who has since been the sole owner of the paper. It is Independent in political matters, and is a favorite with the people of George, to whose interests it is devoted.

Mr. T. Isebrand was born in Germany in 1852, and was brought by his parents to this country in 1860. They located near White Rock, Illinois where they spent some eight years, and then removed to Grundy County, Iowa, becoming pioneers in the settlement of what was then largely a wilderness.

There young Isebrand worked at farming, and he earned wages and saved them, displaying the economical and prudent spirit inherited from his race and blood. This he carefully invested and is now the owner of two thousand and four hundred acres of land, seven hundred of which is in contiguity to George and is under a high state of cultivation. The first land which he bought in 1886 was then worth ten dollars an acre and is now worth seven or eight times that much.

T. Isebrand was married in 1881 to Miss Hattie Primus, and they have a family of seven children: John, Elizabeth, Henry, Helen, Dena, Clarence and Orval. All attend the Christian church. Mr. Isebrand is a Republican. He has been a member of the school board for five years, for three years of that time being president of the board. At present he is a member of the city council, where his conservative spirit and sound business sense command much attention. Mr. Isebrand considers that much of his success has come from his general farming, and his attention to stock and grain.


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