Doon Businesses


First National Bank in the Twenties

Left to Right: Louie Dehn, Frances McDowell, C.R. McDowell and Mr. Armistead.
There has been little change to the interior of this bank which is now known as Valley State Bank.


Boscaljon-Braham Garage in 1927

Left to Right: First person unknown, Roy Ricke, Jake Braham, and Arie Boscaljon.
The garage was located about the middle of the block which now houses the locker portion of R & L Foods.


The block factory was located on the west edge of Doon, just about a quarter block north of the lumber yard. It was sold by Swenning Brothers in 1916 to Charles Aardema of Doon. The open air building was razed in the late 40's.


The Corner Cafe in the Thirties

Left to Right: Osca Schultz and wife, Florence Mann and Kate Witt.


August Kahl tending bar at the Cosmos Cafe

Pictured here is the late August Kahl, tending bar in the early forties. The customer was Martin Atkins. Kahl was an early day resident of Doon and at an earlier time operated a theatre in the "silent" days in the same building. This building is now the cafe portion of Dan's Steakhouse and Lounge.


"I will fix your shoes Tomorrow"

Many older Doon residents will remember William Derp best as "the Shoester." Derp came to Doon sometime in the 1890's. His shop was located across the street east from the present fire station. (The building to the right was George Graham's wood working shop.)
Derp who spoke in a heavy German accent, assured all customers "I will fix your shoes tomorrow." Derp never married. He was noted as a considerable fiddle player; and he entertained his male friends in beer and fiddle playing parties that rocked the rafters of the old shoe shop (and brought the wrath of the town fathers upon him.) William Derp, the shoester, died in about 1930.


The Bonnie Doon Hotel



Doon Extension Company

Once Doon boasted of "an elegant 50 room hotel." It was built by Doon's founding father, Henry D. Rice and was razed in the 1940's. It was located at the present site of Northwest Manufacturing.
Above is a line drawing of the early-day Bonnie Doon when Rice also owned the Doon Extension Company.


This was Doon's Drug Store, complete with soda fountain and much more!


The Doon Livery Barn

Located just south of the Bonnie Doon Hotel


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