by Galen Lawrence

It is amazing how an old wood frame building could be the center of so much fun and enjoyment to a community. It was well suited for plays and operettas as it was complete with curtain, stage and dressing rooms. It paled in comparison to today's modern facilties, but it served the purpose in Doon's early and middle years.

In the early days, traveling shows would come to town and perform in the old hall, which, at that time, the writer believes was called the opera house. It probably received its new name from the Woodman Society who held their meetings there.

In later years it was the social center of the town with all the high school plays and operettas, public dances, Legion parties, band concerts and basket socials held there. Of course all the local basketball games were played there with the fans on the stage, along the sidelines, in the balcony and on the stairs leading to it. A huge stove or furnace sat in the northwest corner and a number of players were scorched when coming in contact with it. On the other ends of the hall were swinging doors through which many a player was forced when making a 'lay-up' and found himself out on the sidewalk.

The old hall found its usefulness diminished in the forties when Doon's new public school was completed.   It sold for $200 in 1942 to be salvaged by a local citizen. Doon's new modern fire station stands in its place.


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