Little Bits of Yesterday
Historical bits from the Doon Press files

Part One

by Galen Lawrence

1868-H.D. Rice pioneer settlement near forks of Little Rock and Big Rock Rivers which was destined to later develop into the incorporated town of Doon.

1869-Rice erects frame house...First on Rock River...Developed into a stopover for settlers.

1871-Doon established on 1st mail route through county...State line from LeMars to Luverne.

1872-First issue of Lyon County Press published by editor L.B. Raymond. It was claimed by the editor to be the first paper in Lyon County. The publisher goes into detail explaining why Lyon County was the best county in the 9th district...Lyon County was organized in January of this year and set off from Woodbury County... There were three civil townships: Doon, Rock, Lyon... The present site of Doon was surveyed and platted... 1st County fair held at Doon October 9th, 10th, and 11th complete with agricultural exhibits and racetrack.

1873-1883-Settlement at standstill as a result of grasshoppers, known as "The Plague Years."

1879-Omaha Railroad comes to town. Doon is southern terminal.

1880-North Doon is platted.

1881-One of the worst winters in Lyon County...Blinding snow storms and severe cold...raging floods in the sprng...bridges lost at Rock Rapids and Doon.

1882-Garfield Township organized...Doon Township is divided into two parts, Garfield being the east half and Doon being the west.

1888-Great blizzard of short duration but of very destructive nature...all the more so because there were few houses and windbreaks.

1889-Winter must be coming for H.D. Rice has put up the storm porch to the "Bonnie Doon" and he is one of our oldest inhabitants...The S.C.&N. depot is enclosed...W.S. Kaufman has now full possession of the Post Office. He is a good businessman and will no doubt fill the office with credit to himself and satisfaction to the patrons... More of Doon is platted September 6th by George Bowers, and Bonnie Doon on November 9th by Mary Hubbard... Lyon County Press started publications this year. Editor and proprietor B.H. Perkins... Dr. Gurney is looking after the drug store, which he is erecting here. Doon was fortunate in securing the doctor and he was also fortunate in escaping the semi-civilization of Sheldon and Rock Rapids... Mr. Mike Nagel has a horse that is 36 years old and apparently good for 10 more... Many strangers are seen on our streets lately. Indeed Doon is much visited... The Omaha Company is moving their stockyards to make room for new streets in our growing town... Duncan is siding up his meat market himself. We suppose he is what carpenters would call a wood butcher... Charles Creglow has purchased his books for the Doon Savings Bank, and they are elegant and complete. Charles will no doubt enjoy having them balanced to the cent.

1891-The WCTU will give a shadow sociable in the church parlor on Wednesday next, January 27th, all are invited...
MILK! MILK!! Enquire of B.F. Cogswell on Prospect Hill, south side of Main Street... Doon is incorporated! It would do no harm to have some of the ice removed from the sidewalks... The elevator and cleaning house is fast nearing completion and in a few days our people will hear its 6, 12, and 6 O'Clock whistle. Doon is going to be a rip-roarer and don't you forget it!... Kaufman says he has sold 48 lots and all of these will be built on this year... If you desire a beautiful complexion absolutely free from pimples and blotches, purify your blood by the use of Sarsaparilla... Loutsch and Scott closed a deal by which they disposed of their stock of goods to A.E. and F.A. Kahl of Belmond, Iowa. This is one of our best business firms.

1893-In the show windows of many of the business houses in Doon may be seen fine samples of corn grown in Lyon County this season, which cannot be beaten in the world... Louis Shatswell, 10 years old, was found dead in a cornfield from a bullet wound. The events leading up to the death were not known... John Curtis made an overland trip to Canton Tuesday... G.W. Holmes has just completed a barn on his property south of this office.

1894-File missing.

1895-File missing.

1896-Editor observes, "With the present fashions and colors in hats and gowns some of the garden parties this spring look like a picnic at an insane asylum"...
May 28, the Baptist will dedicate their new church building in Doon next Sunday... Water works a sure thing. Material will be shipped soon to begin construction of Doon's Waterworks system. First the tower and tank will be built. After 3 elections Doon has decided on the waterworks... Doon High's first graduating class graduates are-Roy Jenkins, Madge Durham, and Helen Scott.

1897-Mrs. Mary Hubbard attended the inauguration of William McKinley... A grand Valentine Masquerade Ball will be given at Montgomery Hall February 12-supper served at Mrs. Kirch's at 50 cents a couple... Doon was cut off from the rest of the world by floods, bridges washed away, and railroads closed for an indefinite time. Wagon bridges in all directions yielded to the pressures if water and ice... Invitations are out for a grand social ball to be given in Doon tonight. A Sioux City harpist has been secured... Pat Fitzgerald of Rock Valley is doing mason work at the foundation for the water tower...Doon businessmen have subscribed for a telephone line between Hoff's drug store and depot... The price paid for grain in Doon will be as high as any. Doon has, if anything, a little advantage of shipping facilities and 6 elevators in Doon make for keen competition.

1898-Commencement exercises will be held June 3rd for Doon High's first graduating class. The graduates are Roy Jenkins, Madge Dunham, and Helen Scott... Graham and Clipper built a row boat this week, is intended to be used as a torpedo boat destroyer in our war with Spain and will be launched in Mud Creek next week... Doon is considered a mighty lively town. The carpenters hammer is heard from early morn till dewey eve. No groups of men congregate on dry goods boxes or sit on the edge of the sidewalk talking idle gossip. Improvements are going on continually, and one can hardly keep track of the growth... John Hasche has leased the Zorn meat market... A young woman was asked why she didn't get married. Her reply will give young fellows forming habits something to think about. Here it is. "I have considerable money of my own-I have a parrot that swears, a monkey that chews, and a stove that smokes, so you see that I am not very badly in need of a husband"... Ramaker finished grinding this year's crop of sugar cane last Saturday. He made 1,500 gallons of genuine sorghum this fall and expects to double that quantity next season.

1899-J.R. Kelley has opened a harness shop in the August Kahl building... Local postmaster Eilers says "NO letters will be delivered until they are received. And don't blame me if Aunt Minnie didn't write!"...Dr. Brink, C. Ross and several others will put in telephone lines between their places of business and residences as soon as spring opens... The Garfield lyceum at the Weatherly School House Tuesday night was well attended-the question for the next meeting is resolved-"That there is more pleasure in pursuit than possession." ...$600 of the latest improved machinery will be added to the Doon Creamery soon. The farmer will be able to get his butter made for 3 cents a pound... Dr. Brott arrives in Doon... A Gun Club has recently been organized... A new tin roof has been put on the Doon Savings Bank... The Old Maids Convention is to be held June 19... A lawn social at the home of A.S. Gillin proved to be very profitable.

1900-The hog market is on the boom. The top price paid at Sioux City Wednesday was $5.10... A large number of new hitching posts have been placed along Hubbard Avenue last week... C. Ross supplied his customers with some very beautiful calendars... A special train was run over the Doon branch to Adrian, Minnesota for a ball game there. The special pulled 276 passengers... The Catholic Church is being repaired, a new steeple is being built, and the whole building will be repainted... 65 teams were counted on the street at one time last Saturday. This is a good showing and it proves that Doon is strictly it when it comes to business... Mr. Creglow is having a sidewalk built along his property south of the Bonnie Doon Hotel. A large gasoline lamp was put up on Main Street. If it proves satisfactory several more will be put up... The Omaha railroad has put on a special stock train between here and Luverne to run every Monday night. It leaves the Doon terminal at 8:30.

1901-The City Meat Market in Doon was closed a few days this week but has reopened under the management of Mr. Zorn... Doon is to have a brass band. Homer Skinner, Walter Gurney, Charles Buschane, Chester Harvey, and Charles Carver have already procured their instruments and enough others have decided to make it a full band... H.D. Rice is making an efficient landlord, keeping his Bonnie Doon Hotel in first class style... Charles Rocker was again tried for the murder of August Schroeder after new evidence had been found. He was found guilty and sentenced to prison... The firemen have put new gangs on their hose carts... Marshall's salary raised to $45. M. Rodman hired... Chancy McDowell has severed his connections with the Omaha Company as agent and is now assisting in the Doon Savings Bank.

1902-The kangaroo walk is the latest dance step... Cement sidewalks gradually becoming "the Vogue... Henry Kahl is preparing to open his new dry goods and grocery store in Doon... Doon mill is running again after being closed for repairs... The Mann boys sawed a large pile of wood for the Bonnie Doon Hotel this week.

1903-H.D. Rice passes on to his heavenly reward, his remains were returned to New York.

1904-The Bonnie Doon Hotel opened with George Jeffers as proprietor and manager... Summer school has an enrollment of 42. The instructors are B.T. Yowel who has economics, history, physiology, reading and orthography; W.S. Wilson who had didactics, civics, arithmetic, physics, and bookkeeping; and A.W. Grisell, who has algebra, grammar, and orthography... Weddings of interest-Minnie Kahl and George Cobb; Minnie Drever and William Martin; Margaret Swenning and George Honert... Dr. C.L. Guerney, long time doctor and drug store operator dies. The funeral was conducted in the Congregational Church with Rev. Watts officiating... Jack Collenbaugh says John Curtiss is too affectionate to be a good liveryman.

1905-Elsie Bowers and A.H. Thompson married... George Graham and crew commenced the work of remodeling the Woodman Hall on Tuesday. When the hall is completed Doon will have a neat and comfortable house to hold her entertainments... Otto Westphal was Santa Claus at the Congregational Church program. Henry Fleck played the same part at the Baptist Church... More marriages-Sophia Helmers and George Smith; William Klien and Katie Fink; Herman Witt and Anna Drier... Get your oilcans filled at George DeBey's Hardware Store with Coad's Oils. Never smokes the lamp chimney, the safest, and gives the best light... 'Tain't no use to sit and whine, when no fish get tangled in your line, bait your hook with a bumble bee, and keep on taking Rocky Mountain Tea--.A. Hoff... Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nagel celebrated their 25th anniversary. Between three and four hundred people were present... Cooking exhibition at the DeBey Hardware.

1906-The bowling alley is still the main center of attraction. It's owned by Mr. Kahre... George Graham and crew are erecting a large barn for Mike Fox... More weddings take place this year-Wallace Trigg and Mable Flemming; Henry Kahl and Claudia Fitzgerald; Roy Mann and Matilda Wills; Vera Mead and Clarence Lamberston... Mike Geraghty arrived in Doon to accept a position in the McKay Barber Shop... Bridge over the Little Rock, east of Doon, has been newly planked and fixed up generally... Marshall Searles was ordered to gather up all the gambling slot machines-which he did... Henry Kahl had a great remodeling sale... Pupils of Miss Hazel Eilers had a recital in the Congregational Church. Pupils were-Regina Achatz, Helen Glissman, Laura Harvey, Delia Lulen, Walter House, Anna Solon, Minnie Dykstra, Alice Bowers, Ella Glissman, Esther Anderson, Winifred Elelis, Mattie Pickett, Lorena Ross, Mildred Ross, Jenie Harvey, Myrtle Peterson... Council members this year-C. Ross, Dr. Brott, Fox, Drier, and Reynolds... Bonnie Doon Hotel to reopen, J.F. Berger new owner... George Keiths move back from Kansas... Round trip to California via the North Western line--$56.75... Council orders cement sidewalk built within 30 days from May 31st.

1907-File missing.

1908-Weddings: Effie Grice and Charles Sawyer; Genevieve Solon and Howard Vosburg... Dr. Chalmers, who recently came to Doon takes a wife-Miss Martha Jeffer becomes his bride in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Jeffers... Editor Fitzgerald predicts someday man will stand on the moon... A prompt alarm, turned in by Jake Mann, helped in keeping a fire at the Plymouth Elevator confined to the building. The elevator with 2,000 bushels of grain was totally destroyed... Doon High graduates-William Van Vhiet, Mable Collenbaugh, Alice Bowers, Robert Williams, Mable Swening.

1910-Mr. J.A. Hoff, who has been in business in Doon for 17 years, sold his drugstore to J.C. Becker of Ashton... Pupils in the Garfield Township school who were neither absent or tardy for the month of January-Walter Hoppe; Alma Weise; Ida Finck; Faith Reynolds; Conrad Otten; Ralph Otten; Gustav Nagel; Anna Nagel... George Cobb of Ford Motor Company of Doon announcing sale of superior Ford cars. Model T Touring car had following accessories and sold for $1,000; magnets, 3 kerosene lamps, 2 gas lamps, windshield, speedometer, tools, tire tools, gas lamp generator... Weddings-Minnie Feikema and Samuel Langhout; Minnie Worth and Floyd Weatherly; Alice Bowers and Arthur White... Doon High graduates-Henry Glissman, Ruth Achtz, Floyd Ross, Laura Greely, Lawrence Edwards, Ella Glissman, Fred Collenbaugh, Grace Van Hoogdalen... First Reformed Church of Doon was solemnly
dedicated. Rev. T. Douwstra presided.

1911-File missing.

1912-Weddings-George Swenning and Stella Rogers; Susan Drier and Willim Kersbergen; Nellie VanEngen and Henry Kosler; Frances Greely and Henry VanDallen; Carl Meyers and Hattie Berg; Ella Smith and Charles DeGroot; Gerrit Kirkvliet and Matilda VanAcken; Jens Rudi and Martha Engleking; Celia Engleking and Hugo Schlimme... Mayor Bowers called his councilmen to order-Fleck, McDowell, Schopp and Lewis. Motion carried that Henry Reyelts be allowed to operate a single ten pin bowling alley on Lot 4, Block 12... New furniture store opened for business in the Mason building west of the post office by Herman Johnson... Lou Witt sells Corner Cafe to Will Curtis... Class of 1912-Hazel Richardson, Donald Hayes, Althy Buschenfeld, Lorena Ross, Mildred Ross, Ethel Hays, Dena Gillan, Vinal Barrett... Herman Klein, and sister Laura, drown in Big Rock River. Mrs. W.E. Klein narrowly escapes drowning in attempt to save them.

1913-A jolly bunch of the "Henpecks" and their wives surprised the H.R. Vosburgs. They came laden with baskets of food... John Case, (Civil War Vet, and long time resident of Doon,) dies at age of 73... Weddings of note-William Barton and Matie Sands; Edward Loveless and Pearl Sands; Jesse Searles and Clara Warne; Andrew Klovstad and Martha Twitt; Mary Achatz and John Becker; Lena Smith and Roy Penning; George Heine and Alice Johnson; Clinton Vosburg and Ruth Johnson... While working on the Great Northern Bridge near Fargo, Ed Mann was involved in an accident, which broke his right arm, right leg and ankle... The Scholtens, Weatherlys, Nagels, Keiths, Foxes, and Barrets gathered together at the Maple Grove School for a spooky but happy Halloween evening of fun... New consistory members at the First Reformed Church were George DeBey, William Boscaljon, and Mr. Schilt... Graduating class for 1913-Anna VanDaalen, Dale Buchanan, James Harvey, Howard Reynolds, Esther Anderson, and Hugo Glissman.

1914-Bull Motor tractor for sale. Does the work of 5 horses on drawbar, and 12 horses on belt. Only $395... Doon finally had a number of real auto accidents-Saturday morning Arie Boscaljon and Ed Moore collided at VanDallen corner. W.S. Gillan, Andrew Christensen, Henry Reyelts and C.F. Fitzgerald were going to the Thyne Brothers sale when at the top of a hill a dog took after them and the machine somehow overturned. No fatalities resulted from either accident... Bonnie Doon changes hands again. It is now the property of John and M.D. Swenning, now hotel keepers; G.L. Honert will operate the business for them... Lancaster Barber Shop will now be known as Lancaster and Bartholomew... George Lewis meets with serious accident. Death was narrowly avoided when Mr. Lewis was penned under his overturned car. He was chanced upon almost immediately by Dr. Chalmers. He, with other neighbors and passersby, finally lifted the car enough to allow his freedom. Through excellent doctoring and care he is expected to recover... Doon High graduates-Lillian Ross, Rich Ricke, Lyle Ricke, Wendell Harvey, Bertha Bunning, Ida Thompson, Sadie Visser, Bessie Visser, Howard Homes, Vera Minton, Anna Heyne, Alice Kloek, Omme Penning, George Moore, Monte Hodge, Beatrice Minton, Lena Durnell... Weddings-Frank Achatz and Susan Lamb; Walter Linton and Alva Hodge; Noah Penning and Elizabeth Johnson.

1915-File missing.

1916-Rich Ricke bought out his partner, Herman Bunge, in the Opera House and also bought the Cosmo Theater from Frank Achatz and Charles Higgens. Ricke will own the Cosmo...Doon streets will be dust free. Drayman Mackel has purchased a sprinkler wagon for this purpose... W.S. Gillen, prominent in the mercantile business here, died after a lingering illness... The Swenning Brothers sold their cement block plant to Charles Aardema of Sioux Center... J.L. Weatherly will conduct services in the Congregational Church here next Sunday... Miss Lulu Bowen left to teach school again in Park City, Montana... Doon, Alvord and Lester met on Davis Court to decide the tennis champions of Northwest Iowa... The Manus Rodmans of Spencer, South Dakota moved into our locality... Col. Andrew Brower local auctioneer has purchased the Southside Hardware Store... Livestock shippers November 16th-1 car hogs each: J.H. VanEngen, Henry Kosters, John Doherty, Ben Witt, Herbert Howen, Mike Johnson, and Peter Schwartz; car cattle: Henry Reylets, Gerrit Klock.

1918-Farewell party for Dr. and Mrs. Chalmers... Organization of the Lyon County Farm Bureau completed... Red Cross workshop open... George Bowers doing a good real estate business... Wedding Bells-Floyd Richardson and Clare Almeda Lutzke... August Kahl has purchased one half interest in the Cosmo Theater, Doon's popular playhouse... Boscaljon and Brahm sell repair business at their garage to Kay and VerDoorn... Bernard Mann is wearing his arm in a sling-result of trying to crank his father's Ford car... Roy Searles moves here... Many Veterans served from the Doon area. There were 6 casualties in WWI... Dr. Brott died suddenly at his home. He had been a fine practicing doctor in Doon for 20 years... C. Ross gave his Sunday school class a treat yesterday by taking them to the fair... Red Cross Auction brought $3,150. The highest price paid was $126. for one freshly laid egg. Otto Westphal has been painting many buildings on Main Street... After October 10th telephone operators will not be permitted to tell the time of day or whether the train is late or on time... Congo Church bell rings every morning at 8:15-all people of Doon should lift your hearts in prayer.

1919-Arthur Clemens moves back to Doon... E.C. Konicek is back at his old job at the First National Bank after his time in service. Lou Penning is also back at his rural mail carrier route... Claus Buis is repairing the John DeBey house he purchased... Gus Ricke sold his 44-acre farm to Otto Westphal for $150 per acre... White McCauley, of Coal City, Indiana returned to Doon to work for Manus Rodman... Andrew Flitch sold his quarter 3 miles SW of Doon to a M. Kooima of Rock Valley, at $300 an acre... Doon's oldest Civil War veteran, John Shatswell, dies... New clerk at Hoff's is Miss Alma Nagel. Sadie Visser is the new clerk at the bank... Weddings-Floyd Lehman and Alma Nagel; Cleon Lawrence and Rachel Reynolds; Ira Noteboom and Alice Mulder; George DeBey and Mrs. A.S. Schilstra; Elnora Fisher and Vinal Barrett... Gus Ricke purchased the Dr. Chalmers home for $4,500... Wright Holmes, former lumberyard manager in Doon, dies in Waterloo... Elmer Mead and George Klock leave for college... Kersbergen sells City Cafe to T.A. Ross... J.A. Hoff Drug Store to Floyd Ross and Hugo Glissman... Honert sells Bonnie Doon Hotel to Charles Weibers of White, South Dakota... Carl Nagel buys interest in Pool Hall and Billiard Parlor... New mail carriers Rich Ricke and Carl Nagel.

1920-Frank Smith returns to Doon from Illinois... Cornelius and Henry Ross entertained at a stag party at the C. Ross residence... Dr. Kooiker bought the Robert DeYoung house one block south of the Congo Church for $8,000... Married-Frank Smith and Goldie Van Gorkam; Cornelius Bloomendaal and Hattie Bakker; Cornie DeBondt and Marie Visser; Elsie Kirk and Thomas Norris; Harry Smith and Mayme Fox; George Scholten and Myrtle Halvorson; Rich Ricke and Laura Shaw... Doon students win honors in Declamatory Contest-Marian McDowell, Opal Searls, and Cecelia Klock... Mrs. Richard Ricke was treated at a Sioux Falls hospital after swallowing a tack... Doon is getting a new sewer... Herman Bunge completed his new house in the SE part of town... Charles Kohnen started digging the basement for his new home on Main Street... James Scholten and Peter Decker bought the KT Cafe... Mrs. A. Hodge received first prize on her butter at the county fair. Mrs. George Graham got second prize on her angel food cake... Bank puts in safety deposit vault... Married-Coyla Weatherly and Tim Rohweller; Clarence Eder and Kathryn Feikema; Fred Johnson and Karoline Finck.

1921-Carl Nagel and Magdalene Laackmann married.

1922-High School Class-Henry Scholten, Arnold Ross, Opal Searles, Beulah Kahl, Hendrienna Visser, Melvin Swenning, Kathryn Schilstra, Amy Hodge... Married-Elsie Brinkhouse and Roy Ricke.

1923-The Woodmen held their annual installation. Officers were-M.R. Karpen, C.F. Krueger, Will Schmidt, C. Ross, Joseph Kleespies, M. Brinkhous, W.F. Schultz, and George Schmidt... 250 tons of ice put up by Chris Nelson and crew... Hazel Dewey entered State Normal College at Cedar Falls... Monte Hodge has taken a job at the City Meat Market... Barn Dance was held at the John Gately farm... Elsie Klein left for Des Moines to resume nurses training... Married--Anna Frank and Peter Wiese; Nonie Aardema and Grace Groen; Ralph Ray and Alice Klock; Fred Brouwer and Wilma Den Hartog; Nick Jacobsma and Bertha Brunning; John Levering and Hattie Slob; Faith Reynolds and Lester LeVesConte... Dr. E.J. Bild arrived in Doon and is the new town doctor... The world's Baseball Series started. Returns are being received at the Glissman Pharmacy, being phoned down from R.R. where they are received by radio.

1924-Laid to rest-Harry Watke was struck by lightning and killed instantly last Monday. Funeral at the Lutheran Church in Alvord... We solicit your patronage Shaves and Haircuts - 10 and 25 cents - Children 15 cents - The Baker Barber Shop... Bonnie Doon sold at Sheriff's sale. Sale was held to satisfy a judgement held by John Bunning... High School Grads-Anna Aardema, Sylvia Swenning, Gertrude Mann, Genevieve Kleespies, Leona Ricke, Elmer Athens, Delmar Honert, Wallace Trigg... Barn dance at the P.W. Moeller Farm NE of Doon. Music by stringed trio. All are cordially invited... VanDer Meer opened a new bakery in town last week. He reports a good patronage... Marriages-Albert Pap and Susie VanEngen, and at the same ceremony-Dick VanEngen and Henrietta Pap; Jake Gorter and Lucy Buwalda; Belle Spinden and Newton Davis; Ethel Holtrop and Jacob Boer; R. Armistead and Lillian Logan.

1926-Eight graduate from High School-Sylvester Buis;, Francis Mann, Clifton Ross, Alice Johnson, Walter Schultz, Jr., Charles Bild, Clare Hodge, and Arend Hoff... John Meyer is driving a new Jewett Coach... The city officials made a deal Monday in which they sold the town hall (the Old Baptist Church Building) to the Protestant Christian Reformed Church for $1900... A new tennis Club was organized. Doon will have tennis again!... Marshall Harm Koltoff got a raise of $10 - His monthly salary is now $90...Contractor A.W. Anderson is starting on a new barn on the Landman Brothers farm west of Doon... J.A. Mann is driving a new sport roadster Buick... The "King of Trails" highway which passes through Doon takes a new name now and is known as US 75.

1927-The cosmo Cafe was packed Saturday evening with Doon Theatre goers who saw "All Around the Frying Pan"... Egg dealers must start candling eggs May 1st according to the Department of Agriculture... Hardware owned by the Scholtens will close, but George Scholten will continue with his efficient plumbing business... The First English Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Doon was organized... Officers of the church are-J.F. Kahlen, C. Ross, L.J. Dehn, C.D. Cornnick, John Hollander and Henry Reyelts... Wed-Gustave Nagel and Edith Gerdes; Albert Klein and Emilie Tank; Henry Ross and Ruth McCarty... Art Freese of Sioux Falls buys Drug store from Hugo Glissman.

1928-Melvin Thompson and Dale Hodge motored to Sioux City early Sunday morning on business. At least that's what Swede says... Junior Class Play-"Cyclone Sally." The cast included Homer Ross, Velma Chalmers, Elmer Klanderud, Elmer Bild, Martha Lewis, Dorothy Rodman, Effie Vardou and Florence Bunge... Dale Hodge sells Corner Cafe to Lou Laackman...

More wedding bells,-Viva Johnson and Otto Berg; Nellie DeGroot and John Pap; Rudolph Hasche and Alta Childress; Albert Hubers and Grace Bouwer; Albert VanEngen and Coba Levering; Alice Hoogland and John Hoff, Jr.; Arthur Visser and Jennie Graham; Robert Zorn and Emma Martens; Harold Zorn and Marie Kruse; Nicholas Koel and Grace VanEngen; Al Scholten and Thelma Nelson.

1929-Christian School Graduates-Elizabeth Brower, Helen Van Tol, Bernie Faber, Nick Zwaan, and Bessie VanTol. Sidney Wiersma, Principal.


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