Few Hollanders in Doon in 1910-1912

One does not usually think of a telephone directory as a historical document, but when it is old it becomes just that.

One such surviving Doon directory goes back to the years 1910-1912. The cover page of the 4x7 inch little booklet reads "Telephone Directory of the local and rural lines of the Doon Exchange, Will C. Moeller owner."

It was found in the 1960's when the old Doon town hall was razed. It has a buff colored cover and contains 36 pages, including instructions and troubleshooting hints as well as advertising. The directory is not dated but the listing of the Rev. F.G. Deker gives a certain clue to the date. The Reverend Deker was the first pastor of the Doon First Reformed Church and church records date his pastorate here as from October 3, 1910 to December 1912.

The directory is historically interesting because it lists the names of persons living in Doon and Doon rural area at this period. Obviously the list is not complete because everyone could not afford or justify the luxury of a telephone back then. Listed are 92 town telephones including both businesses and residents. The rural phones listed number 131.

Some curious items of the instructions are also found in the directory. The directory warns. "This telephone is not for your neighbor's use…Night service is from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and should be used only for doctor calls or emergency calls…Do not make calls during severe electrical storms…Talk within of transmitter…Replace weak batteries.

Listed here is the complete Doon town and Doon rural telephone list.




A--Atlas Elevator, A.W. Anderson, Will Anderson, J.J. Achatz Store, Will Anderson office.

B--John Balbach, Barber Shop, Dr. J.F. Brott office, Dr. J.F. Brott residence, Bank, J.T. Buchanan, George Bowers, Will Boomgaarden, Peter Baker, Charles Bartels, C.D. Buis Hardware, Herman Bunge, H. Bunge Store.

C--Dr. F. Chalmers office, Ben Clemmens, J.R. Claxton restaurant, Ben Cogswell, Will Curtis restaurant, J.M. Collenbaugh.

D--DeWald and Walters, George DeBey Implement, Omaha Depot, Great Northern Depot, Peter Deurloo, J. Becker Drug Store, Doon Sand and Gravel Pit, Rev. F.G. Dekker.

E--John Edwards.

F--J.D. Fleck Hardware, J.D. Fleck, Farmers Elevator, C.F. Fitzgerald.

G--R.J. Gillen, W.S. Gillen Feed Store, H.E. Glissman, Mike Geerdes.

H--H.D. Visser Harness Shop, John Hollander, Bonnie Doon Hotel, W.E. Holmes, Jim Harvey, John Hayse, George Heine, Fred Huizenga.

J--Joyce Lumber Company, J.J. Johnson.

L--Livery Barn, Masons Lodge Hall, M.W.A. Lodge Hall, Lewis and Clemmens.

M--C.R. McDowell, G.L. McGarry, John Mason, H.C. Miller Implement, Jim Masters, Will C. Moeller, Ralph Mishler, Jake Mann, F.A. Meyer.

N--E. Nester

P--Press Office, Post Office.

R--B. Richardson, Hugo Ross, F.H. Richardson, C. Ross Store, C. Ross, George G. Ross, Henry Reyelts, Rock Rapids Creamery Station, George G. Ross Feed Store.

S--Nellie Scott, C.P. Scott, Schoeneman Bros., John Schurman, A.C. Schoop, Anna Solon.

T--Ira Tompson, Mrs. John Triggs.




A--William Arp, A. Aardema, V. Aurit, Herman Arp.

B--F. Brunning, A. Brouwer, R. Beek, A. Beek, A. Boscaljohn, August Berg, C. Bornholtz, J. Brower, E.S. Barker, A. Brinkhaus, J.R. Bensen, H. Buma, Claus Boer, Will Barton, W. Boomgaarden, Jake Brinkhaus.

C--Dick Clausen, Jess Cogswell, H.M. Corwin.

D--G. DeBoer, John DeVries, M. DeBoer, H. DeGroot, John Doherty, B. Doherty, Jim Dwinell, Dick DeHartog, J. DeKnicker, N. DeRuyter.

E--Fred Engelking, Egge Brothers

F--Henry Frank, Andrew Flitch, George Fink, Mike Fox.

G--Henry Goetsch, Claus Grother.

H--Edward Harming, Henry Hasche, Herbert Howen, Claus Harder, F. Hoisington.

J--Henry Johnson, Fred Johnson, Johnson Brothers, Lew Johnson, J.L. Johnson

K--Fred Klein, John Kuvear, John Kramer, Peter Kramer, J.H. Kelley, Pat Kelley, Lew Kroeger, Herman Kroeger, Henry Kroeger, Severt Kooima, A. Klovestadd, Joe Kleespies, Henry Klein, August Klein, Ernst Klein, W.E. Klein, Jonas Klein.

V--John Van Dallen, Henry Van Dallen.


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