Highways 75 and 18
They Once Passed through Doon

Did you know that U.S. Highways 75 and 18 once passed through Doon?   The proof is in this 1927 Highway Map of Iowa.   Highway 75 then took a jog just north of Perkins and went west for 3 miles and then turned north into Doon. It skirted the west edge of Doon and then took the diagonal northeasterly to Rock Rapids by way of Lakewood.

Highway 18 jogged westward at Perkins and joined highway 75 through Doon.   It then crossed the river a mile north of Doon and about a half mile further turned west for a direct course into Inwood.  (Rock Valley then was not served by a federal highway.)

Old-timers recall highway 75 as the K-T (King's Trail) highway. It was a graveled roadway.

Notice Klaas Corner on the south edge of Doon.   It was listed on the map as a tourist camp and advertised: "Champlin Service Station, mile South of Doon, Champlin gas, oils, rest room, lunches, cold drinks."

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