From the Good Old Days

State Officers Raid Two Doon Homes,
Confiscate some Alcohol


June 4, 1936

Representatives of the Iowa State Liquor Commission, assisted by Sheriff J. M. McGuire and Deputy G. T. Naglestad, raided two Doon homes early Wednesday afternoon and secured a quantity of alcohol and "hootch."

At the _____________ home 10 bottles of alcohol were seized and 1 gallon, 2 quarts, and 2 pints of alcohol and hootch were taken by officers at the ___________ home.

Officers also raided and arrested other peddlers of illegal liquor residing at Alvord, Lester, Rock Rapids, Little Rock and George that day.

________ was out of town at the time his place was raided. ________ accompanied the officers to Rock Rapids and was later released after being placed under a $100 cash appearance bond.

Both _______ and _______ were slated for a preliminary hearing before Judge Hubes of Rock Rapids this Thursday.

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