Doon's Golden Girls

Laura Nelson, 97

Laura came to Doon in the 1920's from Wisconsin and because of ill health now resides in the nursing home in Rock Valley. She is 97 years old and one of the oldest ex-residents of Doon. Laura was an esthetic lady and loved her flowers, trees and garden. She was a charter member of the Doon Women's Club, was on the steering committee of the one time English Lutheran Church and was also instrumental in the development of the Doon Park.


Lorena Reynolds, 97

Lorena Reynolds was born in the small apartment above her father's store in the year 1894, and she claims to be the first baby born in the incorporated town of Doon. She is also the oldest living person born in Doon and the oldest living graduate of the Doon Public High School. Lorena married Howard Reynolds in September, 1921, and together they operated a very successful poultry farm, winning many awards with their Reynolds Leghorn hens. She lives alone in her home in Akron, Iowa, and at the age of 97, still enjoys her neighbors, her flowers, her birds and life itself.


Minnie Van Den Top, 95

Minnie Van Den Top, 95, was born in Doon, November 11, 1896, to William and Annie (Eggink) Burrgraaf. She moved with her family to South Dakota as a child, and returned to Doon in 1919, following her marriage to Jake Van Den Top. She and her husband were engaged in farming and they raised nine children, eight of whom still live in this area. They moved to town in 1961, and her husband passed away in 1966. Mrs. Van Den Top is affectionately known in Doon as "Grandma", and small wonder, as she is very proud of the fact that she has over one hundred great-grandchildren.


Vera Steen, 91

Vera Steen, 91, daughter of Charlie and Matilda (Zorn) Kruger, was born in the Bonnie Doon Hotel, and grew up in what is now the Ted Boersma home. She graduated from Doon High School in 1919. Her father was in the grain business and raised Percheron horses. After attending Nettleton College in Sioux Falls, she married Allen Steen and the couple had one son. Vera lived in Chicago for many years, doing secretarial work. She returned to Doon in 1975, to make her home. Vera's love of the piano is well known, and she has provided entertainment for many at various Dinner Date locations, Senior Citizen and Women's Club functions. Vera took a fall in early 1992, and at the time of this interview, was temporarily residing at the Health Center in Rock Rapids where she was receiving therapy.


Ethel McKeegan, 90

Long time Lyon County and Doon rural resident celebrated her 90th birthday in the 1st Congregational Church on April 19, 1992. She was born on the farm southwest of Doon where she has lived most of her life. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin and later worked in the advertising department of Bloomingdale's Department Store in New York City. Ethel has been a member of the Congregational Church since 1912, and she and her brother Stanley farmed the family farm for many years.


Lucy Gorter, 89

Lucy Gorter, 89, was born in Holland, but came to the Doon area with her parents John and Buwalda in 1911. She married Jake Gorter in 1924. They were engaged in farming in the Doon area. They couple had six children. Her husband passed away in 1958, and in 1963 Lucy moved to town.


Alice Mulder, 86

Alice Mulder, 86, was born on a farm near George, Iowa, to parents John and Katie Otten. She moved to the Doon area at a very early age and attended country schools. When the Doon Christian school opened, she was a member of the first eighth grade class to graduate. She married Joe Mulder, an area trucker and cattle buyer, who passed away some years ago. For many years Alice was the area "sewing lady".


Etta De Jong, 85

Etta De Jong, 85, was born on a farm near Rock Valley to Charlie and Ida (Postma) Anema. She married Manus De Jong and the couple had ten children. Upon retirement, the couple moved into town and Manus passed away six years ago.


Cynthia Van den Oever

Cynthia Van den Oever was born on a farm near Hull. Her parents were Pete and Barbara Van den Oever. She attended country school. About forty five years ago, Cynthia moved to Doon with her mother.


Tracy Aardema, 84

Tracy Aardema, 84, was born on a farm near Doon in 1908, to Herman and Sarah Zylstra. She was educated in the Doon Christian School. Tracy married Simon Aardema. He was engaged in the cement and concrete business. The couple had four children, and Tracy proudly states that all four of her children still live in the Doon area.


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