Doon's involvement in any war probably begins with the Civil War as some of its early settlers were veterans of that conflict.  A partial list of these would include: John Balback, Oliver Mann, J. Wagner, T.E. Hartson, and Charles Shultz.  Civil war veterans were especially encouraged to settle the new frontier  by being allowed to homestead a quarter section of land while nonveterans could only manage on '80.'  However only two townsips of Lyon County were subject to homestead rights, these being Grant and Dale.

One of the first Civil War veterans to arrive was J.B. Hartson.  He settled a short distance from Doon in 1868.  Herbert Hartson, son of J.B. Harlson, joined the G.A.R. and served his country in the Spanish American War about thirty-four years later.  He, together with C.B. Shatswell and Andrew Madsen were the first men to go to service from Doon.

The town was called upon to contribute in much greater measure in World War I.  Among the many veterans taking part in conflicts was the group who colorfully called themselves 'Doon's Dirty Dozen' picture here.

Casualties of the war were Jacob Brahm, Camp Dodge, Iowa, pneumonia, James H. McKeegan, Ames, Iowa, Spanish flue; Abbe Feikema, Tennessee, flu, Marinus Duerloo, Florida, flu, Preston McGarry, pneumonia; John Trigg, killed in action on Armistice Day; and Harry Klock.

World War II required the greatest patriotic efforts of all and 120 of Doon's citizens were called upon for war duty.  Those who gave their lives for that cause were Lawrence the Aleutians, Jake sea, and Behrends Germany and Henry Karsmeyer.

Two undeclared wars or 'conflicts' followed in recent years and at the present.  In the Korean Conflict (1950-1953) Doon contributed its fair share with 38 local veterans answering the call.  More than thirty local youth served in the Vietnam conflict.  There were injuries but no fatalities.

In the eighties several skirmishes occurred, namely the bombing of Gadafi, Grenada and Panama.

Desert Storm, the war of the nineties, precipitated by Saddam Hussein's take over of Kuwait, again called Doon citizens.  Serving in the Near East were Doug Jansma, Ronald Teunisen, Carl Surma and Sheila Mukler.

Not to be forgotten in the wars are the women who took part as nurses, WAVES or WACS.  Those people left on the home front quietly gave their all to help dispose of the disagreeable task of war as quickly as possible.


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