by Benjamin F. Reed, 1913
PP. 471-477


The James C. Taylor, G. A. R. Post, No. 165, was organized by Mustering Officer Col. Burrell, May 4, 1883.  The soldier in whose honor the post was named, Jas. C. Taylor, offered his services to the government soon after the opening of hostilities in the rebellion, and lost his life from disease while in a military camp at St. Louis.  He was the youngest son of Father Taylor; was among the first volunteers from this county, and was a member of Company F, Second Iowa Cavalry.

The first officers chosen were: L. A. Sheetz, commander; John Wallace, senior vice commander; A. E. Wheelock, junior vice commander; J. C. Heckart, quartermaster; Anthony H. Durant, sergeant; L. M. B. Smith, chaplain; R. H. Spencer, O. of D.; Hugh Waterhouse, O. of G.; John Reed, adjutant; A. A. Brunson, senior major; G. H. Lamson, quartermaster sergeant.

For a long period of years the evening of the 22d of February was given over to the old soldiers.  No greater crowd ever assembled in the rink or armory than at the annual “bean supper” banquets.  It was the principal social event of the year.  Old and young looked forward to its approach with pleasure.  The program following the banquet was so varied as to be instructive and entertaining.  Lofty eloquence frequently came from the lips and soul of local talent, and campfire stories were recalled and related by veterans.  Business and professional men had their turn in addressing an audience that would have been a credit to a Clay or a Webster.  The clergyman in particular found such occasions to be golden opportunities for inspiring the rising generation to be loyal to the Stars and Stripes.

When business changes caused the armory to be abandoned as an assembly room, the attendance at the bean suppers became less than formerly.  Moreover, the veterans have become to old to engineer the annual programs on these occasions with the same enthusiasm that they manifested during the thirty years following the close of the war.

The officers of the Post, whose terms expire January 1, 1913, are:  Col. R. H. Spencer, commander; H. C. Parsons, senior vice commander; Amos Stewart, junior vice commander; F. L. Ranney, adjutant; Alonzo Kennedy, quartermaster; D. A. Haggard, O. of D.; Geo. Turner, O. of G.; William Cleary, chaplain; C. W. Sarchett, P.S.

Following will be found the names of all those who are now, or have been members of the G. A. R. Post.  It is both possible and probable that the list will never again be printed.  When the next history of Kossuth County is written in thirty, forty or fifty years from now, there will be no Grand Army Post, no bean suppers, and no one to urge the publication of the names of the veterans who by that time will have been in their graves.  There is sadness in the thought that the list is being compiled for the last time, and that death will soon disband the organization forever.

LeRoy D. Setchell, Sergeant, Company B, Twenty-third New York Infantry.
L. M. B. Smith, Captain, Company H, First Wisconsin Cavalry.
P. L. Slagle, Corporal, Company B. Eleventh Minnesota Infantry.
R. H. Spencer, Captain, Company H, Tenth Wisconsin Infantry; Lieutenant Col., Forty-seventh Infantry, Brevt Colonel United States Volunteers.
Charles Wilkins, Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry, Company E, Corporal.
A. M. Horton, Company E, Sixth New York Cavalry, Private.
A. E. Wheelock, Private, Company E, Third Wisconsin Infantry.
J. C. Heckart, Company A, Thirty-second Iowa Infantry.
D. H. Hutchins, Second Lieutenant, Company E, Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry.
G. H. Lamson, Company A, Twenty-first Massachusetts Infantry, Private.
Samuel Benjamin, Second Lieutenant, Company E, Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry.
John Wallace, Private, Company A, First Wisconsin Cavalry.
A. H. Durant, Private, Company K, First Wisconsin Infantry.
E. Williams, First Lieutenant, Company K, Second Wisconsin Cavalry.
L. A. Sheetz, Adjutant, Eighth Illinois Infantry.
John Reed, Private, Company A., Thirty-second Iowa Infantry.
John N. Weaver, Private, Company D, Twelfth Iowa Infantry.
Hugh Waterhouse, Private, Company K, Second Wisconsin Cavalry.
A. A. Brunson, Company H. First Lieutenant, One Hundred and Sixth New York Volunteers.
H. C. McCoy, Private, Company F, Thirty-first Wisconsin Infantry and Assistant Surgeon.
D. C. Ackley, Sergeant, Company D, Fourteenth Ohio Battery.
O. H. Marvin, Private, Company H, Eleventh New York Infantry.
J. W. Robinson, Private, Company A, Eleventh New Hampshire Infantry.
Charles C. Chubb, Sergeant, Company E, Third Wisconsin Infantry.
Edwin P. Crockett, Private, Company F, Second Iowa Cavalry.
L. F. Robinson, Private, Company G, Sixteenth Wisconsin Infantry.
P. A. McGuire, Private, Company D, Nineteenth Wisconsin Infantry.
T. W. Gilbert, Private, Company A, Third Wisconsin Cavalry.

D. B. Avey, Private, Company B, Seventh Illinois Cavalry.
A. M. Johnson, Private, Company F, Thirty-first Iowa Infantry.
E. Loomis, Private, Company F., Thirty-first Iowa Infantry.
Colman C. Chubb, Private, Company A, First Wisconsin Cavalry.
F. C. Dormoy, Private, Company K, Seventy-fifth Illinois Infantry.
James Barr, Private, Company C, Twelfth Iowa Infantry and Assistant Surgeon.
J. B. Jones, Private, Company C, Thirty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry.
D. A. Haggard, Sergeant, Company C, Twenty-first Iowa Infantry.
Rufus Waltson, Private, Company H, 16th New York Infantry.
Paul Tromlee, Private, Company E, Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry.
James McConkey, Private, Company H, First Wisconsin Infantry.
Henry Brewster, Private, Company D, Twenty-fourth Wisconsin Infantry.
James M. Comstock, Private, Company A, First Wisconsin Cavalry and Captain Company F.
Frank Nicoulin, Private, Company E, Third Wisconsin Infantry.
A. G. Cornish, Private, Company K, Forty-seventh Illinois Infantry.
John E. Webster, Sergeant, Company D, Forty-third Massachusetts Infantry.
H. C. Parsons, Sergeant, Company C, Sixth Michigan Infantry.
John T. Davis, Revership “Ohio.”
Thomas Hanna, Private, Company E, One Hundredth Pennsylvania.
T. M. Clark, Corporal, Company G, Nineteenth, Wisconsin Infantry.
G. M. Parsons, Private, Company D, Twenty-fifth, Michigan Infantry.
D. D. Dodge, Second Lieutenant, Company D, Second Wisconsin Infantry.
William Peck, Private, Company A, Indiana Artillery.
Charles W. Parker, Private, Company F, Forty-fifth Pennsylvania Infantry.
Mark Simpkins, Private, Company D, Twentieth Wisconsin Infantry.
Sidney C. Cottrell, Private, Company B, Thirtieth Wisconsin Infantry.
M. B. Chapin, Private, Company C, Eleventh Minnesota Infantry.
James A. Archibald, Private, Company I, One Hundredth Pennsylvania Infantry
George H. Williams, Private, Company E, Thirty-second Iowa Infantry.
Jason W. Hull, Private, Company H, Thirteenth Wisconsin Infantry.
H. S. Vaughn, Company H, New York, Heavy Artillery.
Simon C. Spear, Private, Company C, Forty-second Massachusetts Infantry.
Henry H. Patterson, Private, Company F, Second Iowa Cavalry.
S. B. McClellan, Private, Company E, Ninth Illinois Calvalry.
W. M. Colby, Lieutenant, Company A, Forty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry.
J. Evans, Private, Company B, Forty-seventh Illinois Infantry.
Daniel McCain, Seaman, Ship No. Eight.
M. Hare, Private, Company I, Fourth Illinois Calvary.
H. W. Walston, Private, Company I, Ninety-first New York Infantry.
James Miracle, Private, Company A, Thirty-second Wisconsin Infantry.
Lafayette Turner, Private, Company G, Second Iowa Infantry.
Albert H. Phillips, Private, Company A, Thirty-fourth Illinois Infantry.
M. Stephens, Private, Company D, Fifth Illinois Infantry.
George C. Turner, Private, Company I, Sixteenth Iowa Infantry.
R. J. Hunt, Sergeant, Company B, Thirty-fourth Infantry.
C. E. Hyde, Private, Fourth Illinois Cavalry.
T. V. Robinson, Private, Fourth Minnesota Infantry.
A. W. Harmon, Private, Company C., Fourteenth Iowa Infantry.
Webster Cook, Private, Company F, Seventh Wisconsin Infantry.
Thomas Hodson, Private, Company D, Twenty-second Indiana Infantry.
John A. Millis, Private, Company B, Twenty-seventh Wisconsin Infantry.
S. I. Plumley, Private, Company G, First Indiana, Heavy Artillery.
G. W. Daniels, Private, Company I, Sixth Wisconsin Infantry.
G. W. Eddy, Private, Company I, Fifty-fifth New York Infantry.
E. Fitzsimmons, Private, Company K, One Hundred and Sixth Ohio Infantry.
Charles S. Porter, First Lieutenant, Company B, Thirty-fifth Iowa Infantry.
C. W. Sarchett, Private, Company C, Ninth Iowa Infantry.
N. C. Taylor, Private, Company C, One Hundred and Forty-second Illinois Infantry.
A. C. Johns, Private, Company F, Twenty-first Wisconsin Infantry.
John Ray, Private, Company A. Thirty-fifth Iowa Infantry.
W. H. Nycum, Private, Company C, One Hundred and Thirty-third Pennsylvania.
A. B. Shipman, Private, Company K, Second Wisconsin Cavalry.
T. W. Sarchett, Private, Company I, Forty-fifth Ohio Infantry.
William A. Sroufe, Sergeant, Company G, First Missouri Cavalry.
Adam Palmer, Private, Company F, Fifth Iowa Calvary.
Lemuel L. Foster, Private, Company K, Seventeenth Wisconsin Infantry.
Robert Henderson, Private, Company I, Seventh Iowa Infantry.
C. H. Turner, Private, Company I, Sixteenth Iowa Infantry.
L. C. Lindsay, Private, Company C, One Hundred and Fifth Illinois Infantry.
C. D. Creed, Private, Company A, Fourth Illinois Cavalry.
Michael Shea, Private, Company K, Forty-fifth Wisconsin Infantry.
Layfayette F. Carr, Private, Company G, First Indiana Artillery; Captain Company A, One Hundred and Forty-first Illinois.
C. L. Harris, Private, Company A, Second Ohio Cavalry.
A. E. Kennedy, Private, Company G, Fifteenth Massachusetts Infantry.
O. A. Potter, Private, Company D, Eighty-second Illinois Infantry.
Phil H. Carr, Private, Company I, Thirteenth Illinois Infantry.
James A. Orr, Private, Company E, First Pennsylvania Cavalry.
Steven Tjaden, Private, Company A, Thirty-second Iowa Infantry.
J. S. Esterly, Private, Company A. Thirteenth Iowa Infantry.
William H. Campbell, Seaman, Navy.
Alec Gillingham, Private, Company D, Second Pennsylvania Artillery.
John Sharp, Private, Company G, One Hundred and Seventh Ohio Infantry.
Thomas H. Lantry, Private, Mechanic, Q.M. Department.
William Decker, Private, Company F, Fourth New York, Heavy Artillery.
Joseph W. Bartlett, Private, Company H, Forty-sixth Iowa Infantry.
Joseph D. Crandell, Private, Company A. First Wisconsin, Heavy Artillery.
John Grover, Private, Company H, Second Wisconsin Volunteers.
Henry A. Smith, Private, Company H, Second Wisconsin Infantry.
George Smith, no record, Company A, One Hundred and Forty-third New York Infantry.
J. B. Jain, Private, Company K, Thirty-third Wisconsin Infantry.
O. F. Hale, Private, Company D, Forty-forth Ohio Infantry.
W. H. Fox, Private, Company F, Seventh Missouri Cavalry.
J. N. Fox, Private, Company F, Seventh Missouri Cavalry.
W. A. Chipman, Corporal, Company H, Forty-second Illinois Infantry.
Lewis P. Camvler, Private, Company H, One Hundred and sixth New York Infantry.
Remmington Bidgood, Private, Fourteenth New York Artillery.
Eugene Tellier, Private, Company H, Twenty-second New York Volunteer Infantry.
J. D. McDonald, Private, Company B, One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Infantry.
J. D. Starks, Private, Company F, One Hundred and Thirty-fourth Illinois Infantry.
John Lattimore, Private, Company C., Ninth Illinois Cavalry.
George C. Allen, Private, Company G, One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Illinois Infantry.
W. P. Winter, Private, Company B, Twelfth Iowa Infantry.
D. Manwaring, Private, Company I, One Hundred and Eighth New York Infantry.
John Tiss, Private, Company F, One Hundred and Eighty-sixth New York Infantry.
William B. Bossingham, Private, Company E, Thirty-first Iowa Infantry.
William Steele, Private, Company A, First Wisconsin Cavalry.
George M. Roe, Private, Company B, Eighth Illinois Cavalry.
John Chapin, Private, Company C, Twenty-first Iowa Infantry.
Russel Buckner, Private, Company K, Thirtieth Wisconsin Infantry.
George J. Green, Private, Company B, Eighty-third Pennsylvania Infantry.
A. B. Sheldon, Private, Company G, First Pennsylvania Reserve Artillery.
Benjamin Smith, Private, Company C, Seventy-sixth Illinois Infantry.
Robt. F. Hedrick, Private, Company D, Fourth Illinois Cavalry.
P. M. Barslou, Private, Company G, One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Illinois Infantry.
Ed Clemmens, Private, Company C, Fifty-second Illinois Volunteer Infantry.
W. W. Waldo, Private, Company B, Fifteenth Iowa Volunteer Infantry.
Warren B. Coffin, Private, Company L, Seventh Illinois Cavalry.
M. C. Bailey, Private, Company K, One Hundred and Forty-sixth New York Infantry.
William Cleary, Sergeant, Company C, Eighteenth Wisconsin Infantry.
P. C. Bailey, Captain, Company H, Nineteenth New York Cavalry.
John McDermott, Private, Company D, Eleventh Wisconsin Infantry.
Fred Damman, Private, Company C, Twenty-fourth Wisconsin Infantry.
S. B. Shadle, Private, Company A, Eighth Iowa Volunteer Infantry.
David Price, Private, Company E, One Hundred and Forty-seventh Illinois Infantry.
Chandler Ward, Private, Company A, One Hundred and Forty-second Illinois Infantry.
A. Carpenter, Company H, Fourteenth Wisconsin Infantry.
J. W. Tennant, Corporal, Company B, Forty-sixth Wisconsin Infantry.
J. R. Laird, Company C., Twelfth Ohio Cavalry.
F. J. Disbrow, Sergeant, Company C, Ninety-fifth Illinois Infantry.
Mike O'Rourke, Company H, Twenty-first Iowa Infantry.
William B. Ward, Private, Company A, Fourth United States Cavalry.
C. N. Oliver, Company F, Fourteenth Illinois Cavalry.
A. Sawvel, Private, Company C, Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry.
Henry A. Clock, Private, Company H, Thirty-second Iowa Infantry.
Horace Schenck, Private, Company F, Second Iowa Cavalry.
A. W. Patterson, Private, Company H, Thirty-eighth Wisconsin Infantry.
James Price, Private, Company A, Second Pennsylvania Reserve.
William B. Carey, Private, Company F, Second Iowa Cavalry.
James E. Manning, Private, Company A, Eighty-ninth New York Infantry.
George E. Fuller, Private, Company F, First Regiment Rhode Island Light Artillery.
August Schroeder, Private, Company G, Twenty-seventh Wisconsin Infantry.
B. Amelsberg, Private, Company K, Fifty-fourth New York Infantry.
A. L. Goddard, Private, Company D, Thirty-eighth Iowa Infantry.
Frederick Miller, Private, Company --, Twelfth Illinois Infantry.
Elijah Hulbert, Private, Company A, Eleventh Illinois Infantry.
George W. Pratt, Twelfth Maine Infantry.
E. E. Thomas, Company D, Second Lieutenant, Fifty-third Illinois Infantry.
Isaiah Fry, Private, Company K, Twelfth Wisconsin Infantry.
S. D. Platt, Corporal, Company K, Ninth Iowa Infantry.
J. K. Thornton, Private, Company D, Sixteenth New York Artillery.
Elias Clark, Private, Company F, Seventy-fourth Illinois Infantry.
A. Erickson, Private, Company D, Fifty-second Wisconsin Infantry.
J. P. Gray, Private, Company C, Sixth Iowa Cavalry.
John F. Ellwell, Private, Company F, Eighth Illinois Cavalry.
W. H. Dorward, Private, Company E, Twenty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry.
Sylvester N. Brace, Private, Company A, Eleventh Illinois Infantry.
B. P. Dawson, Private, Company K, Third Iowa Infantry Volunteers.
Horace Wheeler, Private, Company G, Twelfth Iowa Infantry.
Allen J. Sprague, Private, Company G, Third New York Infantry.
James W. McMahon, Private, Company L, Third Wisconsin Cavalry.
J. C. Raymond, First Sergeant, Company H, Sixth Iowa Cavalry.
P. C. Phillips, Private, Company F, One Hundred Fifty-first Pennsylvania Infantry.
John G. Rawson, Private, Company C, Eleventh Wisconsin Infantry.
Alonzo D. Clark, Private, Company H, Forty-second Wisconsin Infantry.
Francis Ranney, Private, Company C, Forty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry.
Clark Peck, Private, Company B, Forty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry.
Nathan A. Pine, Private, Company K, Fifteenth Illinois Infantry.
L. D. Dickinson, Private, Company A, Second Iowa Cavalry.
George C. Shelley, Sailor, United States Steamer "Cohasset."
M. W. Davids, Private, Company G, Forty-seventh Illinois Infantry.
Abraham Wolf, Private, Company C, One Hundred Forty-fourth New York Infantry.
Edgar W. Young, Private, Company H, Fourth Regular Vermont Infantry.
R. M. Naudain, Private, Company H. Fourth Regular Iowa Infantry.
Charles C. Mantor, Private, Company C, Nineteenth Maine Infantry.
George Hendron, Private, Company G, Third Minnesota Volunteer Infantry.
S. S. Page, Private, Company H, Eighty-ninth Illinois Infantry.
Henry P. Hatch, Company B, Fourth Minnesota Infantry.
O'Donnell, --------------------
Amos Stewart, Company F, Fourth Iowa Cavalry, Private.
Thomas Dailey, Company B, Fifty-first Infantry, Private.

Transcribed & posted by volunteer, Linda Ziemann
Thanks to volunteers, Roy & Linda Linn, for their extensive Civil War Veteran research
Posted on 26 Apr 2012



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