Kossuth County Civil War Veterans



Armed Forces Graves Registration, Books 1 & 2
History of Kossuth County, published 1913 pp. 471-477

Contributors: Roy & Linda Linn & Linda Ziemann

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Veteran Name Civil War Record Born/Died Cemetery Info
Ogle, Wm. Theodore Co. I, 10th MO 7 May 1834-9 Oct 1898 St. John's  
Oliver, Charles N. Co. F, 14th IL 8 Dec 1846-9 Nov 1919 Maple Grove Cem; Wit



Oliver, Frank Co. K, 6th US Infantry      
O'Rourke, Michael Co. H, 21st Iowa d. 2 Feb 1917  

d. Kansas City, MO


Orr, James A. Civil War Record 1842-07 Feb 1916 Riverview  
Ostrander, Theodore M. Co. H, 1st NY 31 Jul 1844-3 Jan 1922 Greenwood  
Owen, Martin Alvah Co. B, 53rd Wisc. 2 Feb 1839-3 Sep 1917 Burt Twp Biography
Page, Silas S. Co. H, 89th IL d. 17/19 aug 192?   d. at Marshalltown, Iowa
Palmer, Adam Civil War Record 12 Apr 1842-10 Jun 1924 Riverview  
Parker, Charles W. Civil War Record 1841-27 Mar 1914 Laurel Hill  
Parsons, Gillespie Civil War Record 2 Jul 1843-5 Nov 1914 Laurel Hill Biography
Parsons, Horace G. Civil War Record 1839-1922 Laurel Hill  
Patterson, Alexander W. Co. H, 38th Wisc. d. abt 1897    
Patterson, Henry H. Civil War Record 15 May 1840-1905 Laurel Hill Biography
Peck, Clark Co. B, 49th Wisc. 1843-1927


Peck, Wm. J. Co. A, 1st Wisc. Artillery 1840-26 Mar 1903 Burt Twp Biography
Pelton, Eli B. Co. L, 11th NY 1838-1904 Evergreen  
Perry, Ezra A. Co. M, 8th IL 1818-29 Jul 1890 Evergreen  
Pettit, Thomas Co. K, 1st Minn. Mounted Rangers 10 Mar 1835-1 Oct 1905 Highland Hill  
Phillip, Levi Co. A, 76th Mich. Infantry      
Phillips, Albert H. Co. A, 34th IL 02 Apr 1837-10 Jul 1910 Bayview Cem; Bellingham, WA Biography
Phillips, George M. Co. H, 12th Infantry, Iowa      
Phillips, Pierson C. Co. F, 151st PA d. 15 Mar 1916   d. Big Stone City, SD
Pine, Nathan A. Co. K, 15th IL 4 Feb 1831-27 Apr 1909 Riverview Biography
Platt, Sterns D. Civil War Record 1834-1906 Riverview  
Plumley, Samuel I. Civil War Record 8 Mar 1842-6 Aug 1893 Riverview  
Porter, Charles S. Co. B, 35th Iowa d. abt 1901   in Kansas
Potter, Orange A. Co. D, 82nd IL d. abt 1925   in N.D.
Pratt, George W. 12th Maine Infan.      
Price, David Co. E, 147th IL d. 12 Feb 1927 or 1937   d. Buffalo Center, Iowa
Price, James Co. A, 2nd PA      
Quick, Charles Civil War Record d. 25 Oct 1900 Riverview GPP
Ranney, Francis Co. G, 49th Wisc. 16 Dec 1846-7 Nov 1931 Fair Haven Cem; Santa Ana, CA Biography
Rawson, John Gray Co. C, 11th Wisc 1 Sep 1840-18 Feb 1928 Riverview GPP
Ray, John Co. A, 35th Iowa abt 1828-14 Oct 1901 Calvary  
Ray, Thomas Co. K, 1st Wisc.   Burt Twp GPP
Raymond, Joseph C. Co. H, 6th Iowa 1844-30 Jan 1883   Biography
Reed, John Civil War Record 18 Oct1842-10 May 1903 Laurel Hill Biography w/photo
Robinson, George W. Co. G, 52nd IL Infantry      
Robinson, John W. Co. A, 11th NH 7 Aug 1841-17 Dec 1915 Riverview Biography
Robinson, Lucius F. Co. G, 16th Wisc. 6 Dec 1833-14 Dec 1917 Greenwood Cem; Orange Co. FL  
Robinson, Thomas V. 4th Minn. Infantry d. 25 Nov 1921 or 1931   d. LA, Calif.
Roe, George M. Co. B, 8th IL   Corwith; Hancock County  
Roe, Samuel E. Civil War Record d. 20 Oct 1883 LuVerne  
Rogers, Edmund Civil War Record 22 Jun 1836-7 Nov 1918 LuVerne  


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