Kossuth County Civil War Veterans



Armed Forces Graves Registration, Books 1 & 2
History of Kossuth County, published 1913 pp. 471-477

Contributors: Roy & Linda Linn & Linda Ziemann, & Pam Taylor

Underlined names link to obituary posted on this website.
Info column links lead to additional data about the veteran.


Veteran Name Civil War Record Born/Died Cemetery Info
Ingham, William H. Co. A, Northern Brig. 27 Nov 1827-28 Jul 1914 Riverview Biography
Jacobs, John Co. G, 141st NY Infantry      
Jain, J. B. Co. K, 33rd Wisc. 8 Aug 1845-17 Dec 1922 Oak Park Cem; Starke Co. Indiana  
Johns, Augustus C. Civil War Record 9 Mar 1830-26 Jul 1917 Riverview  
Johnson, Augustus Civil War Record 26 Jan 1820-8 Jun 1913 Laurel Hill Biography
Johnson, Charles Civil War Record 1836-1 Mar 1907 Riverview  
Jones, John B. Civil War Record 16 Dec 1844-25 Sep 1905 Riverview Biography
Keepers, William A. Civil War Record 1838-1922 Plainview  
Kelly, George W. Co. C, 4th Infantry, Minn. 1827-12 Aug 1915 Riverview  
Kennedy, Alonzo E. Civil War Record 8 Mar 1838-15 Feb 1919 Riverview  
Kinnamon, Ambrose M. Co. F, 35th Wisc. 1806-25 Mar 1890 Greenwood GPP
Knott, John Hubard Civil War Record 12 Dec 1833-10 Apr 1906 St. Joseph  
Krause, Carl August   9 Oct 1843-18 Jul 1888 Lotts Creek Luth.  
Laird, James R. Civil War Record 2 Feb 1843-2 Nov 1913 Riverview Biography
Lake, C. B. Surgeon 7th Infantry, Iowa      
Lamson, G. H. Co. A, 21st Mass.      
Lantry, Thomas Henry *obit includes photo Civil War Record 24 Jul 1837-23 Jul 1908 Calvary Biography
Larkin, Alonzo L. Co. F, 104th IL d. 1879 Riverview  
Lathrop, Dr. M. C. Surgeon Civil War     Biography
Lattimore, John Co. C, 9th IL 1841-20 Apr 1922 Riverview  
Lindsay, Lyman C. Co. C, 105th IL 22 Sep 1833-10 Dec 1908 Portland Twp  
Long, R. G.        
Loomis, Elliott Co. F, 31st Iowa"Muscian" Oct 1840-16 Oct 1925   d. in Nebr.
Lull, Noyes Civil War Record 05 Jun 1829-10 Feb 1917 Plainview  
Main, S. G. Co. C, 23rd Infantry, Iowa      
Manning, James E. Co. A, 89th NY     lived in Hardin Co. in 1910
Mantor, Chas. C. Co. C, 19th Maine 15 Mar 1842-11 Jan 1928 Riverview  
Manwaring, Dwight Co. I, 108th NY 1833-1921 Corwith Cem; Hancock Co.  
Maricle, J. James Co. I, 91st NY 1835-05 Feb 1923 St. Michaels Biography
Markla, Jacob Civil War Record 20 Mar 1840-16 Jan 1916 Riverview  
Marlow, James Co. C, 146th IL Infantry      
Martin, John E. Civil War Record 1818-16 Sep 1902 Plainview  
Marvin, Oscar H. Co. H, 11th NY   Riverside Cem; Denver, CO  
McAlister, William Civil War Record   Riverview GPP
McCain, Daniel Seaman, Ship #8      
McChesney, Lewis H. Co. B, 2nd NY 1837-1916 Burt Twp  
McClellan, Samuel B. Civil War Record 1850-18 Feb 1890 Riverview Biography
McClure, Abner Civil War Record     Info provided by GG Granddau, Pam Taylor
McConkey, James S. Co. H, 1st Wisc.      
McCormack, Chas. Co. D, 35th Wisc. 1 Jan 1840-6 May 1897 Riverview  
McCowan, George Co. F, 1st Infantry, Iowa      
McCoy, Henry C. Co. F, 31st Wisc. 1839-10 Mar 1901 Riverview  
McDermott, John Civil War Record 1829-1901 Calvary  
McDonald, Joseph D. Co. B, 129th IL 29 Sep 1843-26 Mar 1890 Burt Twp Biography
McGuire, Peter A. Co. D, 19th Wisc.      
McMahon, James W. Civil War Record 1843-5 Dec 1897 Calvary  
Merrifield, Chas. B. Co. G, 14th NH 1843-2 Mar 1927 Greenwood  
Miller, Frederick Co. F, 12th IL      
Miller, Max (Mark) Civil War Record 10 Feb 1835-26 Oct 1919 LuVerne  
Millis, John A. Civil War Record 4 Apr 1823-12 Sep 1897 Riverview Biography
Millis, William Civil War Record d. 4 May 1878 Riverview  
Minger, Frederick Co. H, 34 & 38th Infantry, Iowa      
Moore, Joseph Co. E, 46th Infantry, Iowa      
Moore, William Civil War Record abt 1832-30 Dec 1862 Laurel Hill  
Morgan, Arie Co. G, 1st Iowa 1826-1916 Burt Twp  
Munch, Henry Civil War Record 17 Mar 1840-Aug 1891 Plainview



Myres, A. Co. F, 11th Infantry, Iowa      
Naudain, Robert M. Co. H, 4th Iowa d. 25 Nov 1928   d. Marshalltown, Iowa
Neeling, Daniel A. Co. E, 29th Iowa 14 Nov 1830-19 Oct 1895 Greenwood  
Newcomb, Seth Co. B, 1st NY Battery      
Nichols, Chas. H. Co. B, 52nd Wisc. d. 14 Apr 1906 Riverview  
Nicoulin, Frank Civil War Record 1 Dec 1844-4 Apr 1911 Riverview Biography
Nycum, William H. Co. C, 133rd PA 5 Aug 1841-6 Jan 1903 Mt. Zion Cem; Bedford Co, PA  


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