There were registered at the Kossuth county headquarters: . . . Will Devine . . . Theodore Devine . . .

Ralph Devine; Clara M. Devine; Clifford Devine . . .

At four thirty p. m. we were in the car ready for Santa Monica. We took a different route home which

brought us quite near Redonds [sic]. The fine paved roads were perfect and one can hardly realize that the

car is going at the rate of speed that it is. We glide along at a twenty five or thirty mile rate and on the

smooth pavement hour after hour and are surprised to find ourselves at our destination in a short time. . . .

As we passed San Pedro we could see the great ships that are being built for government service. Night and

day the great work goes on, and we of the United States find ourselves the mighty nation of the world as

ready to battle for the right as were our forefathers in 1776. It is wonderful how this mighty nation works

together. And all for the cause of freedom and the good of the world. When one thinks of the great work the

people of the United States are doing they can't but feel glad that they are living under the best government

on the face of the earth. . . . John G. Smith

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 21 August 1918, page 7

The A. Holdren and Jas. Devine families have recovered from attacks of influenza. No new cases of the

epidemic have been reported in these parts during the last few days.

--Kossuth County Advance, 5 December 1918, page 3

Mrs. Alfred Isaacson has been nursing the Jas. Devine family, all of whom have been ill with influenza for

the last week. Mrs. Devine also has the pneumonia, but is somewhat improved at this writing on Tuesday.

The other members of the family are much better.

--Kossuth County Advance, 12 December 1918, page 8

Miss Nellie Carrel of Des Moines visited with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. John McCowien of this

place, last week. Miss Carrel returned to her home last Monday.

--Bancroft Register, 31 July 1919

Mrs. Clara Devine and children [probably means her nephews] of Santa Monica, California, are visiting

relatives, and friends near Algona at present. Mrs. Devine's father was one of the large land owners of

Riverdale township years ago.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 20 August 1919, page 5

Mrs. Carrie Homesly went to Algona last week to attend the funeral of her brother, Theodore Carrel, who

passed away at Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where he had gone for the benefit of his health.

--The Perry Daily Chief, 20 April 1921, page 2

NOTE: Theodore A. Carrel’s parents were Phillip and Elizabeth Carrel—1885 Iowa State Census, Boone



Mr. and Mrs. [ ] Falb, Miss Hazel Wilson, A. J. Falb and Jim Boyle autoed to Algona Friday to

attend the funeral of Theodore Carrel. Mr. Carrel was a brother-in-law of the Messrs. Falb. Below

we publish an obituary as taken from the Livermore Gazette:

Theodore Agustus Carrel died at Eureka Springs, Arkansas, on April 9th, 1921, of Brights Disease

at the age of 52 years and 7 months.

Deceased was born in Boone county, Iowa, on Sept. 13, 1868, and moved to this vicinity about

twenty-eight years ago, first setting on a farm in southern Kossuth.

He was married on Jan, 12th, 1914, to Mrs. Emma Falb, and shortly after engaged in the hotel

business at Algona which was his business up to about three years ago, when he removed to

Livermore and engaged in the restaurant business.

For several years, however, his health has been failing, and the past two years of his residence here

was spent in doctoring at Des Moines and elsewhere in the hopes of regaining his health, his

faithful wife in the meantime conducting the restaurant and caring for the family.


Rachel (Scherf) Levine

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