John Devine & Rose McGaughan*

*There are many variations in spelling.

The parish of Clonfeacle encompasses both the County of Tyrone and the County of Armagh. The

Blackwater River is the boundary between the counties.

Andy Mullan & Heather Devine, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 16 November 2011: “In researching my

Devines, I have determined through DNA testing that my father was related to a Philadelphia branch of the

Devines. On a couple of trips to Ulster, my husband and I discovered that the Philadelphia Devines came

from Derrymagone Townland, County Armagh (northeast of Moy on the map). My ancestor is James

Devine (b. ca. 1792) and married Mary Mulligan in County Cavan. Rose McGaughan appears as a witness

to the birth of Francis Devine who later died in Philadelphia. John and Rose likely lived in the Townland of

Derrymagowan (Derrymagone) on the Armagh side of the Blackwater River near the town of Moy,

Northern Ireland, prior to moving to Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Many Devines are to be found on both sides

of the Blackwater River.”

Northern Ireland


15 Oct 1819 / Church Marriage Record / Parish Clonfeacle /county Tyrone

John Devine / Rose McGagan

Ages not recorded. Parents not recorded.

Roman Catholic

Witness 1: James McGagan

Witness 2: Jane Stuart

00 Jan 1819 / Church Baptism Record / Parish Clonfeacle /county Tyrone

Berd Devin

Father: John Devin

Mother: Rose McGaughan

Roman Catholic

Sponsor 1: John Ann

Sponsor 2: Ann Mullan

25 Feb 1822 / Church Baptism Record / Parish Clonfeacle /county Tyrone

Jno Devin

Father: Jno Devin

Mother: Rose Gahegan

Roman Catholic

Sponsor 1: Jno Elisa

Sponsor 2: Elisa Crossy


Rachel (Scherf) Levine

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