auto turned over and very seriously injured one of the Devines and less seriously injured another and

slightly injured the third. It is said that three doctors were called to the Devine home to care for the injured.

The auto is said to have been badly damaged.

--Algona Courier, 12 October 1916, page 1


The Devine Boys Badly Injured When

Car Turned Over Last Week Thursday.

Gazette: Will, Charles and Steve Devine, sons of Mrs. James Devine were the victims of a very serious auto

accident last Tuesday night.

They had been attending the dance in Livermore and were on the way to their home north of town, riding in

their new Buick car.

They were on the river road near the Sweeney home, and were driving quite fast, when they lost control of

the car and it overturned. Will, who was driving, was the most seriously injured. Steve had a broken arm,

and Charles was quite badly skinned and bruised.

Mr. Steussy was driving a car behind them, and he lent his aid and immediately got medical assistance and

other help. Steve was rushed to LuVerne and his broken arm cared for. Will was taken to his home and

Dr. Malin was soon at hand, where he found three ribs and a collar bone broken. The lad was in

considerable pain but was resting easier later. How seriously injured he may be internally could not be told

at that time. The car was quite badly smashed up, but can be put in good running condition with a few


--Algona Upper Des Moines, 18 October 1916, page 1


. . .

The late Barnet Devine’s lands consisting of 1280 acres in Riverdale and Sherman townships, were sold at

auction at the east door of the courthouse Saturday. The sale drew a large crowd of spectators, and the lands

were all sold at a fair price. The early settlers as a rule selected land lying along some stream, so they

would have water for their stock. Mr. Devine was one of the pioneer cattle men of northern Iowa, and his

large dealings in cattle and hogs are still a topic for discussion at this time. The cattle were allowed to run

on the range in the summer time, and in the winter the large timber along the river was their only shelter.

When he shipped stock to market it was generally in lots of several carloads at a time. Thus it was largely

timber or river bottom land that was offered for sale Saturday. However, there were a few farms on the flats

that will make good arm land after they have had proper drainage. The total amount received for the lands

was a little over $120,000. The land was divided into small pieces, and the following persons each bought

one or more tracts: Geo. Devine, 160 acres, at $131, and another 160 acres at $127; Clara Devine, 191.95

acres at $88, and 40.17 acres at $89; Chas. Wernert, 109.2 acres at $40, and 97.16 acres at $29; Ellen

McCowien, 154.3 acres at $79; Nellie Goetzman, 80 acres at $122.50; Henry Geishecker, 159.12 acres at

$132; Mary Wernert, 160 acres at $65. John M. Vinson was the auctioneer and he did a quick job, the

entire sale taking only 40 minutes.

--Kossuth County Advance, 22 November 1916, page 6


Over 1300 acres of Devine Land

Sold Saturday at Partition Sale

Most of land in Riverdale Township

--Heirs are Purchasers Except for

One Quarter Section

. . .

J. A. McDonald is the referee for the Devine estate, and John M. Vinson auctioned off the land.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 22 November 1916, page


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