not contest the claim, and the will was set aside. J. W. Sullivan was appointed administrator. The estate is

probably worth $200,000. . .

--The Algona Courier, 4 May 1916, page 1

The Bancroft Auto Co. has recently sold autos to the following: Henry Renger a six cylinder Buick; Henry

Nabor a big Overland; Ralph Johnson a Ford; John McCowien a Ford and A. Mescher a Ford.

--Bancroft Register, 18 May 1916

John McCowien’s auto turned turtle west of town Monday and strange to say no one was hurt. The car was

headed for Minnesota, but the telephone message said: “Bring two new wheels and a rope.”

--Bancroft Register, 15 June 1916

Chas. Devine has written to direct the address of his Advance be changed from Corning, Cal., to Ashland,


--Kossuth County Advance, 21 June 1916, page 5

Will Devine arrived in Irvington last Monday from Long Beach, Cal., in his Buick touring car, having made

the trip overland in his car. It is not every day that a car bearing a California number and pennant is seen in

this village.

--Kossuth County Advance, 19 July 1916, page 8

Mrs. Ellen McCowan [McCowien] has gone into the poultry raising business on a large scale. She has a

new poultry house built and is stocking up entirely with White Leghorn chicks. She has had three sets of

Odell’s Sanitary Poultry Roosts put in the building and will endeavor to raise only pure blooded poultry.

--Bancroft Register, 24 August 1916

E. L. Odell of Sterling, Illinois, is visiting at the home of his brother W. W. of this city. He has

purchased the patent rights on a chicken roost and will manufacture them, probably locating in

Bancroft. The roosts are so arranged that a lice preventive is held in containers therein and lice and

mites positively cannot live on chickens that use these roosts. The Register hopes that Mr. Odell

will cast his lot with us and that he will meet with success in his venture.

--Bancroft Register, 22 June 1916


By virtue of an order of sale directed to the undersigned Referee from the Clerk of the District Court of

Kossuth County, Iowa, on a decree obtained in said court on the 13th day of September, A. D. 1916, in

favor of George Devine, Clara Carrell, Ellen McCowien, John McCowien, Charles Devine, Nettie Devine,

Nellie Goetzman, W. J. Goetzman, Delia Carrel, Mary Wernert, Charles Wernert, Frank Devine, Mary

Devine, Will Devine, Charles Freilinger and George F. Freilinger, as plaintiffs against Barnet Freilinger,

Ella Freilinger, Nellie White, Archie F. White and Matt G. Freilinger, defendants for the partition and sale

of the real estate named and described in said plaintiffs’ petition, I will on the 18th day of November, 1916,

offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash the following described real estate . . .

said sale to take place in front of the East door of the court house in Algona, Iowa, at the

hour of 2 o'clock P. M. of said day when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned.

Dated this 9th day of October, 1916. J. A. McDonald, Referee

--Algona Courier, 12 October 1916, page 12


News reached Algona yesterday of a serious auto accident in the south part of the county, but so far the

Courier has not been able to get a definite account. As it learns it, three young men of the J. M. Devine

family and probably another friend, attended the wedding ball of the Gersecher-Borman wedding in

Livermore Tuesday night, and some time in the night started home in their auto. From some cause the


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