She Was a Daughter of the Late John

Devine of Kossuth County

Mrs. Anthony Kajewski died at her home in Fairfield township last Wednesday after an illness of

about four years. On the date of her daughter's marriage to Harvey Oliver in 1912 Mrs. Kajewski

received a light stroke of paralysis. Some time later there was an improvement in her condition,

although her health was subsequently poor. The funeral was held at Whittemore Friday. Services

were conducted at St. Michael's church, Father Achtez officiating. The burial was in the parochial

cemetery at Whittemore. The pall bearers were Tony and Frank Gappa, Edward, Frank and

Charles Devine and Frank Dunphy.

Rosa Devine was a daughter of the late John Devine, who was a brother of Barney Devine, so well

known in Kossuth county. She was born near St. Joseph, Kossuth county, in October, 1864. Hence

she was 51 years of age. She was married at that place January 22, 1887, to Anthony Kajewski.

Soon after Mr. and Mrs. Kajewski moved onto their farm in Fairfield township, this county. They

prospered and made a comfortable home for themselves.

Mrs. Kajewski is survived by her husband, five sons and one daughter. One child died in infancy.

The sons are Enis, Anthony, Frank, Edward and |Joseph. The daughter is Mrs. Harvey Oliver.

Mrs. Kajewski was a lady whose virtues as a wife and mother and whose judgment and decision in

community circles won her the confidence and esteem of her friends and associates. She had

ardent and praiseworthy zeal for the intellectual and spiritual welfare of her family. She neglected

no duty that would safeguard the moral and material interests of her sons and daughter. She was a

regular and practical attendant at her church and she performed cheerfully and generously the

obligations its proper support required. Her death, at the comparative early age in life, is a great

loss to her devoted husband and loving children. Those who knew her as a neighbor will often

recall with pride her efforts to make better the lives of those among whom her years of activity and

usefulness were spent. The Democrat joins the many sorrowing friends in extending sincere

sympathy to Mr. Kajewski and family.

--Emmetsburg Democrat, Wednesday, 3 May 1916, page 1

Illness of Judge Coyle Continues—Judge

Lee Gives Two Days To Clean

Up Probate Cases.

Barnet Devine Will Broken—Heirs

Can Now Receive Legacies—

. . .

Judge Lee opened court Monday for a short session, in order to clean up a number of probate cases. Judge

Coyle is still ill at his home in Humboldt with pneumonia but is reported somewhat improved. A number of

probate cases have been disposed of, the most important perhaps, being the Barnet Devine will, which has

been broken. The contestants named are Charles Wernert, Matt, George, Charles and B. Freilinger and

Nellie Freilinger White. The will, as left by Mr. Devine tied up his property in such a manner that the heirs

could not receive their shares, and as several of the minor heirs were omitted in the will, it has been set

aside, on the grounds that Mr. Devine was of unsound mind at the time it was written.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 3 May 1916, page 1


Judge Lee Disposes of Many Points in

Dispute Monday and Tuesday

. . .

In the probating of the will of the late Barnet Devine action was brought by two Freilinger grand children to

have the will set aside, as no provision was made in it for them, though it is said that he had previously

given considerable property to their parents. However, the legatees of the will concluded that they would


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