George Freilinger Here From Mexican

Border—Has Lived There For Nine

Years—In Railroad Work.

George Freilinger, son of Matt Freilinger, arrived in Algona Monday evening from his home in Estancia,

New Mexico, where he is employed by the Mexico Central Railroad, in shop work. Mr. Freilinger has been

in that country for the past nine years and sees much of the Mexican situation. Estancia is situated near

the central part of the state, but the interest in the Mexican situation is great and much dissatisfaction is

expressed by the American people in that locality over the manner in which the Mexican war is treated by

the administration. Mr. Freilinger expects to visit with his father and other relatives and friends for several

weeks before returning to the southwest.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 21 April 1915, page 4

B. Devine returned last week from a trip to California. Mr. Devine was born in 1823 and is 92 years of age.

He still possesses his faculties and his health is exceptionally good for a man of his age.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 28 April 1915, page 5

Two Prosperous Farmers Buy Cars

Frank Gappa and Anton Kajewski, two of the most prosperous farmers of our county, each recently

invested in a 40 horse power Buick touring car. The cars are equipped with electric lights and self starter

and were purchased from the Motor Inn here.

--Emmetsburg Democrat, 28 April 1915, page 1

Barney Devine arrived home Friday of last week from his annual visit to California. Mr. Devine has spent

the winters in that state for many years, but, unlike many others, he realizes that Iowa has more attractions

in summer time than California or any other place, and he always comes back here to summer. He made his

first trip to California before the days of the railroad, going by ship and walking across the Isthmus of

Panama at about where the Canal is now located. His experiences on that trip are very interesting. Mr.

Devine says there is a feeling in the west that the exposition as a financial undertaking will be a failure.

--Algona Courier, 30 April 1915, page 7

Former Algonian Escapes Death.

Pomona (Cal.) Progress: According to a communication which is herewith printed just as it came to the

news department of The Progress, William Devine recently had a very narrow escape from death. The item


"One day last week, William Devine, who resides on South Ramona avenue, had a narrow escape from

being bitten by a tarantula spider. Mr. Devine was pitching hay in the hills southwest of Chino last Friday

when he noticed a slight itching between the shoulders. Thinking it was but a straw he paid no further

attention to it. A few minutes later a fellow-worker by the name of Merrill was surprised to see a large

tarantula spider emerge from Mr. Devine's shirt collar. Mr. Merrill promptly knocked it off with his

pitchfork. Mr. Devine considers himself fortunate that he was not bitten,

--Algona Courier, 23 July 1915, page 8

Matt Freilinger Jr. came up from Estancia, New Mexico, last week for a visit with his father and other

friends. The young man has been in that country about ten years and has become a veteran New Mexican.

He works at herding cattle and is an expert cowboy. He likes that country well and says he would not live

here again at any price. He has a brother who is in business in Estancia.

--Algona Courier, 6 August 1915, page 5


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