___ storm must have been some-

[what ] of a twister as the spokes are

__ from the wheels of a new wagon,

___ other pieces of machinery

___ arried into the fields with parts

___ barn and about 80 rods of wire

___ was torn down. However, with

___ their losses, these people are to be

[congr]atulated upon escaping with

[their] lives and the experience is one

___ do not desire to.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 9 July 1913, page 1



Some Damage Done in Algona, Riverdale

and Irvington.

The atmospheric elements got a little mixed on the Fourth, as they did twenty-five years ago, and did a little

damage in various parts of the county. The day was a warm one and in the evening about seven o'clock the

premonitions of rain and wind began to appear in the west. But it was not until after nine o'clock that rain

began to fall and the wind to blow. The people had got home from the Chautauqua lecture when the storm

was on. There was a heavy and much needed shower, and the wind did not seem strong, but it was strong

enough to blow the big Chautauqua tent down, breaking the center poles off like pipe stems. The tent was

repaired next day and all went on as before.

The biggest damage is reported from Riverdale township, where there must have been a little cyclone.

There was scarcely any rain there, but the wind played antics. Charley Devine and family saw the storm

coming and wisely entered a storm cave which they have. The house was totally destroyed, as were also the

barn, granary and windmill. On another Devine farm, the one occupied by John Kramer, the barn was

totally destroyed. It was about 32x40. A wagon that was in the barn was smashed also. The Erpelding

Bros., lost their hen house and the windows of there [sic] barn were broken. Mike Erpelding's hog house

was destroyed and cow barn was damaged, and his corn crib twisted off its foundation. Mike Brass of

Irvington lost the wheel off its mill tower. Most of this property was insured in the County Mutual.

--Algona Courier, 11 July 1913, page 8

A.W. Batterson of near Lone Rock purchased a quarter section farm near Marshall, Minn. Last week. He is

making preparations to move his family there in a short time. We are indeed sorry to see such a good family


--Bancroft Register, 18 September 1913

Court Record—New Cases

. . . C. J. Lenander vs Albert J. Carrell and Mrs. Delia Carrell.

--Algona Courier, 24 October 1913, page 5

Matt Freilinger made this office a pleasant visit last Friday. Mr. Freilinger formerly lived west of Bancroft

in Seneca, but for the past eight years has been living at Estancia, New Mexico. At present he is staying at

the home of his brother Peter near Livermore. Mr. Freilinger still owns about 200 acres of land in this

county and says Iowa has them all beaten in every way.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 5 November 1913, page 5


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