Mr. Freilinger finds northern Iowa winter weather too severe to suit either his health or convenience, so will

hereafter try New Mexico climate during the cold months.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 2 October 1912, page 4

Matt Freilinger left last Monday for Estancia, N. M., where he had been for a few years past, before his

return to Kossuth last spring. He owns land down in that country and has two sons there, one of whom

owns a section in Estancia Valley. Matt thinks there is a come out to that country and that he will make

good money on his land there.

--Algona Courier, 4 October 1912, page 9


Humboldt Republican : “The death of James Devine, just over the line in Kossuth county, father of

Auditor John Devine, of Humboldt county, occurred at his home at eight o'clock Wednesday

evening of this week.

Several years ago Mr. Devine suffered a stroke of paralysis, and has never been in good health

since. However, it was only a few days ago that he gave up and took to his bed. Since then his life

has been despaired of, and his family was kept close by his bed. Mr. Devine was one of the

landmarks of his section. He was a good man, an early settler, and a man respected by friends who

knew him and those who never met him in intimate relations.”

Mr. Devine was an old settler in Sherman township and had many friends in Algona who will

regret to hear of his demise and extend sympathies to the bereaved family

--Algona Upper Des Moines, Wednesday, 23 October 1912, page 8

Steve Devine of Moorland and John Devine of Humboldt were called to Livermore on account of the

serious illness of J. M. Devine.

--Humboldt Independent, 24 October 1912, page 4


J. M. Devine of the southern part of the county died on Wednesday of last week. He sustained a

paralytic stroke a few years ago, and though he rallied and was around though somewhat crippled,

he never recovered fully from it. A few days before his death, he was obliged to take to his bed. He

leaves his wife and nine children, the youngest of whom is about five years of age. He was a son

of the late John Devine of Livermore and a nephew of Barney Devine. He was a man of strong

personality and prominence in his neighborhood.

--Algona Courier, Friday, 25 October 1912, page 7


James Devine died at his farm

home northeast of Livermore on Wednesday

evening, Oct. 16th, 1912, of paralysis.

Deceased was born in Blue Island, Ill., in 1853, and would have been 58 years of age on his next

birthday. He removed with his parents to this state when he was about three years of age, settling

on the old Hale place just north of St. Joe. Later he removed onto what is now the Nick Marso

place, which his father took as a homestead.

He was married in St. Joseph, Ia., to Miss Mary Dunn in 1880, by Father James Zigrang, after

which he moved onto the present farm, where he lived for 23 years and where he died. To them

were born nine children as follows: John, Sadie (Mrs. Skilling), James, Charles, Willliam,

Stephen, Louis, Nellie and Regina. John is our present county auditor at Humboldt; all the rest are

living at home or in the near vicinity.


Rachel (Scherf) Levine

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