exception of one daughter live in Kossuth county, the daughter being a resident of California. Mr.

and Mrs. Devine came to Kossuth county immediately after their marriage in 1856, making the

journey in a covered wagon with an ox team. They were among the very earliest settlers of old

Irvington township, their homestead lying in what is now Sherman township. Mr. Devine made a

fortune in the stock raising business, and at one time owned over 2,000 acres of Kossuth county

land. He gave to each of his four boys and five girls a 160-acre farm when they became of age,

and still owns about a thousand acres in Sherman and Riverdale. Mr. and Mrs. Devine have spent

their winters for the past fifteen or twenty years in California, but last fall Mrs. Devine was not

able to make the trip and her husband went alone, returning to Algona only a week or so ago and

bringing the California daughter with him. Thus it is that all the children will be here for the

funeral which occurs this afternoon at 1 o'clock, a prayer being given at the Devine home after

which the remains will be taken to Irvington where funeral services will be held in the church,

with Rev. Holmes in charge. The burial will be in Irvington cemetery. Mr. Lewis H. Smith has

charge of the funeral arrangements. Mrs. Devine was a plain unassuming woman whose generous

and hospitable heart was known to most of the early settlers. She will always hold a place in the

memory of the old settlers.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 3 July 1912, page 1


Another of the Pioneer Women of the

County Passes from this Life

For the past eighteen or twenty years Mrs. Barney Devine had been in failing health. She had been

a sufferer from rheumatism for many years, and as age came on other complications set in, and as

of late years she had been almost an invalid. In 1896 she and Mr. Devine established a home near

Los Angeles, California, to enjoy a milder winter climate and with the hope that the change might

benefit her health. They spent all their winters there since then and many of their summers with

their children and other friends in this county. They came as usual to Kossuth in the spring of

1911, but Mrs. Devine did not feel able to return to California last fall, and remained here with her

son and daughter in the John G. Smith home in Algona which they purchased a few years ago. Mr.

Devine spent the winter in California and returned a few weeks ago, accompanied by his daughter,

Mrs. W. J. Goetzman of Los Angeles. They found Mrs. Devine weaker than when they had seen

her last, and she continued to become weaker until death which came to her at 3:30 Monday


Mrs. Devine’s maiden name was Abigail Batterson. She was born in Scioto county, Ohio, May 14,

1841. . . . Eleven children were born to them, seven boys [girls] and four girls [boys]. All are

living except two girls . . . They were all present with their father at the death of their mother, as

was also Mrs. [Abijah] Batterson of Seneca township whose husband was Mrs. Devine’s brother.

Deceased has also three living brothers, but not of this place.

The burial took place Wednesday afternoon at Irvington. Prayers were offered at the house at 1

o’clock and the remains were taken to the church at Irvington where services were held at 2:30.

Rev. Taylor of the Methodist church and Rev. Holmes of the Congregational church, conducted the

services. In life Mrs. Devine inclined toward the Presbyterian church.

--unidentified, undated newsclipping


Will Devine made a trip to Mason City Tuesday to consult oculists as to the advisability of operating on

one of his eyes for partial blindness.

-- Kossuth County Advance, 4 September 1912, page 6

Matt Freilinger of Seneca township was in Algona Saturday bidding farewell to his many friends because

of his intended departure Monday for Estancia, New Mexico, where he expects to spend the cold season.


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