Matt Freilinger reached Algona Tuesday evening after a week’s visit in DeSmet, S.D., with his daughter

Mrs. White. He says it was cold and wet up there and farmers were just beginning to plant corn, but small

grain was looking well. Land sells at from $40 to $50 an acre. Mr. Freilinger stopped at Tracey, Minn. on

his way home and had a visit with J. L. Johnson. He reports J. L. doing a good business and well pleased

with his prospects there.

--Algona Courier, 24 May 1912, page 7

Barney Devine and a daughter arrived home from California last week. Mr. Devine has spent his winters in

California of late years.

--Algona Upper Des Moines, 19 June 1912, page 4

Barney Devine is back from California for his annual summer visit. He arrived last Saturday and is looking

and feeling well. Mrs. Devine did not return to California with him last fall, she not being very well at the

time and did not care to undertake the journey. Barney regrets that fishing in the Des Moines is not as good

as it used to be.

--Algona Courier, 21 June 1912, page 5


Abigail and Barnet Devine



Wife of Well Known Irvington Pioneer

Passes Away In Algona Last Monday Afternoon

Mrs. Barney Devine died at 3:20 p.m. Monday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Miss Clara

Devine, in Algona. Mrs. Devine had been an invalid for the past twenty years, her trouble being

rheumatism. Her maiden name was Miss Abigail Batterson and she was born in Ohio, May 14,

1841. She came with her parents to Washington county, Iowa in 1851. In May, 1856, she was

married to Barnet Devine, who with nine children survive her. All of the children with the


Rachel (Scherf) Levine

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