Mrs. Matt Freilinger came up from Des Moines last Saturday where she had been visiting about a month

and is now with her little daughter visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Norris, west of town.

--Upper Des Moines-Republican, 8 April 1908, page 8

Mrs. Matt Freilinger is here on a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Norris. Matt himself is busy on

his homestead.

--Algona Courier, 10 April 1908, page 8

Barney Devine was in town Tuesday, the third time that he came to town all summer. He was looking well

and feeling well. He said he put in some tile this summer, but his chief occupation was fishing. He fished

mostly every day and had the usual fisherman's luck, sometimes good and sometimes bad. He and Mrs.

Devine expect to return to their California home about the middle of next month.

--Algona Courier, 16 October 1908, page 9

Mrs. George [Lucille] Devine died at her home in Livermore last week Monday. She was

formerly a resident of Irvington and moved to Livermore less than a year ago. She was nearly 29

years old and leaves a family of three children with the mourning husband. The burial was at

Irvington on Thursday.

--Upper Des Moines-Republican, 5 May 1909, page 4

Mrs. George Devine died quite suddenly at her home in Livermore last Monday night between

nine and ten o'clock of heart failure. Mrs. Devine had been in her usual good health, even up to the

day of her death, and there was no warning that the end was near, when she suddenly collapsed,

with only time for a faint farewell to her husband. Dr. Mullin was immediately summoned, and ten

minutes after his arrival her spirit had departed. Mr. and Mrs. Devine moved to Livermore from

near Irvington last fall, buying a place in town, with the intention of making this their future home.

Three children survive the mother, being Clifford, Theodore and Ralph, aged eight, five and two

respectively. She also leaves three brothers, George and Will at Cambridge, and Harvey at

Maxwell, and two sisters, Mrs. Nettie Nokes at Nevada, and Mrs. Chas. Paddleford at Austin,


Deceased was born at Nevada, June 19th, 1880, and was 28 years, 10 months and 7 days old. Her

maiden name was Lucille Pointer. She was married March 14, 1900. Her sister, Mrs. Nettie

Nokes is here from Nevada, Iowa, assisting the family during the funeral.

The services were held today at ten o'clock, at the Presbyterian church, Rev. Wiggins officiating,

and the burial takes place in the Irvington Cemetery.

--Algona Courier, 7 May 1909, page 1

Mrs. W. F. Norris and daughter, Mrs. Matt Freilinger and her daughter went to Algona last Saturday for a

few days visit.

--Upper Des Moines-Republican, 30 June 1909, page 8

Mrs. W. F. Norris and Mrs. Matt Freilinger are on a visit in southern Iowa. By the way, talking about Matt

Freilinger it will be of interest to some of the readers that Matt Freilinger and son Barney are the owners of

a flourishing saloon in New Mexico.

--Algona Courier, 2 July 1909, page 8

Mr. and Mrs. Barney Devine are back to Kossuth county for the summer, as they have done for a few years

past. They are reported as hearty as usual.

--Algona Courier, Friday, 21 May 1909, page 5


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