Mr. and Mrs. Barney Devine were about to start for their California home more than two weeks ago, when

one of Mr. Devine's eyes became inflamed and painful, and his suffering became very great. By the latter

part of last week he could scarcely lie down or even sit down, but was obliged to pace the floor continually.

The doctors think the trouble comes from neuralgia of the nerves of the eye.

--Algona Courier, 1 November 1907, page 5

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Turtle hunting seems to be a . . .

dissipation. The Humboldt Republi-

can says: A gang of turtle hunters

are temporarily camped in the . . .

Buckley house. They hail from D . . .

and have been working down there

from Algona. According to the

story this turtle business is a "snap”

—in several senses of the word. [They]

get about $15 per barrel in the east

market, and in the last few months

they have shipped about sixty barrels.

They are operating at present in the

vicinity of the Barney Devine slough.

--Upper Des Moines- Republican, 13 November 1907, page 4

Barney Devine has recovered from his trouble with his eye, and he and Mrs. Devine will leave soon for

their California home.

--Algona Courier, Friday, 22 November 1907, page 9

Mr. and Mrs. Barney Devine have returned to California.

--Algona Courier, Friday, 6 December 1907, page 9

Barney Devine still takes pleasure in buying cattle as of old. The Humboldt Herald notes his purchasing a

big bunch of cattle and driving them to his farm. He was one of the very first to engage in that industry in

the county, and in doing so showed more wisdom than his neighbors.

--Algona Advance, 6 February 1908, page 5

The men of the Swedish Lutheran church, will have an oyster supper on Wednesday evening February 19th

at the Matt Freilinger house on Normal Hill, on corner of Mr. Carl Strandberg's, for the benefit of the

church. Supper 25 and 15 cents at 6 o'clock. All our friends are cordially invited to attend.

--Algona Advance, 13 February 1908, page 5


Twelve head of cattle, mostly steers belonging to Theo. Carroll [Carrell ]and J P Zeimet, were lost from the

latter's field, the old Barney Devine place near St. Jo, last Saturday, and have not been heard of since. The

owners will reward anybody giving them information leading to their recovery.

--Algona Courier, 20 March 1908, page 8

A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charley Devine of Riverdale township Tuesday morning.

--Upper Des Moines-Republican, 25 March 1908, page 5


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