been approved to the State of Iowa as swamp land, and, whereas, Barnet Devine is now the owner of said

land through mesne conveyance from Kossuth County, Iowa, and, whereas, the said land was the 5th

day of June, 1906, patented to Kossuth County, Iowa, under the Swamp Land Grant, in order to perfect the

title of said land, and make more perfect the conveyance thereof made by Kossuth County, Iowa, on

October, 1866, as above set forth, the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, is

hereby ordered, directed and empowered to execute to the said Barnet Devine, a quit-claim deed for said

southeast quarter of southeast quarter of section 26, township 94, north, range 29, west of the 5th P. M.

Adopted this 8th day of September, 1906 it being the 6th day of the regular September, l906 session of the

Board of Supervisors.

Ayes: Smith, Jacobson, Hall, Cullen and Ogren; nos: none. Adopted.

--Algona Courier, 21 September 1906, page 1

Word was received last week from Barney Devine that he was then sitting up a little and that he expected to

be able to come home this week. That is a wonderful recovery from a serious operation for a man of his

age. His many Kossuth county friends congratulate him and wish him many more years.

--Algona Courier, 28 September 1906, page 9

Barnet Devine was in town Saturday. He was looking pale and thin, as compared with his former self, but

within a few weeks he had undergone a very delicate operation, which as we understand it was the cutting

and splicing of an intestine. Since that time his condition has constantly improved and he says he has been

adding half a pound daily to his weight. Mr. Devine is 85 years old, but his constitution is still robust, and it

is hoped that he will soon entirely recover his old time health.

--Upper Des Moines- Republican, 7 November 1906, page 5

Barnet Devine and wife were up from Livermore Saturday. Mr. Devine had been reported as being near

death's door, but he said to some friends on reaching town, that if anyone thought him dead it was a


--Algona Advance, 8 November 1906, page 5

We were pleased last Saturday to see Barney Devine in town. He was walking about and looking well for a

man who had undergone so serious an operation. He and Mrs. Devine will leave soon for their California

home, as they fear the cold of our winter. May they enjoy many years of good health.

--Algona Courier, 9 November 1906, page 5

Barney Devine, of Kossuth county, has fully recovered from his recent illness and will soon return to


--The Democrat, Emmetsburg, Iowa, 14 November 1906, page 3

Barnet Devine was here Friday and Saturday looking after his business interests. For a man of his age he is

about as hale and hearty as any of them although he had an operation for some intestinal trouble recently at

Rochester, Minn.

--Upper Des Moines-Republican, 21 November 1906, page 8

The love league: . . .

Charley Devine and Nettie Telshaw . . .

--Algona Courier, 8 February 1907, page 5

A Happy Wedding.

Livermore Gazette: A solemn and impressive ceremony was performed at the Sacred Heart church,

Livermore, Ia., on Tuesday, Jan., 15, 1907 in which Mr. Nicholas Blasen of Marion, S. Dakota, and Miss

Francis Wernert, of Livermore, Iowa, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, Father Costello

officiating. Shortly after 8 o'clock the bridal party entered the church and proceeded to the foot of the altar

where the solemn vows were spoken that made them forever one. A nuptial mass followed, after which they

repaired to the home of the bride's parents, where a delicious and bountiful wedding breakfast was served.


Rachel (Scherf) Levine

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